Friday Photo Fun

I had a lot of fun hanging out with Chloe on Friday and Saturday. We drove Eric absolutely nuts with out bratty behavior, but honestly, what fun would it have been if we were perfect angels?

We teased and taunted one another, fine tuned our juggling skills in the living room, and somehow Chloe ended up with cornertime …. haha!

Thankfully my cold was much better by Friday. I was a little low on energy though and really feeling worn out by Saturday, but not enough to be put out of commission for the shoots on either day. Chloe was fighting germs of her own so we were both sneezing and sniffling a bit. At one point, as we were lying on the bed, she was gearing up for a good sneeze and I backed away. She said the urge passed and I moved back. Then she gave a giant (fake) sneeze and I nearly flew off the bed.

After a day of shooting, we had dinner (I’ll let Chloe fill you in w/ photos from the restaurant) and made a quick stop at the store where I found the most amazing thing … chocolate bubblegum!! Ok, I know a bunch of you out there are saying “ewwww, gross” but it’s really yummy. Bubble Yum-my.

I was very glad Chloe was with me in the car to help navigate the way back to the hotel. I am not a big fan of major roadway driving, I can get lost in a paperbag, and in the part of PA we stayed in, they apparently like to post signs for things about a zillion miles too soon so I kept making turns early and having to navigate the scenic route.

We did make it back to the hotel and even though it was now past 9:30, we wanted to workout. Gotta keep the buns in shape especially with a shoot the next day! We walked into the small hotel gym and it must have been about 90 degrees in there. Apparently the air conditioning in that part of the hotel was malfunctioning, but we dedicated gym rats opted to exercise anyway. It was like a workout and a sauna in one.

We thought a nice refreshing dip in the pool afterwords would be perfect, but the pool was no cooler than the gym air. It was nice to swim around, splash, and talk anyway. By now it was after 11 and we both needed to go over our scripts, make some phone calls, and get ready for bed so that we’d be all set for our scenes the next day.

After our rather long shoot on Saturday I was very tempted to stay over at the hotel and hang with Chloe again. I realllly wanted to, but I unfortunately had some commitments first thing on Sunday morning that I needed to be home for. Next time Chloe comes to town though I definitely plan to stay at the hotel the day after the shoot so we can go out and stay up as late as we want without worrying about looking and feeling like death warmed over on camera the next day.

I’m going to save the details of the video shoot on Saturday with Chloe, Sarah, Veronica, George, and David for the Pixie’s Preview update on Saturday. The video clip will be posted not this Saturday, but the following. This week though I will share some more photos and some details of the behind the scenes antics. 🙂 Be sure to check it out.

Coming Soon to the PB Members’ Bonus Gallery …

Check out just a small sample of the fun photos that will soon be featured in the Punished Brats members’ bonus gallery. I’ll be posting these pictures (in their original full size of course) over time and I’ll post a few to start with a little later on tonight. Lots of the beautiful Juliet Valentina and lots of us two blondes having fun and finding trouble. 🙂

Once again here is proof that PB bloopers not only happen on video, but in still shots as well. Clearly bloopers are very amusing as we were laughing our heads off here. Tony, who was on set with us that day, said he didn’t know what we were trying to do, but it sure was fun to watch.

We did manage to capture a photo with us both accomplishing the cheer stunt without falling over on the next try and the proof of our success will be posted in the members’ bonus gallery in a future update.