Which Punished Brat Are You?

I made a fun little personality quiz that you can take to determine which Punished Brat girl you are.  Of course that would theoretically apply to only those that would want to envision themselves in the role of a naughty brat, but when taking the quiz, you can answer the question from the top’s perspective by responding in the way that you’d want the girl bound to be over your knee to behave leading up to her punishment. 

Scientifically sound?  Probably not.  But it’s a fun little happy  hump day activity.  Try it out and see who you get!

Find out which PB girl you are.  Take The Quiz!

Very Sad Day

It’s a sad day as we at Punished Brats have lost a truly great man. David’s brother and our camera man / director, Eric passed away last night. He was a loving, dear soul with a passion for videography, photography, and of course for spanking. He’ll be missed dearly.

Wake Up!

I have been busy editing photos for upcoming Punished Brats updates and I came across this one of Veronica spanking me in Cookie Drive.  What do I notice straight away?  Lily Anna napping while I’m getting my bottom smacked!!!

Wha … wha … what??  I mean I know standing in the corner is boring, but at least she gets to face her nose outward.  And if she is soooo very sleepy, I think I should be pushed right off Veronica’s lap so that Lily can take my place and get a little wake up call.  In fact, I think my spanking sentence should be fully commuted to Lily’s bottom.  All in favor, say aye.