Quick Post: Punished Brats DVD Sale

I plan to put up a regular post tomorrow, but for tonight I wanted to announce a Holiday Sale on DVDs at Punished Brats. 


Enter coupon code 4824 at checkout and get 20% off your order!

We’ve also just released two new DVDs.  Discipline Box starring Ten Amorette and Veronica Bound and Strict Stepmother starring Tara and Julie Simone.




Winners of the Suggest A Scene contest from the Ten and Veronica shoot will have their DVDs of Discipline Box mailed out ASAP.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Quick Post: Punished Brats DVD Sale

  1. i seen both preview on spankingtube and i love them. i still say ten Amorette should spanks veronica and tara should spank Julie in revenge i know wishing thinking and i know this comment would end up costing me sore butt from julie and veronica double spanking then may sweet pixie could add in her spankings as tara and ten join in lol

    but i want say punish brat does good job i may just take advantage of the sale to get my hands on some dvd i can watch over and over

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