Back In Action … A Bit

The sun is barely set but I’m practically ready for bed! It’s been a long day as it was the first time back on the Punished Brats set for me in 8 months. I wasn’t spanked, but I sure am sore as I topped in one scene and helped with filming and photographing for the rest. My spanking arm is about ready to fall off as I have certainly not been in practice lately.

I am trying to slowly work my way back to incorporating some of my usual work and hobbies into my daily living. Today’s shoot was a step and also a learning lesson in how quickly (or not) I can get back in on the action. I hope to be up for filming some scenes as a top again and a bottom in the near future.

I had planned on posting a rush photo of myself spanking the amazing Brat-Top, Alexis Steele, but unfortunately the memory card used to shoot that scene is giving me trouble and will require a work-around so the photos won’t be available for a while. 🙁

In the meantime I present you with my artistic rendition of what the photo might have looked like. 

Notes from the artist: Alexis has much smaller feet in real life and I am using a wooden paddle, not a turkey leg to spank her.

And for those of you who had hoped to see some more realistic spaking images, might I point you towards the latest Pixie’s Previews video I put together yesterday from our previous shoot with Veronica and Charlie Skye.  Enjoy!


22 thoughts on “Back In Action … A Bit

  1. Pixie
    so Happy for you that you are first getting well and back on the set. I will be watching for more of your work to come.

  2. Hi Pixie
    I am so glad you are back on PB,I’m sure Mr. Pierson is happy to have you back.Just take your time and don’t rush into action to fast.
    Keep smiling
    Love AK

  3. Pixie –
    So happy that you are getting back into the “swing” of things… Health is THE most important asset we have – take it slow, and you will see how fast you will progress…
    Dale 🙂

  4. pixie well done on your progress to soung health again lovey ,and you are back spanking naughty girls botties again ,young Alex is your first victim er brat to spanklook forward to the vids later on at p.b. ,young charlie receives big spanks in your Pixies previews vid very nice another little cutie girl ,love and spanks from tim xxxxxx

  5. Miss Welles.

    It was a thrill to get a sound spanking from you. And believe me when I say NO ONE who enjoys sitting privileges should EVER defy you! 🙂

  6. Pixie,

    I’m so happy you felt well enough to be on the set again. You are too special to have had such a tough time. Great to have you back (though you never really left). 🙂

  7. Luv yer doodle! It reminds me of drawings I made during boring classes as a kid (and then erased or blotted them out lest anyone see them). I also liked the brochure in the video “Dealing with a difficult brat” or something like that. I would love to have my sitting privileges revoked by you. Maybe someday…

  8. Great news, Pixie! It’s good to know you’re feeling well enough to get back on the set. All my best for continued recovery, and a compete return.

    Mitch Philbin

  9. Dear Pixie,

    It’s good to hear you’re getting back into the swing of things. Take your time, don’t rush it. Your body will tell you how much you can and can’t do.
    Good luck with that memory card!

    Hugs and spanks,
    Dr. Ken

  10. Yay! A red-letter day for you, back in action. Even if it wasn’t a red-something else sort of day for you , it had to feel great to get back on set. Don’t overdo it, and looking forward to seeing more of you in front of the cameras as your health permits. JeffS

  11. Well, every naughty girl (and good girl, for that matter) needs a good regular bare bottom spanking, not only to remind her of the importance of discipline, but perhaps also to inflame certain desires within her of which she was previously unaware…desires that come on so strong and are further inflamed by repeated spankings.

  12. I do love to see a hardcore brat getting exactly what she deserves on her quickly-reddening bare bottom. Especially if her thighs start to glisten too. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

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