More Outdoor Fun

I’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather we continue to have by heading back to the reservoir whenever I can. As I was hiking on Tuesday, I heard a very loud noise that sounded like a car engine struggling to turn over, but how could that be in the middle of the woods? I walked a little farther and found the source of the racket in a swampy section. I’m not sure if these guys are frogs or toads, but there were hundreds of them jumping around, sunning themselves, and croaking at the top of their lungs. This little one came up close to me to get his picture taken … or maybe he just wanted to get away from his noisy friends.

Much like my new amphibian pals, I get cold very easily, even when others around me are perfectly comfortable. My friends kid me about it saying I need to sun myself like a lizard on a rock to get warm. Not a bad idea. Nothing like feeling a little sun on my bum. 🙂