Pixie’s Previews Video Clips – Lorraine & Beverly

I’m glad lots of folks seemed to have fun with the interactive story.  I think it’s time to close this one down.  Perhaps we can do another one in the future.  🙂

For today, I want to share the most recent Pixie’s Previews video clip that I just posted on Punished Brats.  It features highlights and outtakes from our recent shoot with Lorraine Little and Beverly Bacci.  And it aims to answer the question, what could be more annoying than mosquitoes in August?



12 thoughts on “Pixie’s Previews Video Clips – Lorraine & Beverly

  1. Damn! Like you Miss Wells…Beverly is no one to EFF with either! I LOVE her more as a Top than bottom and have felt that way from my very first PB membership run. She is awesome! And the older sis spanking younger one is fast becoming a favorite role play to watch…and hopefully experience myself!

    Poor poor Lorraine… that “Nanny” paddle is MOST bum burning! 🙂

  2. I would rather receive a good spanking from you, or Beverly, or one of the other girls than get a sting of that ugly mosquito you designed.

    Love, kisses and spanks,


  3. Pixie hope your health is improving ,Bobby jo i apologise if you meant me ,that mosquito looks mean ,the preview is great ,Beverly is a great spanker of little minxes with lovely Lorraine ,love and spanks ,from tim xxxxxx

  4. Yikes! That mossie looks mean! We’ve had such a poor summer here in England that the few remaining mossies are shivering, thankfully. Love the previews and hope you don’t mind me using your preview to highlight your latest stuff (and that mean mossie) – I will credit your amazing blog, of course.

    Hope you are getting better
    Chief. xx

  5. That “mossey” looks disappointed, as if he had tried to bore into Supermans hide and blunted his proboscis.

    Don’t worry tim, she’s mad at me, not you. She didn’t understand my dry humor and apparently has never been abducted by aliens before.

    As a kid I was spanked on occasion by 4 older sisters but it was never as much fun as Pixies Previews!

  6. Well, it looks like once again I’m the conversation killer. Lighten up folks! I only mutilate cattle and cause crop circles once in a while! Sheez, you’d think I’d farted swamp gas in an elevator or something. Just because I control politicians and governments and stuff doesn’t mean I’m going to use my anal probes on all my friends here on Pixies blog. You’re all my favorite humans! Really you are. Don’t make me get out my tentacles!

  7. @Znarg – My dear planet Xer,

    I congratulate you on your penetrating observation. May I gently suggest a different forum might be more receptive to your obvious creative abilities and show greater appreciation for them?

  8. @ “FT” – Gee thanx! What a great idea! You must have gone to the Dale Carnegie school of diplomacy. Yep, I’ll just pack my bags and warp off into the cosmos. Out-a-beer, out-a-here! Happy trailz, etc…

  9. I closed the previous story thread not due to any one person’s comments within the storyline. A few of people have written asking if it was something they said and apologized if it was. In fact, it was the case at all. The goal of the story, to result in a few spanked bottoms, had been acheived and I wished to end it. Also, when I saw that some crossfire action was being stirred up, that was extra incentive to shut it down.

    In the online world, feelings will sometimes get hurt as statements are taken out of context, misinterpretted, or sometimes done intentionally. It happens. But I do my best to keep to keep it from becoming too prevalent here. And so, I think it best to not do another interactive story, at least not in the near future. I had said from the start that this was an experiment and may not be repeated for that very reason. I had hoped that by closing the thread at the end of the story we might move on. I hope we can agree to do this, yes? If not, I may need to put all comments on full moderation for a while to keep from things from getting even more tense here.

  10. Sorry, Pixie et al. I’m very very sorry. In fact, if you looked up “sorry” in the dictionary, about halfway between “shit” and “syphilis” under the definition of the word “sorry”, you’d find a picture of me. There, I said it. Can I have my spanking now?


    I loved the interactive story and was quite impressed with the imagination displayed. I was not paying any attention to who wrote what post so if someone was a little hoggie, I would never have known until the out-of-context comments.

    Pixie I hope it won’t be *too* long before you do another one.

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