Preview Clip and Some New Photos

I hope everyone is having a good Friday, and a good Good Friday if you celebrate. I just posted the Pixie’s Previews video clip from the March 8th shoot. I hope you’ll enjoy the preview of Holly spanking lots of bratty bottoms. Personally, after the punishment I took from her, I’m looking forward to seeing her bratty bottom get spanked next week. Perhaps I’ll suggest a hairbrush or three (*cough*paddlestrapcane*cough*) make their way into her scenes.

We weren’t originally scheduled to film this soon, but we had to move up our shoot date by a week in order to accomodate both the cast and crew’s schedule. Looks like I’m going to have to behave this week in order to ensure my bottom is in top spanking form for next Saturday. Believe it or not, I’m still a bit marked from last week’s Vegas adventure, though I think it may have been a cumulative effect from the previous shoot … and some bottom warming here at home upon my return.

Since I still have a few marks, I’m not posting any bare bottom photos, but I did take a couple of pictures today.

A little scared …

A little MySpace-y …

And a little bit of bottom. You can see a few marks peeking out the side of my panties, but not too bad. And yes, I know I should have closed the window 1) so as not to have backlight and 2) in case of nosey neighbors, but oh well. I hope you (and any binocular-wielding neighbors) enjoyed.

Bonus Gallery

I’ve been catching up on some Punished Brats projects I’ve been wanting to get to for a little while now. I got a little behind on my to-do list first because of my LA trip and then working on creating a website on financial trading for an acquaintance. For the record, I think designing spanking sites is much more fun!

But finally tonight I was able to accomplish one of my goals which was to start a bonus gallery in the members section. The photos will include casual pretty pictures, headshots, and some fun photo stories down the line.

I’ve added a dozen photos to start with and will be adding more over time.

Here is a cute photo that didn’t quite make the inclusion list for the gallery. Beverly looks appropriately scared as we were directed to be, while I appear to be far more concerned that I may have chipped a nail. Oh well. I do love bloopers and it looks like they aren’t limited to video!