Joelle & David Scene Suggestion Winner

Congratulations to Barsports!  We’ve decided to use your series of scene suggestions as the basis for this weekend’s shoot with a working title of Health Kick.

Thank you to everyone for all of your great ideas and comments.  I enjoyed your creative thoughts as well as the few real life experiences!  It’s always so helpful to hear feedback and  suggestions from fans as it gives us a better idea of what the viewing audience is looking for.

9 thoughts on “Joelle & David Scene Suggestion Winner

  1. Anderson County had some of the strictest rules in Texas. As Ann was about
    to find out.
    “So she spent ten of her eleven pennies on a bag of humbugs, and put one penny in tbe collection plate?” said the preacher.
    “It should have been the other way around!” said her Mother.
    “I think you should deal with this.”
    The preacher of Anderson County took the cane in his hands.
    Ann was terrified, as she bent over the table with her bottom bared.
    He raised the cane…

    Ann woke up. It had been a bad dream. Pink Floyd still playing. She turned the CD player off, buried her head in the pillows and went back to sleep.

  2. Thank you folks! I try to channel my few creative thoughts into productive things. Though, I’m not sure how much Joelle will like them, since I gave David ample reason to leave her quite sore.

  3. (In response to “Steve (UK)”;

    I did some googling on some of the terms specified but didn’t figure out exactly to what I was being directed. Any more clues?

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