Hairbrush Spanking for Shoplifting

During Saturday’s Punished Brats shoot, I received the spanking I was promised based on one of the popular themes suggested in response to my October 29th blog post – “What Did I Do”. As you may recall, this scene evolved to include a real life twist as I did commit an act of shoplifting as an adolescent, but was never spanked for it.  

It was a very short lived “bad ass” period of mine that occurred the summer when I was 12.   I had had a terrible fight with my best friend at the end of the school year and befriended another girl that was into doing things like small time shoplifting or smoking cigarettes she took from her parents.  Struggling to deal with the loss of my friend, I agreed to nab candy and lip gloss to seem cool to her.  We were caught one time (which was one of the first and most certainly the last time I ever did such a thing!) by the store manager.  He made us give him our home phone numbers but let us go with a stern warning that if we ever did such a thing again, he’d call our parents.  The incident didn’t seem to bother the other girl much but I was so shaken and guilt-ridden that I could barely stumble out of the store on my Jello-like legs.  My parents never found out about the incident and my tough girl summer friend and I soon drifted apart.   

I’m not sure what would have happened if the manager had decided to call my parents, but I’m very thankful to not have found out.  However, when working this incident into a scene, I wanted to tap into the anxiety and remorse I felt over my actions.  I told Veronica of my real life infraction and then asked her to select the implement she felt would be best suited to give me a proper punishment.  I left her with the whole toy bag of implements to choose from and waited in the bedroom for the discipline spanking I deserved.  Not knowing and not having any control over my fate added to my nervousness, but if I were to be spanked for such a thing in real life, I most likely wouldn’t get to pick my own implement (well, unless I was ordered to go pick a switch, but that’s a whole other anxiety provoking ordeal). 

Veronica selected a hairbrush.  A large, heavy hairbrush which I could feel right down to my bones with every swat!  When I asked her about her choice, she said that not only did she like the weight of the brush and the domestic style, but she liked the way the curved handle felt in her hand.  The good grip provided her hand with maximum comfort to help ensure my bottom maximum discomfort.  My spanking began swiftly and I was barely able to get any excuses or explanations out as I was too distracted by the searing pain to do more than gasp and tearfully apologize.

Angelina played the role of my partner in crime.  She is much sweeter and quieter than my bad girl summer friend had been, but she took one heck of a spanking from David that my real life friend no doubt deserved.  I’ll have photos of Angelina’s spanking and all of the scenes we shot on Saturday up later this week on Pixie’s Previews

My Misdeed

Wow!  I am absolutely amazed at all of the fantastic ideas for spankings that you have submitted in response to my last post.  While I can’t possibly do all of them this time around, I have saved them all in a file for future use.  I am beyond excited to incorporate the many varied storylines into upcoming shoots.  There are so many great ideas that I’ll be certain to share the roles with my fellow PB brats. 

For the scenario set up that I posted, I will be going with the concept of shoplifting.  I’ve selected this not only because it was a theme that was mentioned by many of you, but also as it is something that I have truly done in real life in the past.  This was many years ago (I was about 12 years old) and while I never took anything major, nabbing little things like candy or a tube of lip gloss isn’t right and I still harbor guilt from my thoughtlessness (I was caught once, but let go with a warning … God was I scared!).  Of course for the sake of this storyline we’ll probably need to embellish my actions just a tad, but what will work so well is that I’ll be able to tap into my very true feelings of remorse as I am punished for my real life infractions.

My only initial hesitation in selecting a shoplifting storyline was that it was a theme that I’d already chosen for another model, Angelina, who will be shooting with us on Saturday.  Maybe it was a subconscious effort to pass along my own misdeeds.  But in any case, this will work out quite well as in Angelina’s scene, she has been caught by the store owner and spanked on site.  In my scene, I will be home and waiting for Veronica to come and punish me for my actions.  If we wish to neatly tie the two storylines together, Angelina could begrudgingly identify me as her accomplice during her punishment from David. 

A few of you asked in email or in the comments about my Halloween plans for this year.  Unfortunately, I pretty much missed out this year as I was traveling back home from the Outer Banks after our annual visit with my husband’s extended family.  I didn’t get the chance to wear a costume, but I’m pretty sure I looked downright spooky after a 14 hour drive that began at 4am!  We returned home just in time to hand out candy to little trick or treaters, unpack, and collapse in a heap in bed. 

The family visit was very vanilla of course.  Nothing much more than a daring playful swat here or there and some coveted alone time to update the Punished Brats website and my blog.  While I was away, I delighted in the slightly warmer temperatures and walked for hours along the beach and through the small towns taking vanilla photos and greeting the friendly human and feline residents alike. 


Although it’s much chillier up this way, I plan to bundle up and continue going on nice walks and taking photos as it makes me feel so happy and serene.  Those walks may become increasingly short though once winter hits full force.  I have little tolerance for the cold.