Punished Brats Cuties

Good news!!  I’ve filmed and edited the new Dear Amber video!  I guess it was a pretty rotten trick to ask for a deadline and then not confirm what it was.  😀  Someone pointed that out to me.  I can honestly say that it was not intentional.  You see, in my head I had chosen Richard’s suggestion of the end of the month as a reasonable goal given my work and travel schedule, but my blogging by ESP skills are a little rusty.  In any case I assure you the video is done and I’ll have it posted over the weekend.

You can find ” Ask Pixie” at http://amberpixiewells.com/

But first, David Pierson has asked me to bring to you, a few highlights from Punished Brats.  The new girls in the neighborhood are as naughty as they are cute.  Here are a few photos from recent scenes that caught my eye.




Lexi not only has a delightfully round bottom, but she paired the official navy blue school uniform with knee high socks featuring navy blue stripes at the cuff!  Bonus points for cute style, but that wouldn’t save her buns from a good spanking from me either.





Another uniformed beauty is Cadence.  With her toned body, flowing blonde hair, and sassy personality, she is a natural to play a cheerleader.  And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see a cheerleader spanked?  Preferably a flyer so that the audience gets a peek of that red bottom with every stunt.  I bet you attendance at games would sky rocket if Cadence’s bottom was the feature of the routine.





And finally, there’s Bianca who instantly made me think of Disney’s Merida.  With her creamy white skin and gorgeous red curls, Bianca could easily pass for the real life version of the spirited princess.  Audrey here could be Snow White …or perhaps the wicked queen given that she’s using a strap to make Bianca’s bottom match her flaming locks.

As I said, those are just a few of the photos of the little brats that have my palm itching to give a spanking.  But see for yourself when you go to Punished Brats and enjoy nearly a decade of incorrigible brats getting spanked for their countless misdeeds!