Yesterday’s Punished Brats Shoot

Our July shoot at Punished Brats yesterday went very well.  David and I went through a lot of cast changes throughout the planning stages – literally from top to bottom(s)!  But we ended up with a solid team including Veronica, Lilyanna, and the newest brat on the block, Bronte.

It’s like Pixie’s Angels.  From left to right that would be naughty angel, dark angel, and new angel.

Don’t let their innocent schoolgirl looks fool ya.  These girls deserve every last swat of their spankings.

Two hot naughty bottoms in the corner after a big spanking from Mr. Pierson.

I rocked the knee socks look this time around due to another unfortunate run in with poison evil ivy.  Sometimes being an avid nature lover and a spanking model don’t mix so well. 

Reading a top quality news magazine.

Also, I put my fears aside and did a school paddling scene.  Yeeeowww!

I’ve posted a few more spanking photos from yesterday’s shoot on Pixie’s Previews.  Have a peek and enjoy.  I’m headed out to spend the rest of the weekend with my hubby.  I plan to avoid anything green and considering how sore I am, I plan to behave and avoid earning even a passing swat!  Promise to reply to all of your wonderful comments on the last post at some point tomorrow.  🙂

Holiday Weekend & Pixie’s Previews

Thank you to everyone that joined in on my last post about how you view spanking scenes and photos.  I’m a little short on time so unfortunately I am not able to do my usual individual responses, but I will try to catch up when I can.  I greatly appreciate everyone that leaves a comment so I want to make every effort to return the favor of a reply.

It’s the start of a summer holiday weekend here in the States and I have some fun vanilla plans with friends and family coming up.  A lot of it is all weather dependent, so I’m not going to jinx myself (again) by saying what’s on the agenda!  🙂

If you’re stateside, I hope you have a great Independence Day weekend.  And if you’re not, have a great weekend anyway.  Just it being the weekend is enough reason to celebrate. 

I probably won’t be online that much the next couple of days, but in the meantime, please enjoy the latest Pixie’s Previews video from our last Punished Brats shoot.