Which Punished Brat Are You?

I made a fun little personality quiz that you can take to determine which Punished Brat girl you are.  Of course that would theoretically apply to only those that would want to envision themselves in the role of a naughty brat, but when taking the quiz, you can answer the question from the top’s perspective by responding in the way that you’d want the girl bound to be over your knee to behave leading up to her punishment. 

Scientifically sound?  Probably not.  But it’s a fun little happy  hump day activity.  Try it out and see who you get!

Find out which PB girl you are.  Take The Quiz!

37 thoughts on “Which Punished Brat Are You?

  1. I got Lorraine. :))
    “You look so innocent. You have a halo over your head. But there are devil horns propping that halo up. You use your angelic good looks to get out of trouble whenever you can.”

    Fits almost perfectly. 😉

  2. I got lily Anna. I’m not sure I could get away with using the same make up style as her but It’s worth trying if I can get a good dressing down from Veronica Bound. It’s her voice in telling off mode, it just turns the spine to jelly.


  3. Does not apply.

    On another note.

    I have often wondered what it is like to be second in line for a spanking.

    What goes through the mind as you watch somebody get a long paddling with a bright red glowing bottom, knowing that you are next?

    Lee R

  4. Pixie,

    1) Jeans and a top

    2) None of the above. School was just ok. Not great and sometimes a pain.

    3) None of the above. I wear cotton briefs.

    4) A I don’t drink.

    5) None of the above. I would pull weeds. I enjoy that. Really. You get instant results.

    6) Take the test.

    So now you know why I referred to “none of the above.” LOL

  5. I got you, Pixie.

    !) School uniform. (I’m rather fond of plaids, and I’ve just fallen in love with sailor dresses)

    2) All of the above, at various times, although 24/7 is a little excessive.

    3) None of the above. regulation knickers for me, I prefer full coverage.

    4) A. Allergic to Alcohol

    5) Ask for a loan. It’s honest, and very few people would trust someone legally blind with their kids’ safety, otherwise I’d say babysit.

    6) Take the test. I usually manage to stumble on the right answers anyway.

  6. Am I the only Angelina so far??? I suppose the good girl in my shines through! Clearly not brainy enough to be the Pixinator but I am ok with that.

  7. I got Lorraine. Ummm not exactly an innocent look but smiling does help me get out of trouble when it is a minor offence like forgetting to wear a tie. No one spits on a smiling face!

  8. I got Veronica!! As a male top I’m not sure what that means.
    I tried to answer as I would expect my ideal brat OTK would!! Maybe that means I want to spank the “unspankable” LOL

    Question!! … Does Veronica know you listed her as a brat? :- o lol

    This blog topic and the fact you listed Veronica might be a very good (real) scenario for your next PB shoot.

  9. “Lily Anna” – What a surprise! Wait a minute, you nice people don’t think I’m that much of a brat, do you? Well, not being able to accept any blame, I blame society and the internet! Oh, and cartoons! …and Rock & Roll! …and video games! …and, and, …and advertising, and the Pope, and … no! Wait! It was the, the Devil!!!! Ah! Yes, it was the Devil You see!? It wasn’t my fault at all!!!

  10. Pixie I know this is not about your post but how is your health. I think most of your readers would like you to post from time to time how you are doing.We cant help but care Hope you are doing better Ed

  11. Kelly – don’t worry, I think Lily Anna is still your soulmate. She’d give the bird too when the situation is right.

    Bobbie Jo – Hmmm. You may indeed be your own unique brat. I’m not sure of any others that avoid alcohol other than me (and as such, I got shnockered at Lily Anna’s wedding just on the champagne toast!), but I am definitely not a jeans and top girl by choice. Taking out the alcohol factor, I would assess your profile to be most like Bronte. That is my custom quiz result for you.

    Alan – Veronica has noooooooooo idea I listed her as a brat, let alone declared her to be the biggest brat of all. LOL!!! But come on, have you seen her in the behind the scenes clips on Pixie’s Previews? Sadly, she’s all top when it comes to spanking scenes which seems to give her license to act as bratty as she likes and get away with it. Hmmmm … I may be on to something.

    Tigerbutt – you forgot the hormones in meat, radiation from cell phones, and Twinkies.

    Ed – I’ve been in and out of hospitals for the last several months and that’s likely to continue for a bit. I should have info with more definitive plans in about 3 weeks.

  12. Pixie,

    On jeans and a top, I wear that everyday. LOL I have always preferred to wear jeans or something like them since I can remember.

    Is there a “tom boy” at PB? I might fit that person since I am one. 🙂

  13. Wait! WHAT’S that you said Pixie? VERONICA doesn’t know you threw HER into the spankee mix…with TOP BRAT honors no less.!!!

    Can you imagine what could happen to your precious bum if somebody texted or called Veronica with the great news?! Oh my, my. Pixie just take a page from Lily Anna and blame HER for the quiz idea.

  14. Hmm were guys meant to take this quiz? I took it for giggles and I am Angelina apparently…interesting…though I have a feeling this is like catching the bouquet, better left for the ladies..

  15. Pixie great to see Lily Anna being spanked otk again after you in the latest vids from P.B.,i did your brats quiz great fun i got lovely Lorraine
    ,love and spanks to all girls here xxxxxx greetings to the boy brats here from tim .

  16. Hi Pixie, I got Lorraine which is an AWESOME match :-)I think i look rather innocent hehehe LOL.Hope you are feeling better your VERY AWESOME,Hug’s From naughty girl Jade

  17. Fun quiz Pixie. First time through, I got you as my preferred brat despite selecting “jeans and top”


  18. Hi Pixie and others!

    Well, I took the test and flunked. Just kidding!

    I’m not sure I even qualify to be a “Punished Brat.” For starters, I ain’t a girl, though I wouldn’t mind if I got the chance.

    For the getting up question, I chose “Jeans and a top.” If I were some kind of sex goddess, I might try the “nothing” route. Although it might feel just a bit weird running around the house and neighborhood naked!

    When it comes to school, I hate to say it but it would be AWESOME!!! I really want to attend Yale! It sure beats the “real” world, but I’m thinking more in line with Ivy League colleges and not middle school. Now that sucked!

    For underwear, going commando certainly has its appeal. But I have to remember for the sake of this test, I ain’t a guy, but a cute girl! (Whoopee!) So I went with the bikini panties, but the see-through type; you know the ones from Victoria Secrete!

    As for the booze, well I like single-malt scotch, so I wouldn’t be guilty of drinking the lighter fluid. Yuk!

    When it comes to being short on cash, my first response, as a cutie, would be to do some erotic modeling. (Hmm, I might get spanked for that!) Unfortunately, doing nudes wasn’t an option! So I guess, being an ethical type (ha!), I would be stuck babysitting some ankle bitters.

    Not studying for a quiz wouldn’t happen to me, seeing how I’m OCD and the world’s biggest worrywart. So I guess I would have to bargain with the teacher? Hmm, if he/she were really cute, we could work something out in private?

    So who am I (not that anyone really cares):

    Angelina – quiet and submissive!

    Yep, that’s me, although I don’t know about the quiet part. Being Tina Tink is another possibility.

    OT: Bobbie Jo, I sent you an email.

  19. Now Pixie…Here you go creating a quiz which references my VERY fave booze on the planet…Vodka!

    Yesterday, Vodka and myself were pretty much an inseperable item…thanks to YOU…I awakened with a MOST monstrous hangover. BRAT I am-bartender I am NOT. Multiple Vodka mixed with Hawaiian punch drinks =recipe for next day disaster= BARE bottomed spankings for Pixie, AND Lily Anna-just because! 🙂

  20. Dear Pixie,

    I took the quiz trying, as you suggested, to do it from a Top’s perspective. Now, naturally, the PB girl I’d most like to spank is YOU, but according to the quiz, I came up with Lily Anna.

    Maybe I should consider booking a private spanking session, after all….. 🙂

    Dr. Ken

  21. Pixie,

    I took the quiz and answered with the ones I could deal with, such as the underwear selection (I didn’t care for any of them!) and I came up with Angelina.

    Interesting that, based on what I said before, you figured I was more like Bronte. Either way, it was kind of fun to do just to see what it came up with.

    Have a fun 4th and do something nice for yourself.

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