Send A Get Well To Veronica

I don’t have very many details, but Veronica has been in a car accident and shattered her leg.  She’s in the hospital and it will take quite a while for her to recuperate.  If you’d like to send a note of encouragement to one of our favorite Punished Brats spankers, please send a card to the PB PO Box (see below) and David will take it to her when he visits.  If you’d like to send a small contribution to help offset her outrageous medical expenses, that’s always appreciated, but mostly I’m sure she’d appreciate any good, healing thoughts sent her way.



The Punished Brats PO Box is:

PB Productions
PO Box 413
Doylestown, PA 18901

Joelle & David Scene Suggestion Winner

Congratulations to Barsports!  We’ve decided to use your series of scene suggestions as the basis for this weekend’s shoot with a working title of Health Kick.

Thank you to everyone for all of your great ideas and comments.  I enjoyed your creative thoughts as well as the few real life experiences!  It’s always so helpful to hear feedback and  suggestions from fans as it gives us a better idea of what the viewing audience is looking for.

Scene Suggestion for Joelle and David?


We’re putting a quick shoot together for next week with the lovely Joelle Barros and David Pierson.   Is there a particular scene or theme you’d like to see acted out?  We’d like to keep the storylines fairly simple to film since the shoot is being put together with short notice.

The filming will take place in a home environment so domestic themes work nicely as well as possibilities for Joelle to play a neighbor, a guest, personal chef, maid, and so on.  School or office themes would be harder to do since the setting just isn’t quite right.

If you have an idea for a scene or series of scenes, share it in the comments section.  We’ll be happy to send a free copy of the finished DVD for the winning submission.  Unfortunately due to the short notice of the shoot, I’ll need to have the ideas together by Thursday so get your suggestion in no later than Wednesday the 20th to be sure they are included for consideration.  Feel free to submit multiple entries.

Quick Post: Punished Brats DVD Sale

I plan to put up a regular post tomorrow, but for tonight I wanted to announce a Holiday Sale on DVDs at Punished Brats. 


Enter coupon code 4824 at checkout and get 20% off your order!

We’ve also just released two new DVDs.  Discipline Box starring Ten Amorette and Veronica Bound and Strict Stepmother starring Tara and Julie Simone.




Winners of the Suggest A Scene contest from the Ten and Veronica shoot will have their DVDs of Discipline Box mailed out ASAP.  🙂

Pixie’s Previews – Ten & Veronica Shoot

I just uploaded the Pixie’s Previews video clip from the Ten and Veronica shoot which features the winning scenes from the the readers’ suggestions contest.   Check it out and enjoy a taste of Ten’s punishment as well as some great behind the scenes moments.  Even better is that it’s all now available in HD format so you’ll get an even better view of every painful swat!! 

Joelle’s Spankable Panties

Had a medical drama llama this past week so I’ve been preoccupied and have not done my usual web surfing and writing on our favorite topic.  Of course, I’m never completely out of the loop as I’ve been busy with preparing the Punished Brats updates and editing the most recent shoot featuring Joelle. 

I adore Joelle.  Last time she shot with Punished Brats we were both spanked by Beverly, but I certainly wouldn’t mind having my chance to spank Joelle’s amazing bottom myself. 

Of course, I’ve heard she is a formidable spanker herself so I’d have to be careful.  You want to stay on the good side of a feisty switch! 

As I downloaded and reviewed the footage, I admired Joelle’s choice in panties and have saved a few screen grabs.  You know what a panty fanatic I am.  She earns mega points in my book for:

1 – Bringing a different pair of panties for each scene.  Big pet peeve of mine.  I mean yeah, all the content is shot in a day, but when the story line carries on through numerous days or even weeks, it looks kind of strange to wear the same ones every time.  </pantyrant>

Cute splash of color!

2 – Wearing fashionable panties of the non-thong variety.  Boy shorts matched with casual outfit or little bikini panties for any ensemble rock.

I know they’re not visible in this frame grab, but Joelle wore these pink boy shorts under her bottom hugging denim shorts.  Hot combo!

3 – Having cute panties that compliment the outerwear, even when the scene calls for their immediate removal.  Panties are like the wrapping on a present and add to the beauty and excitement!

Joelle’s bottom is so hot, even her panties are glowing pink.

So how could I spank someone that earns so many bonus points?  How could I not.  >:)

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A Little Spanking, A Lotta Sore

I got back into spanking action a little bit yesterday at the Punished Brats shoot with Joelle and Beverly Bacci. 

It was only in one scene, but I’m actually really sore today.  Beverly has a solid spanking arm and my poor bottom hasn’t done an on camera scene since March. 

Most of the day I was helping film Joelle’s scenes and leaping around taking photos which I really enjoy.

Beverly sits back and tries to cool down as Joelle kneels in the corner cooling off her bare bottom!