Joelle’s Spankable Panties

Had a medical drama llama this past week so I’ve been preoccupied and have not done my usual web surfing and writing on our favorite topic.  Of course, I’m never completely out of the loop as I’ve been busy with preparing the Punished Brats updates and editing the most recent shoot featuring Joelle. 

I adore Joelle.  Last time she shot with Punished Brats we were both spanked by Beverly, but I certainly wouldn’t mind having my chance to spank Joelle’s amazing bottom myself. 

Of course, I’ve heard she is a formidable spanker herself so I’d have to be careful.  You want to stay on the good side of a feisty switch! 

As I downloaded and reviewed the footage, I admired Joelle’s choice in panties and have saved a few screen grabs.  You know what a panty fanatic I am.  She earns mega points in my book for:

1 – Bringing a different pair of panties for each scene.  Big pet peeve of mine.  I mean yeah, all the content is shot in a day, but when the story line carries on through numerous days or even weeks, it looks kind of strange to wear the same ones every time.  </pantyrant>

Cute splash of color!

2 – Wearing fashionable panties of the non-thong variety.  Boy shorts matched with casual outfit or little bikini panties for any ensemble rock.

I know they’re not visible in this frame grab, but Joelle wore these pink boy shorts under her bottom hugging denim shorts.  Hot combo!

3 – Having cute panties that compliment the outerwear, even when the scene calls for their immediate removal.  Panties are like the wrapping on a present and add to the beauty and excitement!

Joelle’s bottom is so hot, even her panties are glowing pink.

So how could I spank someone that earns so many bonus points?  How could I not.  >:)