PB Shoot Wrap Up

Yesterday’s shoot was a lot of fun. No black cloud of doom spotted this time around.

We had our new model Violetta join Juliet and me in trying to sort out who the naughtiest schoolgirl is.

While all the scenes turned out really well, I had the most fun playing Goldilocks. Detective Tony brought me in for some tough questioning regarding a breaking and entering that occurred at the Bears’ house. I’m innocent I tell ya!!

While getting spanked I nearly tumbled out of my top a few times. Oops. That would have made for an interesting blooper!

For more inside scoop and pictures from yesterday’s shoot, check out Pixie’s Previews!

Upcoming PB Shoot – March 3rd

School uniform – check
Maryjanes – check
Cute costumes – check
Panties, panties, and some more panties – check, check, check

I’m trying to get ready for Saturday’s shoot a little early so I’m not left scrambling on Friday night. The scripts are printing, my bag is half packed, and if all goes well, I should have a chance to practice my lines instead of cramming last minute before the cameras roll. 🙂

We’re having a smaller cast than last time’s megashoot but have quite a few scenes scheduled. The cast for this shoot will feature Juliet, Tony, Richard Windsor, David, a brand new model (not sure what name she might choose just yet), and me. We’ll be doing another Pixie’s Preview video clip that will feature more behind the scenes footage, hopefully some good bloopers, and me trying to speak to the camera without hyperventilating. Good times!

~ Pixie & Juliet ~

Geez, do I need a tan! Note, I said a tan. Not a tanning. Well, I suppose that will happen this weekend anyway.