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A Little Spanking, A Lotta Sore

I got back into spanking action a little bit yesterday at the Punished Brats shoot with Joelle and Beverly Bacci. 

It was only in one scene, but I’m actually really sore today.  Beverly has a solid spanking arm and my poor bottom hasn’t done an on camera scene since March. 

Most of the day I was helping film Joelle’s scenes and leaping around taking photos which I really enjoy.

Beverly sits back and tries to cool down as Joelle kneels in the corner cooling off her bare bottom! 

Back In Action … A Bit

The sun is barely set but I’m practically ready for bed! It’s been a long day as it was the first time back on the Punished Brats set for me in 8 months. I wasn’t spanked, but I sure am sore as I topped in one scene and helped with filming and photographing for the rest. My spanking arm is about ready to fall off as I have certainly not been in practice lately.

I am trying to slowly work my way back to incorporating some of my usual work and hobbies into my daily living. Today’s shoot was a step and also a learning lesson in how quickly (or not) I can get back in on the action. I hope to be up for filming some scenes as a top again and a bottom in the near future.

I had planned on posting a rush photo of myself spanking the amazing Brat-Top, Alexis Steele, but unfortunately the memory card used to shoot that scene is giving me trouble and will require a work-around so the photos won’t be available for a while. 🙁

In the meantime I present you with my artistic rendition of what the photo might have looked like. 

Notes from the artist: Alexis has much smaller feet in real life and I am using a wooden paddle, not a turkey leg to spank her.

And for those of you who had hoped to see some more realistic spaking images, might I point you towards the latest Pixie’s Previews video I put together yesterday from our previous shoot with Veronica and Charlie Skye.  Enjoy!


Two New Punished Brats DVDs

I’m a busy editing bee these days.  Just finished editing the content from the Punished Brats shoot with Taylor Rayne, Josh Payne, and David Pierson and am about to start on the content from last weekend’s shoot with David and Pi.  In between I made up a couple of DVDs for purchase including Angelina and Azul in Dark Angel and Amaya and Veronica in Discipline in the Home.

Check out the preview photos and video for each of the DVDs here:


Pixie’s Previews Video Clips – Lorraine & Beverly

I’m glad lots of folks seemed to have fun with the interactive story.  I think it’s time to close this one down.  Perhaps we can do another one in the future.  🙂

For today, I want to share the most recent Pixie’s Previews video clip that I just posted on Punished Brats.  It features highlights and outtakes from our recent shoot with Lorraine Little and Beverly Bacci.  And it aims to answer the question, what could be more annoying than mosquitoes in August?



New Pixie’s Preview Video w/ Amaya

I just finished up and posted the latest Pixie’s Previews video featuring new brat on the block, Amaya Solace and Veronica.  Even though I fuss and wrack my brain trying to figure out how to weave the behind the scenes footage into an amusing theme or storyline, it’s always my favorite part in the end.  I get to be crafty and creative in editing and little animations and hope to make something that will make viewers laugh.  Veronica offered quite a lot of smart comments to work with this time around (as she so often does!!) and Amaya is  certainly easy on the eyes from head to toe so I hope you’ll take a look at the video and enjoy.  Plus, I’ve posted it in our new high resolution format to enhance your viewing pleasure. 

Take a look and hear Veronica describe my typical day with my computer.  😉  Pixie’s Preview Video

Which Punished Brat Are You?

I made a fun little personality quiz that you can take to determine which Punished Brat girl you are.  Of course that would theoretically apply to only those that would want to envision themselves in the role of a naughty brat, but when taking the quiz, you can answer the question from the top’s perspective by responding in the way that you’d want the girl bound to be over your knee to behave leading up to her punishment. 

Scientifically sound?  Probably not.  But it’s a fun little happy  hump day activity.  Try it out and see who you get!

Find out which PB girl you are.  Take The Quiz!

Very Sad Day

It’s a sad day as we at Punished Brats have lost a truly great man. David’s brother and our camera man / director, Eric passed away last night. He was a loving, dear soul with a passion for videography, photography, and of course for spanking. He’ll be missed dearly.

Wake Up!

I have been busy editing photos for upcoming Punished Brats updates and I came across this one of Veronica spanking me in Cookie Drive.  What do I notice straight away?  Lily Anna napping while I’m getting my bottom smacked!!!

Wha … wha … what??  I mean I know standing in the corner is boring, but at least she gets to face her nose outward.  And if she is soooo very sleepy, I think I should be pushed right off Veronica’s lap so that Lily can take my place and get a little wake up call.  In fact, I think my spanking sentence should be fully commuted to Lily’s bottom.  All in favor, say aye.