My Misdeed

Wow!  I am absolutely amazed at all of the fantastic ideas for spankings that you have submitted in response to my last post.  While I can’t possibly do all of them this time around, I have saved them all in a file for future use.  I am beyond excited to incorporate the many varied storylines into upcoming shoots.  There are so many great ideas that I’ll be certain to share the roles with my fellow PB brats. 

For the scenario set up that I posted, I will be going with the concept of shoplifting.  I’ve selected this not only because it was a theme that was mentioned by many of you, but also as it is something that I have truly done in real life in the past.  This was many years ago (I was about 12 years old) and while I never took anything major, nabbing little things like candy or a tube of lip gloss isn’t right and I still harbor guilt from my thoughtlessness (I was caught once, but let go with a warning … God was I scared!).  Of course for the sake of this storyline we’ll probably need to embellish my actions just a tad, but what will work so well is that I’ll be able to tap into my very true feelings of remorse as I am punished for my real life infractions.

My only initial hesitation in selecting a shoplifting storyline was that it was a theme that I’d already chosen for another model, Angelina, who will be shooting with us on Saturday.  Maybe it was a subconscious effort to pass along my own misdeeds.  But in any case, this will work out quite well as in Angelina’s scene, she has been caught by the store owner and spanked on site.  In my scene, I will be home and waiting for Veronica to come and punish me for my actions.  If we wish to neatly tie the two storylines together, Angelina could begrudgingly identify me as her accomplice during her punishment from David. 

A few of you asked in email or in the comments about my Halloween plans for this year.  Unfortunately, I pretty much missed out this year as I was traveling back home from the Outer Banks after our annual visit with my husband’s extended family.  I didn’t get the chance to wear a costume, but I’m pretty sure I looked downright spooky after a 14 hour drive that began at 4am!  We returned home just in time to hand out candy to little trick or treaters, unpack, and collapse in a heap in bed. 

The family visit was very vanilla of course.  Nothing much more than a daring playful swat here or there and some coveted alone time to update the Punished Brats website and my blog.  While I was away, I delighted in the slightly warmer temperatures and walked for hours along the beach and through the small towns taking vanilla photos and greeting the friendly human and feline residents alike. 


Although it’s much chillier up this way, I plan to bundle up and continue going on nice walks and taking photos as it makes me feel so happy and serene.  Those walks may become increasingly short though once winter hits full force.  I have little tolerance for the cold.

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  1. hi punkin,

    the weather here in the foothills of the mts. in n.c. has been just great. i haven’t turned the heat on once. i’ll have to remember to check out your vanilla pic’s. i don’t do that often enough.

    the latest video on pb’s is super but so sad. i’ll miss seeing beverly alot. she gets my vote[and the cameras] as the most wonderfull face of the early 21st century.

    think about some kind of pb’s tribute.

    have fun at the new shoot. angelina’s a fave.

    pats and ear scratches and hugs from,

    ddon, bootsie, and blackykitty

  2. punkin,


    i just took a good look at the posted pic’s. from the left the 1st three are up to your standard. the kitten is just wonderfull. wow. all i could think of was w.c. fields’ “egad!! there’s an ethiopian in the fuel supply!”

    as for the last…..this you should submit to a stock weather service co. i’ve never seen a better example of rime. when you do see shots of it they’re usualy on ships in the arctic.

    hope you can find time some year for cloudburst flight on youtube.

    luv your stuff,


  3. Beautiful photos! I SO want to cuddle with that little cat. I love the closeup of the flowers too. Water droplets on plants are one my favorite subjects to shoot. Thank goodness for digital cameras, or I’d spend WAY too much on film! Hope your weather stays nice as long as possible, so you can continue enjoying nature and taking great pictures!

  4. ” …. but also as it is something that I have truly done in real life in the past.”
    I am shocked, Pixie!!! (LOL)
    But, I also realize that getting spanked for something that went unpunished in the past has great value in relieving feelings of remorse that one might be carrying around.
    Maybe THAT is why I seem to be attracted to storylines involving exotic dancers (OKAY!! Strippers lol) and wanabee strippers being corrected while examining carpet and floor tile up close.

    Looking forward to your videos and I enjoy your vanilla photos almost (really!!) as much as I enjoy watching you in shoots!!

    Glad you had a good trip and glad your back!!!


  5. For extra punishment, Veronica could embarrass you by inviting David over to witness your spanking — bare bottom from start to finish!

    It could really add a lot to the drama if you tearfully begged her not to bare your bottom in front of him.

  6. Like I said, real life naughtiness is the best!! I wouldn’t expect it from you though.

    Something I’d considered for a scene…yes, another idea… What if you kept asking V for money for clothes. She is nice and gives it to you. After a few too many times asking, she refuses. You have been asking for the money because you and your friends have been trading clothes and you haven’t been responsible enough to get yours back, thus the need for more. When V says no more money you resort to shoplifting and say it’s her fault. You could even just leave out the shoplifting and use it for another scene where Pixie is in trouble for giving away her clothes to friends and expecting that V will just get her more. A bit of a spoiled brat. 🙂

  7. Pixie,

    I think it’s so nice of you to share your pictures and to talk about your visit with your husband’s family.

    I can just picture your loving conversations during your 14 hour drive.

    You always make me feel safe and happy.

    I’m glad you got lots of good ideas for future reference.

  8. Don’t feel bad. I once stole a loaf of bread -like Jean Valjean in Les Miserables- when I was 17, but it was a sort of picqued political protest. Didn’t get caught. We were getting ready to move and I went around to the loading dock area behind a supermarket to ask for empty boxes. It was dawn and freezing cold. The door was one of those big corrugated metal types that pull down from overhead, like a garage door. I heard the guys inside talking and laughing. I rapped on the door and called,”Excuse me, do you have any boxes?” And I heard them laugh and one guy imitated me. I repeated,”Hello?? I need some boxes.” No reply, just more laughs. Grrr.

    There was several racks with loaves of bread there, waiting to be brought inside. Well, I was riled. I grabbed a loaf of Twelve-Grain Honey-Wheat (I may be a thief, but I’m still health-conscious! lol) and stomped off.

    The following Saturday afternoon I returned -boxes again- and there was a stern sign posted on the door: ‘Removing items from the loading dock IS considered stealing!’ Tee-hee. This time I got my three boxes. And the great crime spree of ’94 was over.

  9. Perhaps a little more well-deserved intensity might be added to that spanking if it’s revealed you ran off and abandoned poor Angelina to face the music alone when she got caught. Of course, you could be forgiven on grounds of being overwhelmingly fearful (with apparently good reason) of what would happen if your mother found out, rather than being possessed of a severe character flaw.

    I love those pix but, looking at the first one, I half expect to see Tom Hanks, Casey Affleck, Vin Diesel, and the gang storming ashore amid a hail of bullets and shellfire to save Ryan’s privates.

  10. The shoplifting scene sounds interesting. Although, I would suggest rather than not wanting to hear your excuses, Veronica should put you on the spot. You jump up and say “I can explain…” Veronica counters with “Really, please explain the perilous danger that required you to steal a lip gloss rather than pay with the money you had in your pocket.” Perhaps even taunt you like “I wouldn’t want to punish you for doing a good deed. So who were you trying to help?” At that point you realize you have no excuses.

  11. Loved the photos, especially the beach shot. Your composition is starting to be very special, have you been following a course or something?

    It was a shock to read about your childhood shoplifting but also kind of comforting to see that you have a little bit of a dark side (like the rest of us) and that you are not too “Sugar and Spice”


  12. Pixie look forward to your vid later on s you were a naughty little girl once with your pilfering i n a store lucky the shopkeeperdidnt catch you you might have been spanked lol and then your parents told wow but your storyline might show this ,is it true that beverly is leaving if so she has given us great vids to watch ,love and spanks from tim xxxxxx

  13. how about u were rude to a fan and veronica found out and gave you a spanking over her lap with hands and paddle everything else. while that fan u were rude to got to watch you get a spanking then veronica allow the fan to give u a spanking too to help embrassed you and teach u a lesson

    after spanking over with u tell veroncia and that fan u were sorry and it will never happen again u will be nice and treat fans or anybody u see with respect.

  14. Boy, am I looking forward to this scene! It sounds great, and I’m hoping you will be able to clear out any residual guilt and get some emotional closure from this past experience.

    When a spanking can serve the diverse purposes of being therapeutic and cathartic for you, as well as entertaining for your multitude of fans … that’s a very good thing. Thank you, Pix.

  15. Pixie wrote: “Those walks may become increasingly short though once winter hits full force. I have little tolerance for the cold.”

    In that case, I highly recommend that your bottom be kept warm as often as possible….

    Dr. Ken

  16. wow Pixie you are pretty as a naughty sleepy student who is paddled by your tutor ,but you always look cute ,love and spanks from tim xxxxxx ps your new vid .

  17. ddon – Thankfully we still have a bit of content left featuring the lovely Beverly Bacci in the roles of both spankee and spanker. And while in a way I agree that it is sad for us and the many fans out there, I am very happy for Beverly as she is setting out to meet her own personal goals.

    And thank you for your compliments on my photos. I absolutely love going out for a walk with my camera with the hopes of coming home with a few digital prizes.

    TigerLily – The kitties were so sweet! The one that I featured here is from a litter of 4 (all of whom have thankfully been fixed so as not to multiply) who live near the general store. One of the ladies that works at the store came out and gave them a few shots of whipped cream. 🙂 They are smart to make their home near the shop.

    And you are so right about digital cameras being a blessing. It allows us to practice and try different techniques without fear of wasting money on film and provides us instant feedback and gratification.

    My letter to Santa is going to include quite a few camera related wish list items this year. We’ll have to see if I’ve been good enough to get more than coal though. 😀

    Funbun – All you’ll need is a little WD40 and a barnacle scraper and you’ll be all set to ride again! 🙂

    Linde – Yes, there is something special about getting spanked for a true misdeed. I at the very least prefer to do scenes that I can relate to in some way. For example, I find it very difficult to do scenes that feature me as the out of control inebriated party girl because I can pretty much count on one hand the number of times I’ve even tasted alcohol. But with this, it will really hit home (no pun intended).

    D – Truth be told, I’m all the more likely to shed real tears the fewer people are in the room. I grow more and more self-concious when there is an audience (other models, actors, camera men, etc) so I’m hoping actually that we can pare it down to as few as possible and that I’ll be able to bawl my eyes out. 😀

    2Good – Well, I am generally very well behaved and was even a good kid, but I had a short “bad ass” period around age 12 when I befriended another girl that was into small time rebellious activities.

    I like your latest idea as well. I am going to add that to the file of future scenarios.

    Crystal – Thank you. 🙂 Have you checked out the videos on Spanking Tube? And you can always see them all if you become a member of PB.

    dani – My husband and I chatted a bit, sung silly versions of songs from the radio, and other times rode along in comfortable silence (particularly when I curled up and fell asleep). Still, there were some frustrations as you might imagine on such a long sleep-deprived trip!

    Wolf – indeed it is

    Isolde – Wow!! That is a pretty awesome experience! Not that I’d encourage nabbing items, but still … I think that is a darn cool tale.

    ^Mike – I think that is a good suggestion to work the two storylines together. 🙂

    I’m not sure which shipwreck that is in the first picture. I’m still trying to search it out. It was neat to see more of the structure as the tide would carry out chunks of sand away from the beams.

    Nikolai – That sounds like something Veronica would do too!

    Prefectdt – Thank you! I have not been taking any formal courses, but I have been reading up with a stack of great books on photography that I toted with me on my trip. I love it.

    I’m good, but like most everyone, I’m no saint and far from perfect!

    imreadonly2 – Wonderful!

    Lorraine – I don’t know what they are. They smelled heavenly though. Prefectdt, can you help? Do you know what they are?

    tim – We shall see how it all unfolds tomorrow during the shoot! Might be a little bit before the scene is up on the site especially as this is going to be a two part storyline with Angelina’s spanking from David needing to go up first.

    It is indeed true that Beverly is moving on and pursuing other interests. Let us all wish her well and hopefully we will perhaps see her again as she alluded to in her goodbye blog post.

    Rechief – naked as a jaybird! No wonder the trick or treaters looked so startled when I answered the door.

    mikep38 – Very interesting scenario. That might be fun to do one day. 😀

    Jeff – I am hoping to do a few things differently with this scene. I have to chat with Veronica as well as Eric and David to see if we can make it happen. I hope for it to be a very special scene.

    Dr. Ken – My own personal, portable warming device. 😉

    tim – glad you liked it!

  18. Lorraine – Thats a hard one, not being able to see the growth shape or hight of the plant but my best guess based on leaf shape and flower type, would be a Clarkia. probably one of the verities of Clarkia amoena an annual plant.

    My back up guess would be one of the Silene Genera. There are a few likely suspects in the Genera of Silene both annual and perennial.

    Of coarse it could be some annual or perennial plant that is popular in the USA but seldom seen in western Europe, so I could be totally wrong.


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