Wake Up!

I have been busy editing photos for upcoming Punished Brats updates and I came across this one of Veronica spanking me in Cookie Drive.  What do I notice straight away?  Lily Anna napping while I’m getting my bottom smacked!!!

Wha … wha … what??  I mean I know standing in the corner is boring, but at least she gets to face her nose outward.  And if she is soooo very sleepy, I think I should be pushed right off Veronica’s lap so that Lily can take my place and get a little wake up call.  In fact, I think my spanking sentence should be fully commuted to Lily’s bottom.  All in favor, say aye.


41 thoughts on “Wake Up!

  1. Perhaps the camera caught Lily in mid-blink. It doesn’t mean she wasn’t paying attention. No, pixie, that’s a pretty poor excuse for getting out of a spanking. I think you need to take everything Veronica had planned for you. That being said, I don’t know what infractions brought this about for the both of you, but I expect Lily will be getting hers after Veronica stands you you in the corner — facing the other way.

  2. I don’t know if this is much help, but what if Veronica spanks a lot harder, you make a louder fuss, which then stirs Lily awake to pay attention?

    It just might work.

    Hugs 🙂

  3. No, I think you look perfect in that position…I wouldn’t change a thing. All in favor of continuing to see what we’re seeing say uh, EYE.
    Anyway, I think Lily’s head’s a little too tilted to be just blinking.

  4. Well you CLEARLY earned another butt walloping. But your good pal Lily there really should have done herself a favor to at least pretend she’s worried about her own bum getting blasted! At the very least she should have feigned sympathy for your poor cherry red spanked cheeks! Instead…she looks like she’d rather be sleeping off a hangover! Well then…once your comeuppance is through, if I were you I’d stand there and laugh my butt off when she gets HER wake up call from Veronica! 🙂

    Hide the ice packs from Miss “Bored Out Of Her Mind”. Partners in Crime are supposed to support each other…She did NOT! So AYE! AYE! AYE!

  5. Great shot. Sounds like you’re feeling better. Just please don’t overdo it.

    Looking forward to seeing you squirming and squealing across a lap as soon as you’re up for it..AND NOT ONE SECOND SOONER.


  6. Nice butt!
    Having said that, and recognizing that “Lilly Anna” is only blinking, I think all three of you should be spanked for a very naughty picture. I notice that “Veronica’s” eyes are not open either, and you don’t seem to be crying at all! Next we break out the 1/4 inch lexan Spencer! And then…

  7. I don’t even call what Lily’s doing corner time. Before Veronica put you over her knee she should have given Lily a few hard swats to her bottom then grabbed her by the ear and led her straight to the corner. She should have poked her nose straight in the corner,stood up straight with her arms to her side. Any back talk would earn her a dozen very hard swats with the hairbrush.
    Spank long & Spank hard!
    Tim S.

  8. Well once YOUR spanking ordeal ends, Sleeping Beauty there can take a trip into the large dining room and stand facing the corner…completely bottomless displaying a SOUNDLY spanked bum right in front of all of the Sunday dinner guests. That’s right…all 25 of them! 🙂

  9. NAY totally opposed to your idea !!! your cheeky side is still the best in the business… cant wait for you to be back on your feet and over a knee soon..

  10. Sorry but it’s a nay for me as well and for 2 reasons.

    1.The Pixie/Veronica combo is my favorite. Stay right where you are young lady!
    2. Lily is not sleeping. She is merely looking down with a solemn expression feeling sympathy for her bratty friend who is being punished.

  11. If Veronica was doing her job properly Lily Anna would be too tremulous to doze.
    I suggest that the two of you gang up on Veronica and give her the wake-up call spanking that she deserves.
    Don’t tell her I said so though please, she scares the pants off me!
    But do remember to film it.
    Colin xxx

  12. My Dear…THE best thing you can do for yourself during this cherry red extravaganza is to develop a “sudden illness”, leap off her lap and yank Lily by the arm and push her over Veronica’s lap. THEN you should run far far away from that room.

  13. Pixie great to have lovely little Tina being spanked again at p.B.she is a cutie girl ,hope you are fit ,love and spanks to all girls ,from tim xxxxxx

  14. i think you should of been able give Lily ana a spanking before or after veronica give her a spanking lol. then everybody be happy to know they been spanked you be happy knowing lilly anna got spanked for her behavior lol so my answer is aye for spanking all around. i double dare and triple dog dare you or lilly anna or any punish brat model smack or spank veronica ass real hard, i mean what would happen if you do that lol. you can tell her mike told us too then tell her you and all those model think i need a spanking and you want help out handing out the spanking too

  15. My apologies Tigerbutt:
    we have three votes, now looking for a fourth (roll up. roll up. get ’em while they’re hot etc, lol).

  16. I vote for lilly-anna to get it, as well, pixie, dear, sorry, but I think both of you should get the hairbrush, followed, of course by cornertime!! and, a fourth vote for Veronica to get it, as well. panties down, with hairbrush, of course, LOL hope you are getting much better, Pixie. zman

  17. Excuseeeeee me! Im pretty sure it was mid-blink i wish i could fall asleep that easily! I could never sleep through pixie getting spanked 🙂 I hate being in the corner because im always trying to sneak a peek, tease, stick out my tongue, and giggle!!

  18. Hahahahahaha!!! Lily you found my post!! Note, I made sure to put it up on a weekend when you were out of town. 😀 Sorry, but it looks like there have been an awful lot of “ayes”. I think it might be in my favor.

    As for spluttering biker, that is a moment of non-silent loss of speech where you kind of make the noise “splu!!” in shock and dismay.

  19. Well it’s great of Lily Anna to admit her bratty ways during a Pixie spanking.
    However…the visual evidence does NOT lie. And WHAT kind of “friend” enjoys the “pain and suffering” of her beloved partner in crime?! Lily needs a double dose of a Veronica/Pixie spanking indeed! Pixie!!!Get that wooden holed paddle ready for duty! 🙂 🙂

  20. But hold on there just a minute, Dear Pixie. YOU have not demonstrated very “friendlike” behavior yourself by “throwing Lily under the bus” when she was disadvantaged by not being near to defend herself. SHE deserves to get a crack at you after she’s been spanked, and spanked again.

  21. Well of course, I deserve a spanking for commenting so adamantly and I have not yet seen this video. So I’ll get in line, too. But I “ain’t” doing no Effing corner time! 🙂

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