What Did I Do?

I have a Punished Brats shoot coming up soon and I am working on a scene idea to do with Veronica.  I’d like it to be a fairly intense scene, both emotionally and physically.  I have the basic outline of the scene all set to go, but what I am mulling over is what misdeed I would be getting punished for.  I have a couple of ideas that I could go with, but I thought it might be fun to see if you had any suggestions or requests for what spankable offense I might have committed.  Here is the set up:

I am waiting anxiously for Veronica  to enter the room.  I’m fidgeting nervously and trying to figure out a way to get out of trouble.  Veronica enters the room holding an implement and is visibly furious.  I jump up and say “let me explain …” but Veronica doesn’t want to hear my excuses.  I’ve earned what I’m about to get and must submit to my punishment.

What could it be that has Veronica so upset?  Has she caught me in a huge ongoing lie?  Did I wreck her car?  Did I get kicked out of school?  What could I have done this time?  It has to be something pretty intense to warrent a firm spanking and lots of angst.  Any ideas?  If there is something you’d like to see me spanked for, let me know in the comments section or send me an email. 

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  1. Thanks in advance for giving everyone this opportunity. You are dressed in your school girl/cheer outfit. Veronica keeps her large bottle of Jack($55) in the freezer because she likes it cold when she mixes her nightly drink. After your small teenage party the previous evening she checks the Jack to be sure no one has drank any of it. While it appears the bottle is still almost full it is also frozen, which means “someone” drank a lot of it, then put water back in the bottle. She is now VERY upset and so would I be. As Richard Windsor might say, you are about to have the back of those nylon panties warmed up!! Hope you are having a great week!!! Love your site as always.

  2. I always think that spankings like you propase are rooted in the same two things that always get brats in trouble with guardians: Lies, and putting yourselves in danger. I would feel strongly that a girl who took an unauthorized trip to the city, and went to party where there were some edgy guys (sailors, gang members, members of congress) and then said she’d just gone to the library and fell asleep until after closing time, came back with a heavy odor of Tic-Tacs on her breath. Well I’d wear out her Mason-Pearson hairbrush on that Brat. I could just imagine her hand-wringing anguish while I was on the phone getting the real scoop on the party.

  3. Hey! It’s Halloween! Don’t you want to egg or toilet paper someone’s house. You could do it with a friend (Bronte) and then Veronica could spank both of you in 2 separate projects!

  4. Herb the store manager called and you were caught shoplifting. They are willing to drop charges if Mom takes care of business at home.

  5. Plagerism. Writing a paper for school and you’ve been kicked out for stealing someone else’s work.

    Or, Veronica could be the professor that caught you and is confronting you in her office. She gives the option of expulsion or an alternative punishment.

  6. What if Veronica has just found your blog? She will show you what a real hairbrushing means…

    Alwatys enjoy seeing you getting spanked, especially if you haven’t done anything to deserve it.


  7. Continuing, in a holiday theme, for Thanksgiving, you have embarrassed your parents with inappropriate language at a family Thanksgiving dinner. Veronica could start out with a hand spanking and David could finish with a strap.

    At Christmas, you could open a Christmas gift and find a new hairbrush. David could use it on you for all the bad behavior throughout the year. I think there is plenty of evidence of that!

    I hope these are good ideas for you!

  8. Let me elaborate on the shoplifting scene. Veronica checks her phone messages and receives one from Herb the shop manager in town who asks for a return call. Veronica asks Pixie if she knows what Herb is calling about. Pixie sheepishly responds, “No Mom, I don’t know what he wants.” She then retreats to her room to fret because she knows exactly what Herb is calling about.

    Veronica calls Herb (played by David) and a telephone conversation ensues in a split screen. Herb states that Pixie was caught on a surveillance camera shoplifting items from the store. She was confronted at the store and admitted everything and the items were taken from her. Herb tells Veronica that it is store policy that all shoplifting cases are to be prosecuted and that the video will be forwarded to the police.

    Veronica admits that Pixie deserves to be punished but hopes that there is way to arrive at a private agreement and see that Pixie is punished without her having a police record. She suggests that Pixie receive a good hard spanking on her bare bottom with a stout hairbrush until she can’t sit down for a week. Herb conceals his glee at the prospect and calmly agrees that teens don’t get enough discipline at home and a good spanking is certainly called for.

    Veronica gets her hairbrush and bursts into Pixie’s room where Pixie has been fretfully awaiting the inevitable. “Shoplifting!” is the sole exclamation by Veronica upon which she ignores Pixie’s explanations and proceeds to dish out the agreed upon bare bottom hair brush spanking.

    After the spanking, Pixie is told that she will march right down to that store, apologize to the manager and tell him that she has been punished with a bare bottom spanking.

  9. You flirted with her man. That usually gets a female pretty upset or you stole her concert tickets to some famous group….good luck

  10. pixie yes Herbs storyline is very good and would merit a sound hairbrush spanking otk or you have swearing at all your school teachers which you would never do cutie or getting in with a bad crowd of pupils at school and they have already been spanked by their parents panties down ,love and spanks from tim xxxxxx

  11. Hm, it needs to be something that a spanking could fix. Issues of deep trust, such as lying, are a bit difficult to fully “fix” with a spanking. That kinda thing takes time.

    *muses* Let’s say that you won a full scholarship to a very prestigious school. Due to a violation of the academic honor code (say, cheating on an exam), you have not only lost your scholarship, but have been suspended for a period of time. You also will receive a failing grade in the class.

    To complicate things, you never TOLD her. You continued as though things were going wonderfully, and she found out via a letter she found tucked into a book you’d left on the coffee table. The letter fell out as she was moving the book.

    *winks* I can think of further ways to complicate this. . . . . Pixie, I think you just got me started on a possible story line. 🙂

  12. You failed to eliminate your human target while in your undercover Geisha disguise. Now he remains a threat to world peace and stability. Being an assassin doesn’t make you bad, failure does!

  13. Well..in keeping with the Halloween scenario…perhaps you :
    #1…ate all the candy she was saving for the trick or treaters…
    #2….Drank her “stash” of liquor while on a sugar “high” and then….
    #3…trashed the next door neighbor’s halloween decorations…

    Have a wionderful Halloween ….K

  14. I would avoid the “kicked out of school”–it has that “it’s been done” feel to it.

    Maybe a “friend” sent Veronica a clip of you modelling on a spanking web site….and Topping! 🙂

    Dr. Ken

  15. hi punkin,

    let’s see,…..one from real life:

    you.ve been in an accident with the car and you got a summons with six infractions. useing a cell phone while driving, excessive speed for conditions, failure to obey a lawfull traffic sign[but you don’t have to stop for a yield sign] driving to endanger, reckless driving, and failure to controll a motor vehicle causing an accident.

    aunt veronica got a call from the oficer involved. the damage wasn’t that great but the potential is very real. “where did you get your drivers liscense, sear & rorbuck??!!!” “that’s just what that mean officer said!”

    “go to your room, take off your dress, and wait for me!

    then 3-4 min. of what’s she going to do? i’m too old to be spanked. why do i have to take off my dress? etc. et al. all the time pacing and wringing hands.

    then v. comes with the paddle or strap and the fast talking begins and pleading starts and continues during the punishment.

    lotsa luck,


  16. You left the garage door open all night, which is why you don’t know why she is angry.

    On top of that she keeps spanking you until you guess what it is for.


  17. For me a HUGE transgression is credit card overspending.
    Ofcourse if you lie to cover it up and hide the bills before she see them, then that would be better, or worse depending on your point of view.

    The other real world problem I see a lot of is young girls abusing diet products to stay slim, to the point of making them self sick.

  18. You were grounded and you went out anyway. Since grounding you didn’t work, now Veronica is left with no other choice but to spank you.

    If I may go off the subject for just a moment, the new picture you posted of yourself on your “About Me” page is stunningly beautiful!


  19. You work for Pepsi as a secretary (I think you know how to be a secretary … WEG) and a summons is delivered stating that Pepsi is being sued by another company, but you are soo busy you place the notice in your basket on your desk and forget to notify anyone of the court date, resulting in Pepsi being fined 1.6 million dollars.

    1.6 million dollars should get SOMEONE a pretty good spanking!! WEG

    Nah, on second thought, THAT could never happen!!! LOL


  20. A straight-to-the-bare, long, hard, hairbrush spanking for shoplifting is the most vivid scenario I can imagine.

    My older sister received one from our mom for committing that offense when she was 12 and I was 10.

    I’ll never forget the screams and pleading coming from her bedroom (shudder).

  21. Hello Pixie
    How about you are a secret spanking model and mommy finds
    out about your secret life and decides to show you what a
    spanking is all about.
    Hope this works for you

  22. i think shoplifting is a great reason for a hairbrush spanking,straight over veronicas knee,bare bottom. another good reason is she finds out you drove home after a few drinks with friends.

  23. I have a bunch of ideas. Here’s 2.
    1. You’re a senior and the spelling champ for the past 3 high school years. The competition is coming up at your school. If you win, the nationals happen to be on the day of a big party given by the popular crowd and you (though a geek) are actually invited and are dieing to go. You throw the competition… and Veronica overhears you bragging on your cell about it to a peer. V can be mom wanting you to get a scholarship/into a good college or your spelling coach who counts on your win for future coaching opportunities and the fame that comes with coaching a winner.

    2.I know of someone whose daughters held a beer pong party. Veronica is away and you throw such a party. She had walked in to discover the house in shambles with valuables missing or broken. She finds you in the process of cleaning it up. She shakes you angrily and you ummm toss your cookies all over one of her dressy outfits. There could be one or more under-aged friends nearby passed out holding onto alcohol bottles. The scene shows the next day and she has calmed down enough to deal with you, but is still furious and holding a ping pong paddle from the game you enjoyed the previous night with your friends.

  24. Ummm…hmmmm…Lessee, let’s say, you “borrowed” her Visa card, went to the mall, and dropped over $500 maxing it out, primarily on jeans, panties, clothes, more panties, socks and other items, and lied about it…

    …..then when she uncovers the ruse, you utilize the excuse that you were trying to “help the economy” by spending “her” money at the mall. *grins pervertedly* 😉

    And then when your jeans eventually get peeled down, you have no panties on! The horror! 🙂 Has nothing to do with the previous plot line, I just kinda’ like that angle too.


  25. How about something close to what you do in real life. You take some wonderful pictures out in the woods. What if you got “caught” or were very close to getting caught because you weren’t careful enough. She could be punishing you because getting caught could mean arrest at the worst or a great deal embarrassment. This would be a warning to be more careful.

  26. Veronica had a simple request a couple of weeks ago. She asked you to do a simple errand for her — to place an envelope in the mail. You agreed but you didn’t just fail to drop the envelope in the mail, you lost it. And then you forgot all about it. It turns out that it was Veronica’s car insurance payment. As a consequence of that, Veronica’s insurance lapses. Then, without her knowledge, you borrow her car and get into a fender bender because you’ve been texting a friend when you should have had your eyes on the road. Veronica will, of course, hold you responsible for the cost of the damages, out of your own pocket, but first she must teach you a hard lesson. I’m thinking a hard, bare-bottom hairbrush spanking.

  27. Spank Radio:

    Daughter gets local radio DJ to call her mom at work and play an on-air prank (“DMV” calls to tell her that they’ve suspended her drivers license because her car insurance has been cancelled, and she must turn her car in by the end of business or have it impounded) to everyone’s amusement except Mom and, when she gets home, her daughter…

    Have a great shoot, Pixie and, as always “break a brush.” 😉

  28. After a long hard day at work mom V comes home to find Pixie did not get dinner started , house was a little messy and Pixie forgot to pick her younger sister up from a school event . The phone rings , mom has to go get sis, but before she goes she yells at Pixie , gives some hand spanks and sends her to her room . When mom returns home shes feeling bad and goes to Pixies room to apoligize only to find Pixie not there . calls Pixies cell phone only to get lip and attitude , orders Pixie home immediatly . Upon her arrival home mom greets Pixie at the front door drags Pixie into the living room for a few swats and says go wait for me in your room . While Pixies going to her room a bag of pot falls from her pocket (or pills or alcohol) The rest is history with the strap .

  29. If it’s going to be a severe spanking, I’m another one who would like it to be for something that recklessly endangered your safety. Alternately, I would also second the suggestion for shoplifting. I’m already looking forward to whatever you decide!

  30. If it’s a PB shoot I cannot imagine it being that severe, maybe strong but still playful, of course.

    Maybe if you want to increase the severity, Amber, you could do the shoot topless or even better fully naked. That might hit hard (because we know Veronica won’t) on that emotional level you’re seeking. I know you’re looking for a misdeed for which to be punished, and I apologize for failing to suggest one, but if one needs blog readers to find a transgression, perhaps there aren’t any and you’ve just been a good girl recently. Could that really be?

  31. All the traditional scenarios feel so hackneyed and done-to-death 1950’s. You have to update them and make them topical and relevant, the way that show ‘Glee’ has pulled the old Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland “My Dad’s got a barn,-let’s put on a show!” idea into the 21st century.

    Nothing is hotter right now than the Green movement and sustainability concerns. Someday I’d like to Pixie smitten with some environmentally aware cutie (say circa 1973 Al Gore) and trying to impress him by pretending to recycle, do cold water washes, carpooling or bicycling to college/work, using those steel water bottles instead of plastic ones and pretending you hate leather and fur. He finds out you’ve been playing him and is furious at her for trivialising something that’s important to him, and says something like,”But I agree there are some occasions when real leather is preferable.” And I don’t think I need elaborate any further for readers of this website! Then at the end Pixie has a very uncomfortable bike ride home. Start out Green, end up Pink.

  32. Did she give you a vital letter to post, and you didn’t bother – so perhaps she has not renewed hedr Car Tax and has been herself had up by the Police for having no Tax disc?

    Did you answer an important telephone call and rather than take notes and get her to call back just forgot about it – so she lost a date/boyfriend/job interview?

    Did you pawn something important to her so as to get money for a Band Show?

    DId you foulmouth one of her friends, who decided that if you are the sort of daughter/niece she has she doesn’t want to be friends any more?

  33. I really tried to think, but I’m afraid I can’t be much help. I just want to lie on the floor with you and color in coloring books…:) Maybe we make a big mess on the floor..there’s an idea..

    I’m sure your imagination (with the help of all these fine people) will come up with something interesting and fun..

    Love your new profile picture! Believe me, I can still see the little girl inside the woman. Your little girl side can confide in my little girl side.

  34. Hi Pixie,

    I agree that shoplifting would be a good one. I also have another scenario to share- a true story:

    When I was 17 and my sister was 18, she had her boyfriend over to watch a movie one night and it was understood that he had to leave at a reasonable hour. Well, when my mom woke up the next morning and came into my bedroom to wake me up, my sister wasn’t in her bed. She and her boyfriend were sleeping on the floor in the basement under the same blanket. Nothing happened, though. They really did just fall asleep, but my mom was ready to strangle her that day. She didn’t want to hear her excuses.

    You could mix a belt into that situation and make it a great scene!

    Whatever you decide, I’m sure it will be wonderful, as always

  35. Hey Pixie-

    I have been thinking and you said that you wanted to crank up the intensity for this shoot and you are waiting to be punished for something rather severe. How about this as an idea.

    You haven’t been making your car payments and you come home to find that your car has been repossessed and you are trying to figure out a way to get it back when Veronica finds out.

    I think that would warrant a emotional and severe spanking…
    Good Luck- and have a Happy Halloween!

  36. It’s a back room at a Courthouse. Veronica is your attorney. You’ve just completely recanted your testimony in a sudden burst of honesty and guilt in the Courtroom, completely confessing to the crime and making Veronica (who had believed your innocence until the outburst) look like a chump in front of her peers.

    The crime could be that you accused your boss of sexual harrassment at work, which you would ‘fess-up about once you saw how it was a serious and reputation-damaging thing to lie about–maybe you did it really because he wouldn’t flirt with you, which would be wonderfully petulant.

    Veronica would certainly want to spank you for that, I reckon, plus you would have to reluctantly agree that you know you’ve been really naughty–hence the confession (which doesn’t need to be seen, only mentioned.

    Hope this isn’t too complex. It’s something anyway. 🙂

  37. Sorry, what I meant was that you accused your boss of a crime, and you basically tearfully confessed in Court that the harrassment never happened.

  38. A beautyful blonde with a beautyful body and a stunning pair of spankable buttocks… What ever reason do you need more for taking her over your knee?!

    And lots of caressing afterwards, obviously.


  39. How about a scenario where Veronica spanks you for putting yourself in danger? She’s furious not at your mistake but out of fear of what could have happened to you.

    You finally leave your cheating boyfriend/husband who you’ve dated since high school. You never went clubbing as a single woman and now want to sow some wild seeds. Veronica agrees to go dancing with you but insists that you agree to not do anything wild. At the club, you meet a guy and disappear with him. Worse you’ve left your cell at the table. By the time Veronica finds you, after a waitress alerted her you’d left with a bad guy, your in his car and about to drive off. Now back home Veronica is upset that you would go off with somebody you knew nothing about, not tell anyone, nor remember to take your cell phone. You plead that you only went to his car listen to a CD he had of a local band but then you both decided to go to McDonald’s to get a couple of cokes. He’s a nice guy, you plead, a fireman, stock broker, etc. and not a dangerous guy. Of course, you only have his word on his job, etc.

    Veronica is furious with you for breaking your promise but mostly out of fear at what your naivete could have gotten you into. You keep pleading that it was all innocent but in the middle of the spanking, Veronica reveals that a friend she had asked to ask around about the guy had called just before she came into your room. The friend had learned the guy was known for being rough with girls and all the girls at the club avoided him. Hence the warning from the waitress. Something you might have learned if you’d been more careful.

    Of course, you still argue he was a nice guy and she didn’t know him so Veronica announces that unlike you she has her cell with her and would be glad to call so you could ask the friend yourself. You realize that anyone you spoke to would probably guess why you were near tears so you decline, embarrassed.

    Realizing just how much danger you had gotten yourself in, you accept that Veronica should spank you severely. You ask Veronica how you could have been so stupid and she tells you not to worry because she intends to spank you until anytime a foolish thought comes into your head you instinctively rub your bottom. When your sent to the corner, your admonished not to think about your spanking but that you could have ended up raped or murdered and how Veronica would have felt worrying and having to live with failing to protect her you.

  40. You did not take my advice on your halloween costume. Or did you? You haven’t posted yet. That’s it, it’s halloween, and you haven’t posted your costume yet. Hey, just trying to get into the spirit of the season. Boo!

  41. There are a lot of great ideas here. The first one that came to my mind was shoplifting, but that is apparently an obvious and already popular choice.

    I like the courtroom/lawyer idea, and although it was suggested that the drama leading to the event need only be mentioned, I think that it is a plus when we actually get to see the misdeeds leading up to the punishment. I really liked that aspect of Bronte’s recent video, “Overheard”. I think this adds depth to the storyline.

    On the subject of seeing the misdeed, I think a fun idea (although probably not ideal for this particular spanking, as such a severe punishment might not be warranted) would be you gleefully dropping water balloons off the balcony and hitting pedestrians (we would imagine that you are several floors up). I guess you could expand on that one to come up with a result that is severe enough for this particular video… who knows? Perhaps the water balloon landed on Veronica as she was on her way out, all dolled up for an important date or interview, and you caused her to miss it?

    If you do go with something related to your safety, I think it would be nice to have V hug you at the end and tell you that she loves you and is just concerned for your safety… she usually ends videos by leaving the room, still angry… I like this approach too but it would be nice to see that side of her when she is playing the “mom” role.

    Whatever you decide, I am sure it will be great!

  42. Perhaps pixie’s tardiness in responding to her own blog post (initially posted Oct. 29, with no response by near midnight Oct. 31) might warrant a good belt strapping. But that’s probably a separate spanking. I think it’s beyond time for pixie to check her blog and get with the program. She’s probably out trick or treating in some very cute costume.

  43. How about somthing with a little less levity? I vote for “Pixie $ Veronica bet on an event of some sort (maybe sports or politics). Winner spanks the looser. “too hard? Sure, like you would have let me off that easy. “

  44. Still thinking…What if Pixie did something to get Veronica into trouble with her hubby like share something they were to keep between themselves?

    The water balloons off a balcony suggestion got me thinking. As a kid, friends and I once dropped little rocks off an amusement park ride that toured above the park. Nothing happened, but that’s certainly a dangerous thing to do. Gotta love real life naughtiness.

    I am also thinking Pixie could do something to help a friend that puts herself in danger or her future in jeopardy like gets suspended, helps someone cheat on the SATs or joins a runaway friend.

    Lots of cool ideas people are coming up with…hope you can tweak and use some of them.

  45. GOT CAUGHT CHEEATING on an exam. or plagarizing off the internet. failed the course and no refund on the tuition. a schol in cali has a policy now , its no longer an F its an F with academic dishonesty.

    she holds up a letter from the university stating you have been caught downloading term paper.

    great scene , and realistic in this internet world.

  46. Poor Pixie has been modeling for one of her school mates. The little white panty she wears under her little pleated uniform skirt gets lowered to display her rip young buns to the camera by her student photographer. Unfortunately for young Pixie her cheeky little art pic gets e-mailed by mistake to the computer of one of her teachers who does not enjoy her little display. Pixie must pay the price for creative art when her full young buns feel the force of the paddle. Of course afterwards Pixie might become the teachers model in more creative displays of her punished bottom.

  47. Thanks, nooch, you rescued my post from irrelevance with your offer to volunteer. After I submitted it I recalled too late that no one in the PB ensemble is really suitable to play an idealistic 23 year old eco-warrior; the only two PB men are both nearing middle age. But I’m sure gigantic Temple University has a theatre student or two who would be thrilled to spank the brats. lol

  48. hi punkin,

    you may not have noticed but i no longer e-mail you becuz i know how busy you are.

    beverly bacci just retired. the current pb set is a good one. she will be very missed, and i know it’s off topic but.. soon a tribute to bev.

    great googly moo how the camera loved her.

    just my 2 cents. sorry for the off topic


  49. I know this is my third post here but …… lol

    You have been told you are going to loose your job soon and Veronica overhears you saying that you are considering working as an exotic dancer at a mens club. Veronica could also intercept a call from one of the clubs stating that you have an appointment for an “audition”. I also like the idea of you accidently sending a text message to Veronica instead of one of your friends regarding the job.
    I promise, THIS is my last post on this topic!! LOL


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