Bubblegum Brat It Is

It was a pretty close race for a while there, but it looks like Bubblegum Brat is the final winner in this latest reader’s choice post.  As for those of you that voted for Red Riding Hood, don’t worry, I plan to put up that scene in the members’ section a little ways down the road. 

Many of you mentioned wanting to see me get spanked for blowing bubbles because either you had gotten in trouble for something similar or you simply find gum chewing a highly punishable offense (note: this scene was actually based on a member’s request who asked if I could work my bubblegum blowing skills into a storyline).  I fully admit it’s a very bad habit of mine that borders on downright addiction.  I ran out of gum towards the end of my cruise and there was none available (not even sugar-free!!) in any of the on board stores.  I had to settle for Lifesavers and tried to refrain from visibly twitching. 

not even in the same league

My love for gum is hardly new.  As a kid, a fair amount of my allowance was given to Cadbury (Bubblicious) and Wrigley’s (Juicyfruit).  Gum however was strictly forbidden in my house as my father can’t stand the sight, smell, or sound of the stuff and so I chewed it almost exclusively in class.  I know, it wasn’t allowed in school either, but I was less likely to get caught there and I became an expert in chewing on the sly and looking completely shocked and innocent if accused.  Looks like it’s time to accept my punishment and make up for all those times I got away with it!

Well, we’re due to be hit tonigh with what will hopefully be the last storm of the season.  Up to a foot of snow is expected to be dumped on our little cowtown so I should probably run out to the deli like all of the other snow chickens and stock up on milk, bread, and bubblegum of course!

Choose the Scene

During our last Punished Brats shoot on February 7th, I had the pleasure of doing two scenes with the wonderful Richard Windsor.  One was a fantasy scene in which I was Little Red Riding Hood and Richard played the Big Bad Wolf.  Yes, he even wore a hot, stuffy wolf’s mask!  Poor guy.  He must like the stifling hot costumes (like Santa and Hagrid) to some extent though as this time he hand selected this role all on his own.

Of course our version of the Red Riding Hood story is slightly different than the original fairytale.  Ours contains a heavy dose of humor and a heavy dose of spanking.  When Richard was done paddling me, my bottom was every bit as red as my dress.

In the other scene, Bubblegum Brat, I finally had a chance to incorporate my bubble gum blowing skills into a storyline.  I’ve been called into Headmaster Windsor’s office for completely ignoring the campus rule regarding gum chewing and insulting a staff member when ordered to get rid of my sugary treat.  Richard strapped my bottom with a leather ruler strap for the infraction and my sassy attitude.  In fact, this became a very long scene as I couldn’t seem to stop the slew of fresh remarks that came tumbling out during our banter even though my cheeks were burning.

I need to choose which of the two scenes to put up in the members’ section first on March  18th.  Although I was initially leaning towards one, I am now flip flopping and can’t make up my mind.  I’d like to ask for your help once more in making the final decision.  Red Riding Hood getting spanked with the wooden paddle or a Bubble Gum blowing brat getting strapped?

Here are two short preview clips to help give you a little more of an idea about each scene:

Red Riding Hood

Bubblegum Brat

Decision Made

Well, it was a pretty close race.  I was afraid the results might actually end up in a tie and I’d have to make my own mind up after all!  But the traditional hairbrush ultimately came in first place.  The final counts are as follows:

Hairbrush – 27 votes
Nanny Paddle – 11 votes
Teardrop Paddle – 22 votes

Since the teardrop paddle came in a relatively close second and was actually in the lead at several points, I may see if I can use it in the other scene I have tomorrow.  I had planned on getting the belt (one with a neat pattern that might leave some cool imprints) in that one, but now I once again can’t make up my mind.  I think it will come down to a last minute decision.

I have felt the nanny paddle before in a scene, Summer Job, and I don’t think there is anything “nannyish” about it.  That thing has quite a bite and left little curved outline marks on my cheeks for several days following the shoot.  I’d be more than happy to pack it up and send it Brat Class mail to you, Chloe, but I think David likes that paddle far too much to part with it.  But maybe if he’s not looking for a moment …

A few of you voted for me to be spanked with all three implements.  Extra, extra, extra ouch!!  Now I’m not sure if you meant all three spread out in three different scenes of all three in one.  In our earlier days of shooting (before we even started the members’ site), it was not uncommon for us to shoot scenes in which I or another naughty brat took multiple implements in a scene for a single infraction.  But then we shifted gears thinking it was somewhat more realistic to have a girl spanked with a single implement (or hand and an implement) for a single misdeed.  The spankings are not necessarily any shorter nor less severe, but we just don’t pull out every toy in the bag all at once.

You often times have to stretch the boundaries of realism in order to keep up the variety factor while still winding up with a spanked girl in the end.   But scenes where there girl gets a hairbrush spanking, swats with the frat paddle, a belt whipping, and 12 strokes of the cane on top if it all for a single infraction scenario may seem over the top.  What do you think of multiple implement scenes?  Do you like the added variety within the one scene or do you prefer watching a complete spanking given featuring just one?


Help Make Up My Mind

I am a stereotypical Libra when it comes to making decisions.  It’s never more apparent than when I show up to a shoot with 10 different outfits and half a drawful of panties when I only have two scenes.  I know I’m going to change my mind about a dozen times before the camera rolls so I might as well be prepared, right?

Well, for the Punished Brats shoot coming up this Saturday, I am struggling to decide on what implement to use for one of my scenes.  Rather than continue to hem and haw, I thought I’d ask for your input.  The scene will be OTK so that narrows down the selection a little.  Here are the options:

Traditional Hairbrush:

Nanny Paddle:

(photo courtesy of The London Tanner)

Wooden Teardrop Paddle:

Can you help me pick my fate?  No write-in votes (except maybe a feather) will be accepted.


Photo Shoot with Erica

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting with Erica Corvina for a bite to eat and a photo shoot (where I got to play photographer brat behind the camera instead of naughty brat in front of the camera).


Poor Erica had sustained a super cringe-worthy leg injury a couple days before we were supposed to meet, but she didn’t let it slow her down.  While we had to skip the little hike we had planned and had to be careful not to aggrevate the injury while posing, you’d never know from her photos that she was in any pain. 


As we were standing next to the old train car deciding on what shot to do next, someone drove by, honking and hooting.  Imagine how they would have reacted if they had driven by again to see what we came up with!


As I just posted on Pixie’s Previews, I’ve posted all of the photos from both sets in the members’s section bonus gallery.  Over 2 dozen photos of Ms. Corvina to enjoy, but you have to be a member to see them.  🙂

Behind the Scenes Bratting

Congrats!  Most of you identified our bottoms correctly.  I even tried standing on my tippy toes while Chloe crouched a little so that our bums would be at the same height to try to throw you off.  But I guess you’ve probably seen both our bottoms quite a lot!

Here are some more fun behind the scenes photos from Saturday’s shoot.  While we were taking the still photos following our cheerleading scene, I got a phone call from my boyfriend. 

I took the call while Chloe kept herself busy with caffeine assisted bratting.

When she didn’t get the reaction from me she was hoping for by lightly kicking my butt, she grabbed the school paddle and took advantage of my nicely positioned target.

I never expected Chloe to really hit me, let alone smack me so hard!  My poor boyfriend is probably a little hard of hearing after the scream of shock I let out right in his ear.   

I wasn’t going to get her back (at least not right away) but I couldn’t resist.

I was nice and only gave her a light tap, not a brat whack.  I am so not a top!! 

Veronica was so disappointed with my efforts.   Thankfully she helped me out by grabbing the paddle and giving Chloe a few extra swats on my behalf.


And the winner is …

Hairbrush Salesman! Thanks to your votes, this is the scene that will be put up on August 20th. Holly seems pleased with the decision.

Your feedback was invaluable and I enjoyed reading all of the comments about your decision.  When I first posted preview pictures and a brief description of the scene on Pixie’s Previews shortly after we shot it, I received an email from a member saying it was silly to feature a scene where the girl is spanked with three of the same implement.  It makes sense though within the context of this scene as Holly is playing the role of a Fuller Brush style company salesperson. She comes to my door trying to sell her elite line of brushes designed to give silky, smooth hair, but ends up demonstrating the different weights and sting factors of each of the hairbrushes after I give her major attitude and try to pay with someone else’s credit card.  Now I suppose if we really wanted to have her use different implements we could have had her play a Pampered Chef salesperson who spanks me with a spoon, a spatula, and a … meat tenderizer?  No, scratch that idea.  Anyway, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that Hairbrush Salesman won by a landslide and it helped to read many of the comments you left explaining why it was your choice.

In the comments section, Karl brought up a good point when he cast his vote – why not insert an online poll that would make it easier to keep the tally? It certainly would be easier than manually updating my Excel spreadsheet of the votes and would also be easier for visitors to click on an option, but I’d rather do it the long way.

I have found that often times polls results are unfairly slanted towards the first / default response because people just hit “submit” because they want to see what the current results are. Also, as I mentioned above I prefer written comments in the hope of receiving feedback as to why a person selected a scene (or two or more). The responses are a little more special this way and I greatly appreciate all those that take the time to log in and vote.

The other scenes that were up for vote will also be added to the members’ section. Your votes and feedback have helped me to decide what order they’ll go up. As of right now, I have Summer Job scheduled for September 12th and Flashback set for October 1st. I haven’t worked out the schedule beyond that week, and by that point we will no doubt have additional content to choose from, so I’m going to leave things open for now. I hope you’ll enjoy all of the scenes as they are added!

Help Pick The Scene

I need help selecting which Pixie scene I should put up for the August 20th update on Punished Brats.  I know it sounds like a long time from now, but I put together the schedule well in advance so I can work ahead and know what material to edit.  My very next update (August 1st) will be with David Pierson in which I am spanked with a meter stick for giving his class a scathing (and apparently undeserved) evaluation.  But your choices for the one after that are:

1. Summer Job:
A straight to the bare spanking with a leather paddle delivered by Paul Wilson.   I’m spanked for quitting my summer job to be a total slug all summer.  I also give Paul a healthy heaping of attitude when he says I need to get out of bed.  See those little paddle mark all over my bottom and the tops of my thighs?  They were still there three days later.  Sniffle.

2. Flashback:
A straight to the bare strapping with the belt delivered by Veronica.  While visiting Aunt Veronica, I am suddenly transported back in time flashback style to relive the punishment I received for my worst report card ever.  The marks from this strapping lasted a couple of days too.  And I thought I liked leather!

3. Hairbrush Salesman:
A straight to the bare hairbrush spanking delivered by Holly with not one, but three different hairbrushes.  Holly comes selling hairbrushes door to door and gives me a firsthand demonstration on how effective they can be.

4. Spanking Comfort:
This is not a straight to the bare scene, but Veronica uses the wooden spoon which seems to be a pretty popular implement with members.  Veronica starts out spanking my bottom over my dress by hand and then progresses to over my panties.  Midway through she decides that rather than hurt her hand on my bottom, she should use the wooden spoon to finish the job.  The spanking continues with the spoon over my panties and finally concludes with stingy spoon meeting bare flesh.

Please help me by selecting which of these scenes you’d like to see and leaving your vote in the comments section.   Thanks for you help!

** Edited to Add: Hairbrush Salesman is currently in the lead, but only you can decide if it will be the final winner.  Summer Job and Flashback are not far behind.  All scenes will eventually be posted to the members’ section.  The outcome of this poll will help me choose in what order to post them so be sure to cast your vote.  Results will be posted on July 30th.**

Pixie’s Preview Clip

I’m running around packing and getting ready for tomorrow’s Punished Brats shoot, but I just wanted to make a quick post to announce that the Pixie’s Preview video clip from our last shoot is now available.  Take a look and see our bloopers, behind the scenes antics, lots of spanking, and find out just how many pairs of panties I can fit beneath my pajamas and still manage to walk.

Yesterday’s PB Shoot

I just posted the Pixie’s Previews update.  No video just yet, but I did include a photo from each of the scenes we shot.  Really good stuff!! 

First of all, a new male spanker, Paul Wilson, joined the Punished Brats cast and is a very welcome addition.  We were really pleased and impressed with his skill, enthusiasm, and ability to get into the various roles we’d cast for him.  He said he was nervous, but you’d never know it. 

It was such a pleasure to work with Paul as well as hang out between scenes to chat.  Very much looking forward to having him back again soon.

Check out Pixie’s Previews to get a sneak peek at some pictures from yesterday’s scenes.  In addition to the usual hand spankings, we also shot scenes using the belt, bathbrush, wooden otk paddle, leather paddle, and the meter stick.  As planned and promised, there were three very sore red bottoms by the end of the day.  Veronica remarked and seemed almost a little disappointed that her hand got off lightly this time!

My boyfriend accompanied me to the shoot yesterday to provide behind the scenes assistance in setting up, moving furniture around, and running one of the cameras as needed.  And much to my dismay, he decided to take the opportunity to give me a few overdue swats with the meter stick that was promised to me over a week ago now for my disinterest in doing schoolwork on glorious spring days.  Hmph. 


I’m a bit short on time tonight so I will respond to the comments from my last post tomorrow.  It’s going on 11pm and I haven’t even started my homework from Friday yet.  Although my bottom should be safe from the meter stick for a while now since it “accidentally” got left behind on the set, that wicked stingy wooden otk paddle that Veronica used on Erica did manage to make it back home again.