Punished Brats Shoot – Welcome Rad

I’m a little tired and very sore today.  We had a Punished Brats shoot where we welcomed new spanker Rad Finch to our site.  Rad was easy going and a lot of fun to work with but he sure does spank hard!

Check out this photo I took right before I crawled into bed last night.  My cheeks still have a bit of a reddish glow and a few purple marks that will be with me a while.

I could barely keep my eyes open

There was good reason why


Of course I may have done a thing or two to incite this:


It was a good shoot all around complete with many firm spankings.  I’ll post a few more rush photos up on Pixie’s Previews tonight and next week I plan to have more from each scene we shot. 


29 thoughts on “Punished Brats Shoot – Welcome Rad

  1. Hi Pixie,

    LOVE the photo of you over Beverly’s knee and the one with all of you. Beverly looks all happy and ‘beaming’. Must have been a great weekend. Don’t see you bum bruised often (which I don’t like to be honest; a good red bottom is enough for me).
    Had a discussion with Dallas about very hard spankings (like you and Audrey got from him) Was answered that some women crave hard spankings that releases tensions. You wrote that to me a long time ago too.
    Still have difficulties though, seeing somebody doing “social work” in assisting a person to get this tension release in front of a camera and making good money out of it.
    It feels rather “double”. Just have mixed feelings about very hard spankings.
    Love to see firm spankings as part of a loving spanking play. But am hesitant to accept very hard spankings in front of a camera and being told that such is done to the benefit of the recipient…

    But it might be just my very own mind-set…

    ((((Hugs)))) Funbun

  2. It was a lot of fun but do I really spank that hard? I was holding back.

    By the way, I could not look more ridiculous in that “bottle throwing” photo. Goofball.

  3. Hi Pixie,

    I especially love those jammies you have in the first picture. They look like they have magic frogs who are waiting to be kissed. With Pixie’s magic kiss they can turn into princes.

    Maybe in the future when you put them on for bedtime, you might think of me. I have such an innocent crush on you…:)

    I’m glad you’re back safe..

  4. hi punkin,

    let’s see f i can say something without putting my foot in mouth.

    looks like another great shoot. welcome to rad.

    like funbun i think a red/pink glowing bottom is tops [i didn’t just say that did i]. but oohhhh…those bruses.

    i lnow i emailed you about this but for everyone:
    dmso [dimethyl sulfoxide] is legal now. for a long time the pharmasuitical industry and big medicine kept it away from the people because it is dirt cheap and unbelievably effective. it is not a pain reliever or an antibiotic. it is a pallative anti-inflamatory that works. only side effect, intant garlic breath. it tends to carry substances thru the skin into the body so make sure you wash the affected area before you use dmso. but you would do that anyway.

    it is good for all burns and hematomas, not just the ones spankos tend to get lol. if you cook, grill, or have children around this stuff should [ whether in lotion, creme, or pure form] be in your first aid kit.

    hopefully chica is gettig out and about and wasn’t hurt by my ivory tower comment. i guess it means different things to different people.

    now let’s see what pops up on pb’s next.



  5. Wow, I love the pic of with the strap, especially the notations. 😉 What a lucky guy to get to do his first shoot with you…I’m jealous.

    And Rad, despite what you may think, your expression in the water bottle pic pretty much says “Oh you are so going to get it, young lady!” to me.

  6. Pixie,

    That particular style of headboard looks like it probably comes in handy at times, as you seem to demonstrate in the picture 🙂 Was that the intent when you bought it or was it just a happy discovery when you got it home? I can just picture you in the furniture store testing it out…

    And Funbun, it’s not just your mindset… I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say. The severity of some of the spankings I have seen online is beyond words… the only thing that is worse is when the spanking is coupled with mean-spiritedness; I just hate watching a video like that (and I don’t… when it heads in that direction I cut it off).

    I am not in any way trying to criticize anyone else’s likes/dislikes… I just personally will never understand the appeal.


  7. pixie wow you look hot in your tennis dress kit and the jammies ,yes i shall post you a donation for you and lily annas spanks for animals appeal which is going nicely well done you 2 lovely girls putting your botties on line for it love and spanks from tim in u.k. xxxxx

  8. Hi Pixie,

    Youguys crack me up! It always seems like you are having fun at your shoots. The perfect job to have.

    ddon- No hard feelings, but Pixie and Erica are right, It feels more like locking my self in the dungeon down below. It has taken me a long time to be able to post on forums or even here. I have made some friends who are very encouraging. On step at a time is what they keep telling me.


  9. Hi Pixie
    I love the picture with the five of you together,you all look so happy.
    And it looks like Rad is right into the task of getting the job done.
    Beverly also looks like she is enjoying her work, she is one talented
    Hope you have a great week
    Love AK

  10. Yay!!! It is great to see Rad on there. I love him. I hope to be able to shoot with him on PB one day. I have been spanked by him. Rad if you are reading this…congrats!!!!!

    Pixie – I miss you so much! I hope you are well. Love you very much

  11. Pixie–The last picture is a terrific shot, althogh those three in the front look like trouble…. 🙂

    Chica–“one step at a time” is the best way to go. Have fun, post lots, and proceed at your own pace. You’ll get to where you want to be in good time! And we’re all rooting for you!

    Dr. Ken

  12. Dear Pixie, you do look tired in that pic, but, as someone once said, love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.
    Welcome Mr Rad, you obviously do good work and I look forward to further examples of your ‘handiwork’ in the future.
    And Pixie, your post inspires a question I’ve been kicking around the old noggin for a while, well two actually:
    Firstly I’ve noticed on my PB DVD that you write and direct scenes. Was that something you set out to do, or just got in as the company took off.
    And second, how to you write a spanking scene. I’ve written the odd spanking story, but what’s the process? Is it scripted fully, or just storyboarded to let the characters be more spontaneous?

  13. pixie look forward to your next post .Rad welcome to punished brats you are with a great bunch of people ,Pixie shall enjoy watching young Bronte being spanked in her debut here ,love and spanks from tim xxxxx

  14. Gee…wish I knew you were recruiting new Spankers !! I would have applied for the job !!!

    Best regards…
    and I love your posts…

  15. Marie – Rad did a great job in every scene whether he was using a leather implement, a wooden one, or his paddle-like hand.

    Funbun – I really liked that photo too. In going through the photo sets, Beverly doesn’t necessarily always look happy, but she does seem to be enjoy delivering the sting and heat to someone else!

    Tony – And a good future it is then. 🙂

    Rad – Yep, I think you do spank hard. And I bet two other bruised little bottoms would agree with me. 😀 It’s good to be a little goofy. I’m so glad you came up with that idea.

    dani – Aren’t the jammies cute? I have two pairs in that style and I plan to get a few more while they are still available. It’s not every day I can find my ideal comfort combo of long sleeves and shorts.

    ddon – Thanks ddon. Still haven’t tried the dmso. I think Lilly used the arnica gel we provide on set and my bottom is by now back to pale on its own. I may have to keep the dmso in mind for the future though.

    Fireman Chris – Glad you liked the pictures. And I sure did get it!

    dana – Thank you!!

    Dave – It took me a while, but I finally found a true 1960s vintage tennis dress. Bless ebay.

    Kim – I didn’t notice the bonus feature the headboard had when we were shopping for furniture. It was just a happy accident!

    tim – Thank you for the compliments and also for contributing to the charity. I’m always amazed by people’s generosity.

    Phil – Oh yeah! (and don’t worry a bit about spelling errors)

    Chica – We always have a lot of fun even though the spankings themselves hurt a ton.

    AK – Rad fit right in. And yes, Beverly does a great job whether she is spanking or being spanked. She did a bit of both on Saturday.

    Sarah – Miss you too!! We need to catch up. Hope to see you soon!

    Dr. Ken – LOL!! Triple trouble. Look out.

    Crystal – The fundraiser is going incredibly well thanks to a lot of good folks.

    D – I didn’t set out to write and direct scenes. At first I was only looking to model and shortly thereafter I mentioned I could do the tech side of things. It wasn’t until I felt a lot more comfortable and confident that I shared some of my ideas.

    We used to have fully scripted scenes, but we have moved away from that style to allow for ease in filming as well as to let the individuals act and react more freely. We currently use very brief (2 – 3 sentence) scene descriptions as a place to start from.

    Kevin – Thanks!

  16. pixie it was a great pleasure liked to have given more but between jobs it is great that all our other spanko friends have been so generous but we all love you and lily anna doing this for the dogs etc. what a lovely new spankee young bronte is playing a cheeky little minx but tamed by David with the strap no spanking first brave girl a great addition to the punished brats happy family .love and spanks from tim xxxxx

  17. hi, sometimes i wish a was a model like but, my husband would never alow it. Luckily for me i get spanked by him all the time. he is 36 and i am only 18 we been maried for 6 months now and he loves your site. After watching your pictures he spankes me the same way. Thank pixie love ure flip flops.

  18. I’ve got my membership on Punishedbrats.com website fortunately for one month and I said ‘fortunately.
    It’s so weird and bad I can’t get the video I am most interested which is ‘Tennis Trouble’ with Pixie spanked by new Rad.
    I confess I was interested much for this one but sadly…there is not!!
    I hope I will find it as soon as possible otherwise goodbye forever and I’ll get to tell it to others about , ’cause it’s a joke!! I pay I want to see everything!

  19. It goes up December 18th, Luca. We can’t possibly post all of the content we film in a single shoot all at the same time otherwise we’d have to post 10 scenes and then nothing for a month. That wouldn’t sit well, either.

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