Hairbrush Spanking for Shoplifting

During Saturday’s Punished Brats shoot, I received the spanking I was promised based on one of the popular themes suggested in response to my October 29th blog post – “What Did I Do”. As you may recall, this scene evolved to include a real life twist as I did commit an act of shoplifting as an adolescent, but was never spanked for it.  

It was a very short lived “bad ass” period of mine that occurred the summer when I was 12.   I had had a terrible fight with my best friend at the end of the school year and befriended another girl that was into doing things like small time shoplifting or smoking cigarettes she took from her parents.  Struggling to deal with the loss of my friend, I agreed to nab candy and lip gloss to seem cool to her.  We were caught one time (which was one of the first and most certainly the last time I ever did such a thing!) by the store manager.  He made us give him our home phone numbers but let us go with a stern warning that if we ever did such a thing again, he’d call our parents.  The incident didn’t seem to bother the other girl much but I was so shaken and guilt-ridden that I could barely stumble out of the store on my Jello-like legs.  My parents never found out about the incident and my tough girl summer friend and I soon drifted apart.   

I’m not sure what would have happened if the manager had decided to call my parents, but I’m very thankful to not have found out.  However, when working this incident into a scene, I wanted to tap into the anxiety and remorse I felt over my actions.  I told Veronica of my real life infraction and then asked her to select the implement she felt would be best suited to give me a proper punishment.  I left her with the whole toy bag of implements to choose from and waited in the bedroom for the discipline spanking I deserved.  Not knowing and not having any control over my fate added to my nervousness, but if I were to be spanked for such a thing in real life, I most likely wouldn’t get to pick my own implement (well, unless I was ordered to go pick a switch, but that’s a whole other anxiety provoking ordeal). 

Veronica selected a hairbrush.  A large, heavy hairbrush which I could feel right down to my bones with every swat!  When I asked her about her choice, she said that not only did she like the weight of the brush and the domestic style, but she liked the way the curved handle felt in her hand.  The good grip provided her hand with maximum comfort to help ensure my bottom maximum discomfort.  My spanking began swiftly and I was barely able to get any excuses or explanations out as I was too distracted by the searing pain to do more than gasp and tearfully apologize.

Angelina played the role of my partner in crime.  She is much sweeter and quieter than my bad girl summer friend had been, but she took one heck of a spanking from David that my real life friend no doubt deserved.  I’ll have photos of Angelina’s spanking and all of the scenes we shot on Saturday up later this week on Pixie’s Previews

26 thoughts on “Hairbrush Spanking for Shoplifting

  1. what is it with summer and being a bad ass? I did an act of distruction/ vandalism in my teens
    when I had a bad friend one summer. She got spanked and I got off with yard work. I was tormented and almost wished to be spanked like my friend had been. Of course she felt no remorse. 🙁

    Back then how’d you handle the guilt and not just confess? When I got in trouble my mom immediately sensed something was wrong and I couldn’t fess up. At least I got a punishment….even if it was light and I had guilt as its own torture. I give you credit to take your punishment now. I wouldn’t want to be disciplined now for “then”.

  2. It should be a spanking by the shop manager with the hairbrush that you stole. You get spanked with it and then return it to the store. The female staff from the check out counter can come and watch as well.
    Very good story, Pixie,
    Best regrds
    Peter Axtell

  3. Very interesting spanking. Have long been interested in spankings for long-long ago misdeeds. Wasn’t always that way though. Many years ago a past girlfriend shared a story that is almost the exact same as yours… “bad ass” summer at the age of 12, bad influence friend encouraged the stealing of a sweater, they were caught but never turned in.

    Going into that spanking though, I kind of thought it was going to be a rather silly role-play spanking. How much impact could it have so many tears later? I really thought she felt the same way, and that this was just an exaggerated for a spanking.

    But… it was an extremely emotional spanking from almost the first scolding word and was quite obviously cathartic for her. It was an extremely interesting spanking to give. Have had a chance to experience a few more spankings like that since… and they really do work!


  4. Looking forward to seeing you distracted and gasping…

    By the way, do you want your fans to send in ideas for scenes? I have some ideas, but I don’t want to waste your time.

  5. Pixie,

    I am looking forward to seeing this vid. The best videos you have produced have been those with a r/l history behind them, IMHO. No doubt that Veronica’s r/l affection for you played into the intensity and realism of this scene; I hope you experienced the catharsis you sought.


  6. It’s posts like this that remind me of the real reason I like you. Spanking ideas can be very interesting, yet just think of the total cuteness of lip gloss!

    Lip gloss reminds me of dress up, and dress up reminds me of Pixie!

    I really mean it when I ask: how could I possibly have a nicer friend?


  7. Dear Pixie,
    Given the circumstances, I probably would have picked the hairbrush, too….it’s rapidly becoming a favorite implement of mine, even though there aren’t many ladies that I use it on….(Hand spanking is still #1 favorite as far as I’m concerned….)

    Dr. Ken

  8. I think Veronica made an excellent choice with the hairbrush – and that YOU made an excellent choice in Veronica for this truly meaningful spanking. I hope that you have some closure now, and that any residual tween guilt has been burned away by the fire Veronica no doubt built in your bottom. If I may ask: Assuming this was your first spanking of the shooting day (as I would guess it would be), did it take you a while afterwards to move from that emotional place into the right frame of mind to shoot other, less personal and / or more lighthearted spanking scenes?

    As I said earlier, I am REALLY looking forward to seeing this one, and eagerly await the time that it’s available (any idea when, BTW?). Thank you in advance, Pix, for baring a bit of your beautiful soul for us – as well as your adorable bottom!

  9. Pixie,

    Reading this blog has given us all so much more insight into your life and that is what makes your blog and the videos you shoot so much more special. Thank you for being such an open and honest person and for sharing your life and your thoughts with us.

    My dad used to listen to a radio show with Paul Harvey and you give us, as he used to say, “The Rest Of The Story…”

    Looking forward to the video .. A LOT (lol)


  10. When I was about 13 I was at the mall with my dad & he met a man he knew who was moon lighting there as a security guard. The man lamented he was too old to be chasing all the shoplifting kids around the mall. I remained quiet as I was entering my “rebellious phase”, all the kids were doing it but the stores now had security that would do Guantanemo Bay proud. The man said “When I nail them I’d like to take them to the food court, pull their pants down & blister their behinds good!” An electric shock went up my spine at the thought. My dad nodded quietly in agreement. Any thoughts of larceny left my head forever.

  11. I was (momentarily) caught for shoplifting, -when I hadn’t done any such thing! I bought a paperback book at the supermarket and told the cashier I didn’t need a bag -we had a thousand bags stuffed under the kitchen sink already. As I was leaving some goon grabbed me and barked,”Where’s your receipt?” Dragged me back into the store snarling,”Which check-out do you go through?” I wasn’t scared, I was indignant. I said,”The Express lane, of course.” The clerk, Barbara, knew and remembered me, and said,”She paid for it.”

    Now get this: I fully expected him to say,”Sorry Miss, I was just doing my job.” Instead he dragged me back to the exit, even more roughly now it seemed, and literally shoved me out the door. Now I might be a spanko, but theatrical submissiveness is the only kind I enjoy. I looked at him and said,”You jackass”. First time I ever called an adult a bad word to their face. You must admit he qualified. I was 14, and brimfull of disappointed idealism.

    At home my Mom said,”This is why you should always save your receipts”! lol

  12. Pixie,

    Hand is also my first choice, but I really enjoy a good hairbrush. {grin}

    Hope you got beneficial catharsis from it. (And that your “now a good girl” status doesn’t give you any cavities. {grin})


  13. Pixie,
    Each time I see new picts of you I can’t believe how much more you look like your mom as you get older It’s really amazing…..R

  14. Pixie… this really hits home for me because for a very short time in my younger days I went through a period of time where shoplifting was a big problem for me. Fortunately for me, I never got caught.

    The guilt I felt inside for doing this made me feel so naughty and bad about myself for many, many years. I tried everything that I could think of to absolve myself of these feelings and nothing seemed to work. I had myself convinced that the only way I would be free of these feelings was to be spanked. For me, a spanking was the only thing “bad” enough that would end this nasty habit.

    Eventually I found a spanking partner who I told about these incidents from my earlier years, and he willingly told me that he would handle the issue. A few days later he gave me the spanking that I knew I deserved and that I longed for and believed would cleanse my insides of the naughtiness and guilt. It worked!

    I’ve never regretted getting into this spanking life as an adult. I would never change it, even if I could. Thankfully I have a caring husband and partner that sees that my backside is warmed as often as possible (in our extremely busy and hectic lives) and I am reminded of the consequences of falling back on inappropriate behaviors.

    In your case in this movie, I think the hairbrush was a completely appropriate implement for this misdeed. Wood for stingy-ness and heavy enough to make an impression that wouldn’t be forgotten for long. Delivered by someone who knows how to land an appropriate punishment.

    Very well done by all!

  15. pixie well done for taking the spanking for your earlier naughtiness ,you always stick to what you promised thats what we love about you cutie ,it looks big hairbrush spanks ,from the stills ,love and spanks from tim xxxxxx

  16. Hey Darling Pixie

    You are a very nice blogger and i am glad that i have a chance to read your blogs and of course watch your videos from PB

  17. Pixie….how wonderful that you have received your just desserts for naughtiness many years ago. I’m glad that the hairbrush made the same kind of impression on your naughty bottom that my hairbrush makes on the equally naughty bottoms of my two ladies!!

    Are there any more misdemeanours you need to pay for with a sore bottom……???


  18. TheLastSpartan – Yup! It was very effective too.

    2Good – I didn’t sleep well, I felt dizzy and nauseous with guilt and anxiety, and for weeks I was on edge terrified that I’d be found out. I think pretty effectively emotionally punished myself.

    Peter Axtell – That is an interesting twist!

    Todd – It is amazing how long we can hold on to guilt over what may seem like small events from decades past. But it adds up and can wear a person down. I’m glad that you have been able to help provide the chance for a few to let go and get punished properly but safely.

    Mo – I hope you will enjoy the scene when it goes up. It might be a little bit yet as I will need to put up Angelina’s segment first in order for the storyline to make sense. I’m afraid it likely won’t be up until January, but we should at least get a little glimpse with the upcoming preview video.

    We are always happy to receive scene ideas and have in fact used quite a few as inspiration for videos, however we can’t make any guarantees of when or if we might use them.

    Kim – Yes, I think it’s always helpful to at least find an element that is relatable even if the scene doesn’t play out exactly as it may have occurred in real life.

    dani – I know. I still have such a love for sweet little things like lip gloss or candy, but I promise I pay for them all now.

    ddon – 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy it.

    Dr. Ken – it has a very nice domestic feel to it and can redden a bottom in a heartbeat.

    Jeff – This was actually the second of three scenes that I did that day. But since we rotate through so that no girl does back to back scenes (usually) my bottom had time to return to pale white before filming this one. Then I had some time before my final scene too not only to let my bottom recover, but like you said, to get back into a more standard frame of mind. It was an emotional relief when this particular scene was done, but I can’t say that my last scene was light nor lighthearted either! 🙂

    I am looking at a release date of January 6th for this scene since I have already scheduled and promised my Dead Plants scene with Susan for November 25th and the Tennis Trouble scene for December 18th. I know it sounds like a ways off, but with the speed that the holidays seem to be flying at us, I think it will be here in no time.

    Linde – Awww! I’m very thankful to have a safe and welcoming place such as this to share!

    karaJ – That sure sounds like an awkward moment! That kind of spanking talk always makes me want to blush until I evaporate.

    Isolde – He truly did act like a jackass and deserved to be told. Good for you!

    Mark – Then I sure hope you’ll enjoy this one! 😀 And we’ll have to see how long this good girl status actually lasts.

    sarah – Do you agree? And if you don’t, I bet that voicing this difference in opinion during the spanking isn’t advised. LOL.

    Ray – you mean more like Veronica? Thank you. Must be the straight hair!

    singinkitti – I’m very glad that you were able to get the same sort of long overdue cathartic spanking and that you have a wonderful, caring partner that provides you with the support and spankings you need.

    tim – I do my best!

    Crystal – Thank you!

    Aristotle – If I think about it, I’m sure I can come up with a few. 😉

    KS – It was, I assure you. 😀

  19. Hi Pixie huni!

    long time no speak ..but I’m back now and its great to see you are still top of the swats with everyone!

    I love the reality aspect and always tray and superimpose something i was never spanked for over a scene. In real life I need it this way too or it’s never real or meaningful.

    Glad you know the difference and what it feels like to have a real reason, because i thought with so many spank fun/thrill players out there I was sort of alone.


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