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About Me

I’m a somewhat shy, outdoor adventure loving girl-next-door with a degree in nutrition that somehow went from clinical research to spanking modeling and web design. I’m very glad that I took that leap of faith to give it a try and share my love of spanking with others because I’ve never been happier. I have a wonderful boyfriend husband that has come to truly enjoy spanking my bottom and two adorable bratty little cats that aren’t so fond of the noise!

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Likes: Cats, Bubblegum, History, Computers and Tech Gadgets, Diet Coke, Ice Cream, Photography, Nature, Spanking (of course), Warm Sunny Days, Thunderstorms, Ghosts, Drawing, Logic Puzzles, Hiking, Kayaking, Roller Coasters, Bike Riding, Baking

My current sugary loves …

Dislikes: Greenbeans, Smelly Things, Freezing Temperatures, Poison Ivy, Brown Recluse Spiders, Dancing Animations on Mortgage Ads

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