Pixie’s Previews – Ten & Veronica Shoot

I just uploaded the Pixie’s Previews video clip from the Ten and Veronica shoot which features the winning scenes from the the readers’ suggestions contest.   Check it out and enjoy a taste of Ten’s punishment as well as some great behind the scenes moments.  Even better is that it’s all now available in HD format so you’ll get an even better view of every painful swat!! 

9 thoughts on “Pixie’s Previews – Ten & Veronica Shoot

  1. just saw the video on spanking tube was very good spanking iam sure ten had fun getting all those spankings from lovely caring sweet veronica lol i liove end where veroncia look tired toward end that was best part. i dont think was bad your boobs was showing either in the one shot or one time lol

  2. Pixie this is an excellent quality video presentation of your Previews ,young Ten and Veronica are presented in all their glory as will all the other P.b. girls ,love and spanks from ,Timxxx

  3. No complaints about the tit shots. Unless, that is, there is a spanking in store for the “offenders” and others who may have been involved with bringing this video to light… (ahem!) ….In which case I am highly shocked and offended. Shocked and offended, mind you, and insistent that the perpetrators be brought to justice! Who’s with me on this one?

  4. Wait a minute, is “Tim” correct and you’ve let a birthday slip by us? Do you know what the penalty is for naughty girls that try to skip their birthday spankings? Well, do you? I think you may be in a world of trouble, young lady! Now let me see…impiments,…impliments, I know, we can use the ones in your readers collections! Any suggestions, readers?

  5. After looking at the previews, I’m wondering if avoidable boobage outage should be a spankable offence in its own right.

  6. Dear Miss Pixie, Ma’am,
    Punished Brats should do some outdoor and other “public” place spankings in front of an audience in the future. I’d definitely want to see that!
    Sincerely and Respectfully Yours,
    Obi Ryn Denobi

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