Blogiversary Day!

It’s my blogiversary!! I’m sooo happy. Not only because it’s a special day but because this means that finally no more swat-worthy comments will be counted!

120 swats? Who would have thought! You must really want to see me get spanked … a lot.

Well, since a few of you mentioned that you’d like to see me get my swats in a PB video, I chatted with our director Eric and we decided to incorporate my blogiversary spanking into the Pixie’s Previews as the wrap around (intro / extro) so you can all see it. I told my boyfriend this and he said, “hey, what about me? I thought I was going to be making sure you got your spanking. And today is the actual anniversary date.”

I think you see where this conversation was going. And where I was going. Yep. Right over his knee.

That was one heck of a warm up on a chilly day!! Ouch!

Also as planned, I baked Funfetti cupcakes. I think the white funfetti frosting is prettier but it just wouldn’t be right to celebrate with vanilla frosting, now would it.