New Pixie’s Preview Video w/ Amaya

I just finished up and posted the latest Pixie’s Previews video featuring new brat on the block, Amaya Solace and Veronica.  Even though I fuss and wrack my brain trying to figure out how to weave the behind the scenes footage into an amusing theme or storyline, it’s always my favorite part in the end.  I get to be crafty and creative in editing and little animations and hope to make something that will make viewers laugh.  Veronica offered quite a lot of smart comments to work with this time around (as she so often does!!) and Amaya is  certainly easy on the eyes from head to toe so I hope you’ll take a look at the video and enjoy.  Plus, I’ve posted it in our new high resolution format to enhance your viewing pleasure. 

Take a look and hear Veronica describe my typical day with my computer.  😉  Pixie’s Preview Video

22 thoughts on “New Pixie’s Preview Video w/ Amaya

  1. My useless dinosaur computer failed me…AGAIN!!!

    I can’t open either version. WRM says “Network connection failed.” RM has a different error message. Same shit happens with most of the videos for other websites. AAGGGHHHH!

    It seems incompatible with newer video recordings. I tried to download a more reliable program and was riddled with many viruses and an eventual computer crash. Yet I can view many Spanking Tube vids with no issues.

  2. Kelly, if you are having the same kind of issues with multiple sites, it sounds like it might be an issue with your computer or more likely your download connection. We can try to troubleshoot together. I’ll put my geek hat on tomorrow.

  3. LOVE Pixie’s Previews!!! Your editing touches always make them fun to watch, and the glimpses behind the scenes add personality to the site. And the video is looking great. Thanks, Pixie.

  4. I am loving the high resolution. Looking real good! Cute graphics. This previews clip is quite amusing. Very witty. I am a big fan of Veronica and her amazing way with words. My favorite part was her comments about the typical day of an everyday teenage (BRAT). She knows YOU too well!!! 🙂

  5. Yay!!! Through David’s blog I saw the previews! Veronica’s hair looks fabulous with the side bangs.

    Especially hot wet bottomed spanking scene, too. She was very intense after being called an “effing bitch!”

    And…YOU…Amber.Pixie.Wells…googling Justin D-BAG Bieber?!
    There most certainly is a straight-to-bare hand spanking in your future Young LADY! 🙂

  6. Kelly have you try cleaning out your cookies and temp folder and you have real player download or quicktime player download and do you update to newer verison on some of those things. you need look into it or try uninstall everything then re install them make sure it work. other then that i have no idea what could be wrong for you.

    Pixie i hope you feel better i forgot you been sick and i sent you 2 message mostly about same thing. any chance of us seeing veronica spanking males lol i know you said she does session and i knowp unish brat only deal with spanking females who are not brats but u guys claim they are lol. i hope you get back to spanking soon they giving and getting spanked.

  7. @ Mike.

    Thanks for your suggestions. I have tried all of the upgrades and no luck any time. This POS is a Windows 2000 and I’m screwed until I can afford a new computer.

  8. Pixie very nice Previews ,Amaya is a little cutie girl having big spanks ,Pixie ,keep getting better lovey ,love and spanksto all girls hee ,Kelly on the windows ption play of Pixies previews click on to the symbol that comes up 4 times when it comes up then it should buffer ,hope this helps ,tim xxxxxx

  9. kelly

    you mean u cant upgrade the window on computer either and well i try to help and see you already did all that to no faill. i know u said you try all upgrade. but i odnt have problem with mine viewing video. have you try getting real player or something like that. you might even have set certain player to one you want to alway play the video and etc.

  10. Kelly glad its now working lovey,the new girl is a little cutie on the new Pixies previws having big spanks ,Pixie ,love and spanks ,tim xxxxxx

  11. Cute little preview! And great to see your athletic body receding down the hall. Glad you enjoy Europe. Have a great weekend! – Eric

  12. Eric, I can’t take any credit there. That’s Amaya’s athletic little body. I will however think about using Amaya as my stunt butt while I am on this medical hiatus and she can take all of the spankings I’ve earned. 😀

  13. Well, maybe Amaya could be your whipping girl / stunt butt for SOME of the spankings you’ve earned, but we have to save some for when you are better!


  14. then Amaya should get chance to get revenge on you and give YOU all the SPANKINGS she had to get that suppose to be your spankings lol ito nly fair iam sure you will agree and Amaya will agree and jump right on it. your butt going be sore by time she get done with the spanking.

  15. My dear Pixie,

    A butt double! Haven’t heard it all (yet) but this is a great addition!

    Don’t forget – your first priority right now is to take care of yourself.

    All the best,
    Father Time

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