Interview with Beverly Bacci

I’ve just posted an interview I did with the fabulous Ms. Beverly Bacci on Pixie’s Previews

You’ve been doing more scenes lately as a spanker. You are a natural and seem to be enjoying the role. Is topping a new development or have you always had the interest?

Topping is a relatively new development, as I have recently felt comfortable enough with my more dominant side. This change has become apparent to me in my day-to-day life as well, in that I’m more comfortable expressing myself and taking the bull by the horns, so to speak.

Do you find it’s an advantage having been on the receiving end of a spanking many times before? Do you feel that it gives you a better idea of how to exact a firm spanking or do you perhaps end up sympathizing with the spankee knowing how painful it can be?

Definately an advantage. I got a feel for positioning, rhythm, etc when I was on the receiving end. I know that there is no ONE RIGHT WAY to spank, but it was certainly helpful for me to get a feel for the topping styles of a variety of spankers.


To read the interview in its entirety, head on over to Pixie’s Previews.  And of course you can find lots more of Beverly, both on the giving and receiving end of discipline, in the members’ section of Punished Brats.

 And click here for a preview of Beverly’s latest hairbrush spanking scene, Nanny Cam, coming to the members’ section Friday, June 5th.

13 thoughts on “Interview with Beverly Bacci

  1. hi punkin,
    what!!!!!….r we in the twilight zone? if u opened my last email u had 2 get a chill up ur spine. i know when i just read this blog i sure did. u hadn’t posted when i sent that email. i know, i checked.
    if u want 2 post that section of my last email that concerns beverly feel free. i’ve already given u permission 2 do so.
    u sure do have great blog sense. ur last 1 was up 2 36 posts last time i checked. rw, whom i greatly admire, has had 5 responces for 2 blogs & 3 of them were mine.
    u r a marvel!!!
    2 cents from me.

    thanx 4 everything


  2. Pixie many thanks for the chat with beautiful Beverly who gives and takes her spanks so well she is a real friend to us at punished Brats wow a friend showed me her s. l. how spanking saved the planet what a bright pink botty she had at the finish . love and spanks to you and bevfrom tim xxxx

  3. Having worked with Beverly twice (so far) I’ll add that she’s naturally comedic as well. This is something you either have or you don’t. It’s extra fun when combined with beauty.

  4. Would love to see Pixie over Beverly’s knee for a typical old-fashioned spanking onto her bare buttocks.
    Straight away on the bare (skirt up white cotton panties down) and Whack! Smack! Whack! Smack!…
    With just Beverly’s hand in that left-right-left-right pattern that makes a spanking so very real…
    A brisk short spanking in this way resembles the spankings from the fifties and sixties most… Any chance…? Someday…??
    (((((Hugs))))) to both of you, Funbun

  5. Wow! What an informative enchanting interview!
    Ms Bacci is clearly an ass-et to PB and may she ever more be so! Having read her blog, I knew she was into a wider array of fetish modeling and was curious as to how she got into that, so thanks for sating my curiosity!
    A military theme would be very interesting and, I think, new territory for PB? I’d certainly like to give Ms Bacci a good dressing down as well as some stripes, especially as she would likely be ‘commando’. And if she wants a little boy in frillies, well, fair’s fair (lol).
    I have one question if Ms Bacci’s reading this, I love her tattoo and am curious as to whether or not it means anything in particular.

  6. Fantastic IV. Ms Bacci must be the antithesis of dull people. I like her sense of humor. I don’t doubt she was a snobby little twat of a girl who couldn’t be bothered with things like discipline. LOL. Love that line. Just the girl for a really good spanking.

    Thanks, Pixie.

  7. Pixie–a lovely interview and a lovely lady. She’s come a long way from those early PB shoots, and I’m looking forward to whatever she does next!

    Dr. Ken

  8. Pixie lovely to see beautiful amanda rose again a pretty ,young spankee at p.b. a real cutie love and spanks to amanda and your lovely self pixie xxxxfrom tim .

  9. I’m so glad people are responding well to the interview-Pixie, you pose thoughtful and interesting questions. I thought I’d chime in and answer those two queries above:
    Tom, when we’re shooting, there tend to be other models on the set, sometimes watching, sometimes reading magazines or checking email. As per my experience though, there has never been anyone on set watching who wasn’t directly involved with the day’s activities in some capacity or another.
    D, my tattoo means whatever you want it to.

    and Mr. Elka-thanks for the kind words! My best to you and yours; hope to work with you again sometime in the future!

  10. Bev who in ya and what puniah brat need a good long hard spanking?

    Why would you give the sweet innconet sweet angle pixie a spanking what has she done to desver one?

    Pixie you done an another awesome interview thing again ya 2 for 2 first the mean veronica and now the lovely bev (jk about mean veronica part ) so pixie hope you don’t tell the pretty lovely Veronica what i said about her lol i may for it in the end lol we both know what end that be lol the one iam sitting on. lol

    to tell truth i think all punish brat female are very pretty and beautiful in there own way

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