Scene Suggestion for Joelle and David?


We’re putting a quick shoot together for next week with the lovely Joelle Barros and David Pierson.   Is there a particular scene or theme you’d like to see acted out?  We’d like to keep the storylines fairly simple to film since the shoot is being put together with short notice.

The filming will take place in a home environment so domestic themes work nicely as well as possibilities for Joelle to play a neighbor, a guest, personal chef, maid, and so on.  School or office themes would be harder to do since the setting just isn’t quite right.

If you have an idea for a scene or series of scenes, share it in the comments section.  We’ll be happy to send a free copy of the finished DVD for the winning submission.  Unfortunately due to the short notice of the shoot, I’ll need to have the ideas together by Thursday so get your suggestion in no later than Wednesday the 20th to be sure they are included for consideration.  Feel free to submit multiple entries.

34 thoughts on “Scene Suggestion for Joelle and David?

  1. How about – Joelle took her mother’s car without permission, and now David must punish her – first taking the keys away, then Joelle asking for a spanking instead because she needs the car… – – Hope you are feeling good, Pixie!! – Dale

  2. possible scene ,Joelle is so naughty and uncontollable her parents have asked David who is a neighbour to discipline her with a spanking ,love ad spanks Pixie from ,Tim.xx

  3. Based on a true life COLOSSAL EFF UP of mine…

    Joelle the new cook/maid was on duty for David’s young son’s birthday party and commits a SERIOUS blunder. While mixing Cherry Kool Aid mix into a large pitcher of water, she scooped some sugar from a bowl to add to the mix. Due to her disorganized nature, she also had a sugar bowl filled with TIDE laundry detergent which was next to the other sugar bowl. David poured a glass to taste test and was horrified to discover his throat immediately burned and had a horrific perfumy taste in his mouth. That’s when panic stricken Joelle realized she mistakenly added TIDE as a “sugar” additive.

    I once had an imbecile roommate who stored TIDE in a sugar bowl in the KITCHEN, rather than inside a laundry basket/cupboard. ME in a hurry performed this very horrendous mix up. I wanted to choke this asshole for nearly poisoning me.

  4. Along the lines of spiked anything, my dad told me that he and another kid once put cleanser in the school’s soup. I am not sure if it actually happened or not, but they had to eat it.

    Another idea I have is that Joelle sneaks out of the house at midnight to go next door and take a swim in the neighbor’s pool since they are away. She is caught either when she goes out or as she is sneaking back in. She gets a strong lecture about not swimming alone and sneaking over to the neighbor’s. She gets spanked with the hairbrush.

    Joelle comes home at 3:00 AM roaring drunk and barely able to walk. Her dad, David, decides to let her sleep it off, but in the morning, he gives the hung over girl a hard OTK spanking with the leather paddle. Then, he has her run the vacuum to clean the living room with her red bottom on display.

  5. Joelle has been caught sneaking back into the house after having gone out in the middle of the night. When she returns, her dad is waiting in her room demanding an explanation. He gives her one chance to tell the truth about where she has been and get off with being grounded for the weekend, but she tells an obvious lie. Since she is unwilling to confess, David has no choice but to turn to an old fashioned spanking to convince her to tell the truth.

  6. put her in a “pixie-costume” and give her a blogiversary spanking, which is i miss the most here 🙂
    I like to say that i realy loved your humoristic moderations in the previews and the little gags around that the most and i am sad that has had an end.

    Happy Blogiversary by the way dear Pixie!!!

  7. After thoroughly scorching her bare bottom for some offense, have David apply a coating of deep heating ointment to keep up the heat level. Not sure if this takes your production in a different direction than you want it, but just one man’s two cents. Great work Pixie and David and all the group.

  8. Joelle is Little Bo Peep, who ‘looses’ 200 of Farmer Pierson’s sheep.
    He spends the next afternoon rounding up his sheep with every hand available -and is in no mood to be lenient”

    The next day, Joelle decides to make amends by rounding up an extra 200 sheep, which unfortunately belong to the farmer down the road, who is now accusing you of rustling.

    Finally, Joelle mistakenly shears the prise sheep the day before the County Show.

    “The fleece has to be displayed on the sheep, you idiot”.

  9. I did enjoy Joelle in five day detention.

    It would be fun to see her being punished for being a bully, and Pixie teasing her during and/or after the punishment. Maybe he would send her to apologize to Pixie who smirks while she has to describe the effect of the spanking.

    I would also like to see a scene in which David tells her she is going to be spanked, and she has to pull down her pants and her underwear and bend over while he just stands there and watches without touching her.

  10. OK, The brat sneaks back into the house. Tip toeing down the hall, she carefully and quietly closes the door and once safely in the room, flicks on the light. To her horror and astonishment, the top is asleep in the brat’s bed with the belt or paddle in his hand! She knows she’s busted and what is to come but worst of all has to wake him up. “Dad wake up, time for my spanking!”

    (Based on a true story that actually happened to yours truly)

  11. Joelle has put too much soap in the clothes washer and suds are all over the top of the washer and running down on the floor. David gives her the time honored ear drag to the bathroom where she rests her hands on the counter for the hairbrush.

    Short and simple.

  12. As I was about to say…
    Before Guns and Roses jumped my Hi Fi and blew me away…

    It would wonderful if Joelle could do the scene in costtume, but jeans and t shirt would be OK.
    Listening to Guns & Roses while writing…
    Anything goes tonight!

  13. Scene 2:

    Brat is awakened by top/pop with a terrible hangover and goes into shower for relief. Brat is dragged from shower by hair and shown where the car she had driven is parked on the front lawn with skid marks on the grass where it had come to a stop from a four wheel skid. Driver side door is open and headlights are dim because it had run out of gas sitting there overnight with the engine running. Brat is drug now to garage/woodshed for a long wet bottomed whipping.

    (Based on another true story from yours truly).

  14. Joelle is an adult daughter who has trouble keeping to her budget, again. Unfortunately, she accidently included her dad in the tweet announcing how she turned on the waterworks to get him to bail her out.

    So dad comes over to let her know she’s cut off and gives her a preview of what life will be like if she’s forced to move back in with mom and dad.

  15. These first two could fit together:

    Joelle is a teenager who loves reality TV. On the show she watches, the women are into a health kick. This inspires some ill-advised ideas.

    Scene 1: David comes home after a looooonnnggg day at the office, and finds that in spite of being instructed to order Chinese food for their dinner, Joelle has refused because she thinks that they should start a juice cleanse instead. A starving David has a better idea: a spanking for Joelle.

    Scene 2: Joelle has decided that David needs to be live a more healthy lifestyle, so she throws out his expensive whiskey, Cuban cigars, and dry aged steaks, all of which can’t easily, or cheaply, be replaced. Furious, David decides that Joelle needs to be dealt with more harshly. Out comes the strap.

    Scene 3: Joelle heard that cold showers are good for the body. So she turns the hot water off on David while he’s in the shower. Furious, he decides to teach Joelle how it feels by putting her in a cold shower for 30 seconds and then spanking her dripping wet.

  16. David comes into Joelle’s room and sees her watching a DVD of Pixie being spanked. Joelle tries to explain how harmless this “interest” is and that it sure beats a number of other things she could be doing. Joelle also admits that Pixie is her hero, and she would love to experience a spanking like Pixie gets. David cautions her to be careful what you wish for. After some more dialogue, David commands Joelle to get ready for the spanking she desires. Joelle is then spanked just like Pixie was, and later admits she loved it although she is a tad sore and teary eyed. Fade out with Joelle rubbing her bottom and watching more of Pixie.

  17. More ideas:

    1) David and Joelle enter wearing suits having come from a funeral where Joelle acted inappropriately. Joelle has to take off her skirt, lower her tights, lower her panties and walk across the room hobbled by her undergarments around her legs, and bend over for her spanking.

    2) Joelle made some bet with David on a sports event or something where David would take her out to dinner if her teams wins, or stay home and spanker her otherwise. Maybe if she is a good sport and takes her spanking well, they will go out afterwards.

  18. Joelle has been expelled from school for shoplifting. Believing they have lost control of their daughter, Joelle’s parents send her to live with David, her stern but mild-mannered uncle. David warns his niece that she will be spanked for misconduct. The ever-flippant Joelle believes her uncle is bluffing so she skips class to smoke cigarettes with friends. A neighbor sees her and reports the truancy to David. Furious, her uncle admonishes Joelle for skipping class, and then drags her across his lap for a bare bottom spanking, during which Joelle also confesses to smoking.

  19. Joelle, who has been suspended for acting out in class, is told by her math teacher, Mr. Pierson, to see him at his home so they can straighten out her troubled behavior. Their interchange becomes heated after Joelle talks back. Her math teacher loses control and hauls Joelle across his lap for a dozen quick spanks. Joelle pushes herself up and tries to kick Mr. Pierson’s shin. Now very angry, Mr. Pierson grabs Joelle, yanks her over his lap, lifts her skirt, pulls down her panties, and spanks her bare bottom.

  20. Just to complete my suggested series from above:

    Scene 4: David catches Joelle sneakily doing something unhealthy, be it smoking, drinking, or otherwise, and soundly thrashes the sanctimonious, hypocritical brat.

    Scene 5: Finally, David and Joelle come home from a family dinner, at which Joelle kept obnoxiously bringing up everyone’s unhealthy habits. He teaches her a good lesson in how manners are as important as healthiness in his household.

  21. David finds Joelle stealing money from his wallet. She protests that she was GOING to pay it back. He asks what its for and she refuses to answer, so he spanks her until she admits it’s for alcohol, which she is strictly not allowed, so he spanks her even harder then sends her to the corner.

  22. I would like to suggest that Joelle play the role of a prim and proper “good girl”. She would enter wearing modest clothes (or pajamas), her hair pulled into a simple ponytail and perhaps have eyeglasses as well.

    Eyes downcast, she’d stammer that she needed to talk about something important. Unlike the typical brat, her own guilty conscience would lead her to confess.

    The beer bottle found in the back seat of the car? (Or maybe the lacy thong found in the dryer?) It was hers, not her sassy sister’s. Perhaps we even see a flashback of Joelle cringing at the sound of her sister being spanked.

    The guilt is too much and the “good girl” confesses in spite of her fear of the consequences. Or course she would stammer (sp-sp-spanked! B-b-bare) and bargain (not on the bare! ANYthing but that!) but we know how that would go.

    Or maybe Joelle would play twins, both the sassy sister wrongly spanked and the modest “good girl”. If so, the sassy sister would be punished and scolded harshly for her stubborn refusal to confess, only increasing the guilt felt by the “good girl”.

    At the end, the “good girl” would softly and sincerely apologize to her sibling, and they’d decide that they are not so different after all, setting up future stories.

  23. One more suggestion that could fit with my earlier series, or as a stand-alone. Joelle is a very preachy vegan who comes to stay with Uncle David. She very loudly and obnoxiously informs him that eating meat and using animal products is murder and embarrasses him in front of others with this line of conversation. Uncle David decides to show Joelle the utility of animal products: by using a leather belt/strap to teach her manners!

  24. Home from college for the summer, Dad David insists the Pampered Princess work during vacation. He’s friends with the owner of a nearby 5-star hotel and gets a position for Joelle as a room attendant. She HATES this menial work of course, and slacks off by remaking the beds with used sheets. Her bathroom “cleaning” method consists of taking the soaked washrags and towels and wiping them across the sink, toilet, etc. This bites her in the ass BIGTIME after the 2 day, when she left the hotel room’s door wide open and her new boss peeked in to watch her in action for the 10 minutes it took to complete the entire room-when in reality a THOROUGH cleaning would be closer to 30 minutes. He’s so pissed off he says nothing to her. Instead he calls David at home revealing the episode and WHAT a surprise awaits Miss Joelle in the living room when she gets home from work later that afternoon! 🙂

  25. I hit the submit button too soon. This is related to another true event of mine. Right after I graduated High School I took a summer job as a hotel maid. I hated it because people were SLOBS! I actually got caught doing the same shortcut in the bathroom “cleaning” effort. I ended up getting screamed at by my boss in front of the rest of the staff. But I wasn’t fired-just relocated to the laundry room.

  26. Pixie
    she has been left in charge of getting the house clean for a dinner party for David and his boss and guest. he comes home and she is still on the computer and has not done the job. she then spanked and made to clean the house at once.

  27. I love Gothic Girlscout’s idea of Joelle being a naughty adult Girl Scout (how appropriate). I must say Punished Brats is overdue for a good costume scene!

    My two suggestions:

    1) Expanding on Gothic Girlscout’s idea (GG – Can we split the prize?), how about Joelle is a Girl Scout Leader who visits David much too early on a Saturday morning ringing the doorbell relentlessly. When David comes to the door half asleep, he suddenly wakes up when he sees Joelle dressed in an inappropriate short pleated uniform skirt. He gives into the provocative look and agrees to buy cookies, but when steps away to answer the phone Joelle swipes his wallet from the table. Unfortunately for her, David catches her and punishes her.


    2) Joelle is a morning caller again, but this time as conservative bible thumping missionary. David gets into a heated argument with her about the outdated ideas of the bible which Joelle defends passionately stating that certain old ways should never have become outdated. David then conceds to this and demonstrates and demonstrates an example of one such thing… a good old fashion OTK spanking for a naughty young lady.
    A long ankle length skirt that is pulled away would be another perfect simple costume.

  28. I like the “Enzo Man” and “Gothic Girlscout’s” ideas for attire but would instead have her spanked for “eating brownies”.

  29. Joelle is a high school student who gets caught showing her pretty bare feet to foot fetishists on a live video chat site. Her dad comes in and decides to give the dirty old men on chatroulette (or whatever) a real treat — a live viewing of a bare-bottom hairbrush spanking, followed by corner time with her hands on her head.

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