Juliet Valentina Interview

I had the pleasure of doing an interview with the lovely Juliet Valentina and asked several of the questions you posed in response to a Pixie’s Previews entry a few weeks ago.  It was great to learn a little bit more about what Juliet has been doing the last couple of years and find out what it was like to come back to a very warm Punished Brats reception.  Enjoy!!

I’ll start off with the most frequently asked fan question …

What inspired your change in hair style?

— Honestly, my change in hair color was mainly an “experiment”, having never been anything but a blonde since birth (yes, it’s natural! lol). I had an audition for a musical that required a brunette character, and I saw my chance to make a dramatic change. So far, the response has been extremely positive, from co-workers, family, and friends, but I secretly want to go back to my natural color in a big way (I think blondes DO have more fun…). I’d love to know what the PB fans think about it — they might see the “old” Juliet sooner than later anyhow!


You have always been a very popular model and your fans are thrilled to see you back.  Is there a way for them to get in touch with you? Any thoughts to starting your own blog?

— I’ve been seriously toying with the idea of beginning a blog, deterred only by the upkeep factor. As long as I’m able to find the time, the creation of one might not be far off — any ideas or advice would be appreciated 🙂 Until then, fans are more than welcome to contact me at julietvalentinaspanked@gmail.com!

How did it feel to get spanked on camera again?

— When I took my break from shooting for PB, it was because of personal reasons and because I thought that I was on the verge of going into a teaching career (decidedly NOT spanko-friendly!). My life has taken several different turns since then, and I was actually thinking about returning to the camera long before PB contacted me again — I’m so happy you did!! Walking onto the PB set again was like coming home in a way. I fell back into it very naturally — it was almost like I never left, and that was just how I knew it would be, since all of the people involved are so professional and genuine, and since spanking and discipline have now become a part of my daily life. In my very first scene of the day, I got to watch my “sister” Lorraine take her hand spanking before it was my turn, and the anticipation was crazy!

You did mostly hand spankings before, how was it to take implements this time around?

— Little do the PB fans know, I have been taking implement spankings for some time now…at home! I have a new partner that I’m sharing my life with, who has been incredibly receptive to the idea of domestic discipline and fetish in general; every few weeks or so we treat ourselves to a new “toy”, and I am now very used to a number of different things, from slappers to floggers to crops. I’m happy that implement spankings are now something that I feel comfortable sharing with the PB fans, and I’m sure they’ll be seeing much more in the shoots to come!

What else have you been up to since we last saw you?

— Since my hiatus from PB, I’ve made some major changes in my life, including location, love life, and job! I’ve mainly been making a full-time effort at pursuing my greatest loves, theatre and music, and also working with some Philadelphia animal organizations, another cause that is very close to my heart. Other than that, I’m the same old Juliet, just a little more grown up 🙂

Thanks Juliet!  So glad to have you back.  Look forward to filming with you and Lily Anna in just a couple of weeks!!

This just in!  Juliet has created her own blog.  Juliet’s Time Out

45 thoughts on “Juliet Valentina Interview

  1. Thanks for sharing your answers, Juliet. I never had much interest in anything besides OTK handspanking, but now that I am married and have someone I totally trust I am enjoying the different sensations of impliments and it has added greatly to our life together!!

    Your films are great and it’s great to have both you and Pixie back!!


  2. An excellent interview that keeps me thrilled for everything else we might see on PB. Juliet is definatly a hottie too. Wouldnt mind seeing pixieliescious taking a paddle out on her sweet butt somewhen near in the future.

    as for price/value on PB. I do believe a customer gets a great value on a very reasonable and affordable rate. ca. 20 bucks a month for all that content and also these fairy beauties and cuties isnt all that much. compare it to GBS where you have to pay more than twice as much. the dvd’s are affordable too and i like that the shipping rates arent all too high. compared to some US based toy stores, the shipping abroad is a steal.

    I see the c4s site as an add on for those who want to buy a few episodes and thus create their own compilation dvd for home use. everyone else is better off with a subscription. dont stress yourself over it pixieliescious, i believe you are doing fine the way you are.

    what would make the mebers section even more attractive would be stating not only the top/bottom but also the implements used in the general overwiew as well as having a listing for all complete-movies, for us spankings addicts

    but your value/price ratio is excellent 😀
    signed: huge fan living in the tub

  3. pixie nice interview with pretty Juliet a cute young spankee very glad she is back a t p.b. being spanked it would good for her to have a blog .the vid with lovely Lily Anna and you is grand as tennis rivals ,kellymy kind regards to you lovey hope to hear from you soon and Crystal and Tigerbutt and all,Ppixie love and spanks from tim xxxxxx

  4. Hi Pixie,

    Nice to see Juliet back! “Gentlemen prefer blondes” is an old adagio and answering Juliet’s question: “Yes, I do like you better in blonde”.

    Just hand spankings are fine with me. Hope that Pixie, Lily Anna and Beverly will find their way to your great bum… 🙂

    And… as I have seen Juliet spanking another woman, it might well be that we can see her in the role as a spanker as well…

    F/F, OTK and handspanking is my personal favorite, in particular when the spanking looks as real as possible. (of which we have seen quite a few on PB already).

    Really great to see trusted “Stars” like Pixie, Beverly and now Juliet back… Hurrraahhh…!!!


  5. I for one was glad to see Juliet back at PB. She is an excellent model/performer who brings her “A” game, (and “A” butt) wink-wink to PB.

    Welcome back!

  6. First a warm welcome back to “Juliet Valentina”. Looking at her before and after pictures, I think the blonde look makes her seem more submissive and the darker hair makes her look more dominant. If she is going to be a bottom then she should revert to blonde forthwith but if she is to expand into topping (and I think she definitely could) then “come to the dark side”! Either way I think she’ll do fine. As for implements…(sinister laugh)…by all means, experiment away! My favorite is the heavy wooden paddle with holes, but then I’ve been an endorphin junkie ever since one was used on me for-reals.

  7. Pixie,

    Great interview as always. And and hearty welcome back to Juliet. I think I have a mild preference for the blonde, but agree with Tigerbutt that the dark hair makes her seem more topish.


  8. I am a fan of Juliet, and I don’t care if she dyes her hair bright pink, she’ll always be delightful. The episode where she came back from the future was awesome, such creativity… Please encourage her to keep up the good work, she really is enchanting.

  9. My favorite Juliet spankings were scenes with her and Chelsea. Very witty, cute and probably sorry for being a brat…NAH! Brats have way too much fun.

  10. Tom and Tim,

    Please refer to my last comment on the juggling post! It’s very true! Shower OT is in store for you my friend, Tomaliscious!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    Tim you are a sweetie. And I am sure I will have plenty more to say as summer continues.

  11. Pixie, Excellent interview with Juliet as other before me have stated it wouldn’t matter what color she dyed her hair she would still be just as pretty. I can actually remeber the first punished brats video I saw was of Juliet and I have been hooked ever since.

  12. Thank you to the beautiful Pixie for this feature, and thank you all so much for your lovely comments. Your opinions mean more to me than you’ll ever know… (BTW…By popular demand, please check out my new blog Juliet’s Time Out at blogspot.com)

  13. pixie,

    nice interview.

    julie….if there is an interest in r&r, r&b try r&b records in upper darby, fl-2 2320.

    val is the greatest.



  14. Despite what Lorraine and April said, I think that if Juliet dies her hair bright pink or blue or green or any other punk rocker color, she should get…(what else?)…a spanking! In fact it might make for a good scene for a future PB video (don’t worry, I’m not looking for royalties).

  15. great to see Juliet back always a fave of mine great to see she is now blogging as well.

    Just wondering if Pixies camera is going to be taking another trip to the woods soon and if Juliet would like to go just to hold he tripod 🙂

  16. Thanks Pixie! Juliet was a favorite brat and I was sad to see her leave. So welcome back Juliet! I’m looking forward to seeing her work with implements as I often wondered how she’d look with some lovely lines on her lovelier bottom. Although I do prefer Juliet as a blond, it just sets off her eyes and skin tone that bit better.
    And the filming to come! Three beautiful brats who can top as well as bottom? Formidable!
    And Pixie I would love to see you juggling. A skill I always desired but never pursued. Maybe paddles, crops, canes, hairbrushes? And if you drop one, do you get spanked by it? Just a thought.

  17. thank you juliet for creating a blog on your own.

    now i will NEVER be able to leave the shower. well done you 😉

    yesterday i got frisky and went into a huge drug store groceries shopping. as always i was drawn into the section of bath brushes. i got a clear sign i am not the only spanko.

    not only do they now offer a variety of bath-brushes like never before. also on the top shelves, with convenient access are only those paddle style bath-brushes, in about 4 different sizes and shapes, neatly organized from small (huge hair-brush style) to large, with longer handles.

    so you would say, no big deal, people obviously like to shower in my area 😉 well so explain to me why next to those brushes they had arnica lotions?

  18. Pixie may i have a word with Juliet please Juliet nice blog tried to leave a comment for you but could not would you be able to make it easier for us to ? Pixie love and spanks from tm xxxxxx and best swishes to Kelly Tigerbutt Chrystal and all my pals here .

  19. The hair color could go either way. Usually people go the other direction….something else going to blonde. Then you get a bunch of people who have no business being blonde, as well as some who look good that way.
    The thing is, blonde is a grabber. If you see two women, one blonde and one brunette, walking the other way, you tend to be more likely to follow the blonde thinking she’ll be more attractive. I doesn’t work that way, of course, but it takes a little looking to find that out. Personally I have no hair color preference. Juliet looks great either way, so I’d say go with what she likes best.

  20. @ tim. i agree with you. i would like commenting on juliets blog as well (be afraid, be very afraid) but couldnt. i thought it was ue to my shower-wet slippery fingers. glad i am not the only one 😀

  21. @Tom and Tim

    I was having a problem commenting Juliets Blog, But as of this afternoon I was able to comment. Try Again it should work if it doesn’t then I have no idea what the problem is.

  22. Pixie and all my American spanko friends a happy Independence day from an English spanko ,April i shall try that on Juliets blog of spankings it might be different how to leave comments ,love and spanks Pixie ,Kelly ,April ,Tigerbutt and all girl spankos here xxxxxxand best swishes to all from tim .

  23. Hi Pixie
    Nice interview with Juliet, she is a very cute young lady.And I have
    to agree with Kevin, go back to blonde.
    And I want to wish both you and your husband a very happy
    July 4th hope you have a great day.

  24. I would NEVER dream of planting naughty ideas into other brats’ heads for future spankings.

    However…during the latest Pixie’s Previews I could swear it looked like while OTK, Mischa tried to turn around and bite both Veronica and David’s legs. Most hilarious prospect! 🙂


  26. Hey Pixie and wonderful bloggers. I am up to a bit of playful mischief right now. Hopefully you’ll find it amusing.

    …So it’s a post holiday morning. Besides Pixie, which BRAT has the sorest ass for lighting and throwing firecrackers into that mean old Cat Lady Veronica’s front yard?

    There was a nightime spotting of a young girl seen laughing and sprinting away from the “CRIME SCENE.”

    30 minutes later at the Pierson domicile a pounding knock on the front door startles David, Pixie and…some other girl from their Family Bible reading session. David answers the door to see an enraged looking Veronica holding one of her 17 hissing
    pussy cats in one hand and a large wooden hairbrush in the other hand. To his observation the bristle end of the brush had clearly not visited Veronica’s hair since around 1999.

    With spit flying from Veronica’s mouth she points her finger in the direction of Pixie and the other girl and she herself hisses, “You!” Your pranks have scared my beloved pussies into a state of shock. Well I’m about to shock YOU!” With that said she makes a brisk walk over to Pixie’s side with dad attempting to block her pursuit…at least until he can get one of the culprits to confess to the misdeed.

    Stay tuned kiddos…

  27. @kelly master mind. what an intriguing story line. let me continue. of course the other brat must have been you!

    Pixieliscious, upon realizing what is due jumps up her chair and runs upstairs yelling, it was all her Daddy, i swear. I would never harm a cat and you know it, in a pouting voice. she locks herself in her room, crying on the bed.

    Mr Pieson retrieves the startled cat, and blocks Kelliliscios late escape attempt.


  28. Pixie nice inerview with young Juliet ,April yes i managed to comment on the cuties new spanks blog many spanks for your help lovey ,Kelly very amusing story to be continued with the little minx discovered whacks to be administerd on their cute little botties is yours ncuded lol lol.,Pixie love and spanks and to young Kelly and April and tigerbutt ,from tim xxxxx

  29. @ Tomaliscious

    …Jesus Tom!!!! I am doubled over with laughter. Are you a writer in “real life?” Such an inspiring vivid imagination you have.

    I am just an overgrown juvenile delinquent who simply cannot keep myself out of trouble! 🙂

    @Tim I posted a comment on Chelsea’s latest blog about my very unladylike behavior from yesterday.

  30. Pixiemay i reply t o Kelly ,yes i have read your piece there lovey dod you deserve big spanks for that /? did you young lady ? lol i think we know the answer .love and spanks to you Pixie and Kelly xxxxxx

  31. Kellieliscious, i am in fact an author, among others. most my works sit unpublished in drawers. one book with vanilla poetry is published, but in german. i have written many and one kinky stories too, – al of them in english – and they say english isnt a sexy language ( blows rasberries) my tantra massage is some 14 thousand words. if you need that kind of relaxation and have the time to read it… dont hesitating mailing me 😀
    the current spanking story is at chapter 8 with some 8000 words, and i am not even nearly half way through with it – have written some 100 english poems too.

    of course now, i am intrigued to find out about you and your unlady behaviour so of to chalseas side.

    thanks for your compliments, master mind 😀

  32. Lellieliscious,

    i understand your frustration and your need to get it of the chest. plastic money can be so complicated at times. it was none of your fault, that it ot eaten by the evil atm, but the cussing of yours, that is entirely your fault, young lady. indecent behaviour is not o be tolerated. i suggest a plastic correctional toy, a lexan paddle, to be applied firmly at your bottom, so next time anything plastic ticks you off, you will hold your composure and not lose the un-lady-like tongue again. how many licks till you understand? i would suggest as many as there can be fit into a 2 minute burst out.


  33. Lellieliscious should read Kellieliscious. ot is got. ooh my i typo like a maniac. but is is not my fault. my hands are all slippery from all the fun times watching punished brats in my tub 😀

  34. Dear Pixie,

    Blonde or brunette, it’s just good to see this lovely lady (and that beautiful bottom) again! I’ll have to check out her blog….maybe even put up a link to it!

    Dr. Ken

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