Holiday Weekend & Pixie’s Previews

Thank you to everyone that joined in on my last post about how you view spanking scenes and photos.  I’m a little short on time so unfortunately I am not able to do my usual individual responses, but I will try to catch up when I can.  I greatly appreciate everyone that leaves a comment so I want to make every effort to return the favor of a reply.

It’s the start of a summer holiday weekend here in the States and I have some fun vanilla plans with friends and family coming up.  A lot of it is all weather dependent, so I’m not going to jinx myself (again) by saying what’s on the agenda!  🙂

If you’re stateside, I hope you have a great Independence Day weekend.  And if you’re not, have a great weekend anyway.  Just it being the weekend is enough reason to celebrate. 

I probably won’t be online that much the next couple of days, but in the meantime, please enjoy the latest Pixie’s Previews video from our last Punished Brats shoot.

15 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend & Pixie’s Previews

  1. Hope the weather holds up for everyone no matter where you are. I also have some plans for fireworks this weekend, possibly shared with a friend. And if the weather is nice outside we may even plan some outdoor activities. LOL


  2. Pixie,

    Congratulations on both your preview and your latest update “Heat for the Seat”. They both created a lot of fireworks and patriotically red bottoms! Happy 4th of July to everyone! God Bless America!

    Bottoms Up!

  3. Dear Pixie,

    Have I told you lately that I think you’re beautiful? Love the July 4th outfit you have!

    Words just can’t express my need to give you a big hug! It all comes from my heart..I need someone to share with.

    You know that you’re my very favorite..:)

  4. Pixie have a great Independence Day weekend,lets hope the weather is good for you ,lovely photo of you in the garden ,shall enjoy your preview video of p.b. love and spanks from tim xxxx

  5. Hi Pixie,

    It’s good to have a break. 🙂 I hope you have terrific wheather so that you make some more of those terrific outdoors photos…
    Love to see you in the forests…

    Have a great weekend. You certainly earned a break.

    ((((hugs)))) Erik aka Funbun

  6. Dear Pixie,
    Now there’s a picnic I’d like to attend… 🙂

    And a very patriotic picnic, too, with you in red, white, and blue.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    Dr. Ken

  7. Pixie,
    I hope you have a great weekend. Your thoughtfulness amazes me. I seldom comment on your blog, but I am often amazed that you take time to respond to every comment you get. You are a very grateful person, and people like me appreciate that. Also, having a blog of my own, I know how difficult it can be to respond like that. You are amazing. I hope your weekend goes forward as planned. Enjoy the summer!! ~Juju

  8. Hi Pixie
    I love your picture, you certainly look beautiful in your red white
    and blue outfit.
    Have a great weekend
    Love AK

  9. Hello Pixie,

    I am new here but have been enjoying your site and the PB site for quite some time. It is nice to get to know the person behind the characters. I especially enjoy your preview videos… stayed up late and watched them all one night!

    Keep up the great work 🙂

  10. Happy 4th and hoping you have good weather and great company. You deserve it! Very nice picture…are you playing with daisies? He loves me, he loves me not…we all know he loves you. 🙂

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