Send A Get Well To Veronica

I don’t have very many details, but Veronica has been in a car accident and shattered her leg.  She’s in the hospital and it will take quite a while for her to recuperate.  If you’d like to send a note of encouragement to one of our favorite Punished Brats spankers, please send a card to the PB PO Box (see below) and David will take it to her when he visits.  If you’d like to send a small contribution to help offset her outrageous medical expenses, that’s always appreciated, but mostly I’m sure she’d appreciate any good, healing thoughts sent her way.



The Punished Brats PO Box is:

PB Productions
PO Box 413
Doylestown, PA 18901

15 thoughts on “Send A Get Well To Veronica

  1. Awww shit, I bet it hurts worse than any spankin’ possible. I hope that they gave her enough good drugs to make her comfortably numb. I’m sure I speak for us all when I wish her a speedy recovery. Well, that is, speaking for all not directly subject to her hairbrush!

  2. I’m sorry to hear the car accident, i hope Veronica recovers from this terrible event, & most of all I’m glad she’s alive & o.k., as a firefighter I’ve seen a lot horrible car crashes, some people survive, & some don’t. but, the good thing is miss Veronica survived thank god,tell Veronica, we’re thinking of her, & we have her in our prayers,,,rest easy Veronica, & god bless,,

  3. Glad she’s still with us! car accidents are scary. Sounds like a very nasty injury and I hope she recovers better than all expect. How would one go about sending a contribution?

  4. Terrible news about my favorite spanker. Hopefully a speedy and complete recovery will be forthcoming. Thankfully, Veronica’s “bionic” right arm was unscathed. But who will punish the brats in her absence? With Veronica away, we brats have license to play!!!

  5. Veronica i hope you will be well again soon ,the brats will need you r attention at P.B. all the best from Tim in U.K.,Pixie love and spanks from ,Timx

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  8. Hello Veronica, sorry to hear about your accident, I hope that your recovery is swift and as inexpensive as possible.
    Colin xxx
    ps please bend Pixie over your plaster cast as soon as you can, it’ll make a great picture.
    Better still, come to England, healthcare is free and you can spank me instead (if only).
    pps how many analyists does it take to change a light bulb?
    Only one but the bulb has to want to change.

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