Photo Fun with Sarah Gregory

 I had so much fun this weekend!  Sarah Gregory was in town to do a shoot with us at Punished Brats and we got to hang out together and make a long weekend of it.  The weather was amazingly summer-like with lots of sun and temperatures in the upper 80s.  We spent as much time outdoors as possible soaking up some rays by the lake, hiking through the woods, and just chilling on the neighborhood swingset chatting away at a mile a minute.

We also had the chance to do lots of outdoor photos.  I really enjoy playing behind the camera and shooting with someone as lovely and easy going as Sarah makes it all the more fun!  We did a few casual vanilla photos by the lake … and even though they were vanilla, I noticed more than one fisherman craning his neck to get a better view of Sarah in her pretty sundress!     

And of course we also managed to sneak in a natural in nature series at one of my newly discovered remote locations.  Isn’t nature a lovely sight? 

While in a quite spot in the woods, we stopped for some fairytale dress up.


But funny things happen in the enchanted forest sometimes when storybook characters collide …

I have a bit of catching up to do after a long, fun weekend, but I hope to post several of Sarah’s photos to the members’ bonus gallery tonight.  For more about this weekend’s PB shoot, be sure to keep an eye on Sarah’s blog and Pixie’s Previews – only a few preview photos are up now, but I’ll have lots more this coming weekend.

26 thoughts on “Photo Fun with Sarah Gregory

  1. Hello Pixie
    Again the photos are great,I just love to see you romping in the
    woods.And it is even nicer when you are with someone like
    Sarah, she is such a sweet heart.Also I bet the fishermen were
    not only looking at Sarah but at a very beautiful blond photographer.
    Take care

  2. The one with you and Sarah on the swings is my new desktop picture.

    I also love the very frilly socks you are wearing in the last picture.

    You are both such cute girls..

  3. Thanks hun for posting all these greast photos you took you amazing photographer you. I already miss you so so so so much! I wish we could just hang out for days more. You are truly a wonderful friend…thank you!

  4. AK has stolen my thoughts! Certainly the fishermens’ interest must have been at least qually attracted by Sarah’s blonde companion.
    Glad you has such a great weekend and obviously enjoyed each other’s company so much. Lovely photos, thank you – the last one shows just how much of a top Sarah is learning to be…..

    I’ve long dreamed of a pantomime where storybook characters get confused in each others’ stories – and where the “Dames” get angry with each other for being on each others’ stage: I hadn’y yet thought about he spanking potential, however, but its makes good food for thought.

  5. Pixie what lovely photos of 2 lovely young girls wow you do take great photos , you enjoy dressing up and we love watching you 2 cuties .Sarah put you otk. she is quite the little spanker now as well as a naughty spankee , Pixie much love and spanks from tim xxxx

  6. Hi Pixie…..lovely photos as always… are too modest…….you would no doubt be attracting as much attention as Sarah because you are such a lovely lady. As I might have said in writing to you, I believe that the female bottom is ‘a sight…and site… of outstanding natural beauty’ (which is an official way of designating some beauty spots in the UK). Both you and Sarah confirm that opinion in these photos.

    My two ladies both have bottoms of outstanding natural beauty……one being a mini replica of the other…..which is why it’s such a joy to have the said backsides bared and bent over my knee.


  7. Dear Pixie,
    Marvelous photos. I’m sure Sarah wasn’t the only reason the fisherman had smiles on their faces!
    The nature shots are awesome–Sarah “bottoms up” over the log is fun, and you “bottoms up” over Sarah’s knee is priceless. Makes me wish I was a better photographer–and had two such charming ladies to work with!
    Thanks for the day-brightener!

    Hugs and spanks,
    Dr. Ken

  8. Thanks for sharing, Pixie. Whether in vanilla mode or fairytale spanking mode, you and Sarah look adorable and sexy. I especially liked Sarah’s “nature” photo (what curves!) and the one of you across Sarah’s knee (love the frilly socks and panties). Your blog is the best. 🙂

  9. LOVED to see you over Sarah’s knee. Hope we will see MUCH more of that..! 🙂 The lovely YOU getting spanked by the lovely SARAH..! Great combination..!!!
    Trust she didn’t leave the red panties in place and lowered them…
    To allow the warm spring sun to ‘tan’ your buttocks and hopefully she assisted the sun in coloring them as well…

    I loved the photos you made and posted in the GALLERY too. Hope to see much more of outdoors activity and – hopefully- some outdoors SPANKING too… Even when it’s just posing…

    That spot in the woods you found, seems to be very convenient.

    Love the photos of Beverly sitting and laying on that wooden bench on the bridge. Was thinking all the time… “Wish I was sitting there with beautiful Beverly over my knee first and than the photographer…”

    ((((( Hugs ))))) Funbun

  10. Hi Pixie,
    Love the pictures of you and Sarah.I heard there were ‘bears’ in the woods – but they must have meant ‘bares’ (as in bottoms). Just remember the old song [Teddy Bears’ picnic] …. “If you go out in the woods today, you better not go alone. If you got out in the woods today, it’s safer to stay at home …..!”

    There are also switches around to Little Red ‘panties’. Thanks again.

  11. I’m working way too hard and need to take off to have some fun. The pictures of you and Sarah have convinced me of that. Ohhhh, if only I could get away and have fun like I use to just a few short years ago.
    I’m going shopping next weekend and I’ll write you and let you know how things turn out. We all deserve to have some fun especailly the way the economy is going now!!! Thanks for the visual suggestions.
    I don’t care if it does turn out to be a goody weekend. (Sticking tongue out at mr. spoil sport)


  12. Outstanding pics Pixie. Sarah’s a lovely girl. I’m sorry I missed her the last time she was in NY. There’s always hope next visit. Keep up the great work

  13. Wow Pixie Beverly certainly gave you a severe paddling your botty was blushing with her big spanks ouchee,could you sit after that tanning soft cushions i think .Nice and sunny here but still quite cold hope it is pleasant where you are lots of love and spanks from tim xxxx

  14. has sarah ever spanked you or gave u a spanking at a punish brat shoot?

    if not i think she should and that be a great shoot to see and do. ask her nicely lol to see if she would do it

    you both do look real cute and beautiful and look like you do have lot of fun together

  15. Yet another PB beauty to add to the collective!
    You know, Pixie, maybe you should be contracted by the New Jersey Tourism Board, you certainly paint a truly unique and lovely version of the Garden State!
    Will certainly be keeping an eye out for Ms Gregory’s antics. Quick question, which storybook characters are you both dressed as?

  16. I’m delighted that Sarah has broadened her spanking horizons into men spanking her and that you two had a great weekend together. And that you were kind enough to document said great times!


  17. Hi Pixie!

    Now we are blessed with not one but two lovely ladies! Great pictures, and I always love reading about your adventures. It must be great sharing your spanking practice with a special friend while enjoying the outdoors, al natural! Pixie, your blog is a true joy to read; I look forward to it everyday! 🙂

  18. You are always having many great adventures with that camera of yours in hand to capture them all. Perhaps if you are naughty it should be taken away from you….but then we wouldn’t have such fun pictures to admire if it was. Corner time it is. We all know how you hate to be stuck indoors for too long. Hope you’re being good!

  19. AK – We had so much fun and really lucked out with the weather! It was a gorgeous couple of days to take pictures of the gorgeous Sarah.

    crystal – Thank you!

    Little Princess dani – I’m glad that candid shot turned out. It’s a nice way to remember some of our vanilla downtime where we just sat and chatted about a million topics at the speed of sound as friends do. 🙂

    Sarah – I miss you a ton too!! It was just too quiet after you left and we had so many things left on our to-do list that we never had a chance to try.

    Winchester – The fishermen were probably a little curious to see what was going on, but I defintiely think Sarah stole the show in her lovely dress and pretty poses. Sarah is indeed becoming an excellent top. She can hit firmly and she gets such a big smile on her face when she elicits a reaction!

    tim – I absolutely loved shooting with Sarah. I find myself enjoying being behind the camera more and more and more. I love the challenge of trying to capture what it is I see in my mind’s eye. Of course the more I do this, the more I’d love to upgrade or at least add on a few accessories, but that can get pricey fast so for now I plan to just keep working with what I have and learn more as I experiment with patient photogenic friends like Sarah!

    Aristotle – I absolutely adore doing the natural in nature series. Lovely natural curves with a lovely natural backdrop.

    Dr. Ken – Yes, we got quite silly as we played in the woods. 🙂 Glad it brightened your day!

    harry – Thank you! I’m very happy that you enjoyed these photos and that you like visiting my blog. Never know what you might find.

    Funbun – Thank you. I mentioned to Sarah as we were getting ready to take the fairytale spanking photos taht I was pretty sure you’d enjoy them. I have many, many photos to be added to Sarah’s gallery, but the spanking of Little Red by Dorothy was only a one or two shot totaly done just for fun. The bonus gallery is mostly to see the pretty girls upright and smiling since we pretty much only get to see them OTK and wincing in pain everywhere else on the site.

    I have quite a few relatively secluded areas in the woods that I use for shooting. I have maybe a half dozen or so within easy driving and hiking distance and I hope to keep discovering more. Whenever I go out for a hike, I’m always keeping an eye out for locations that would make interesting shots.

    Charlie – Thank goodness too!! Thankfully the black bears were too busy knocking over the garbage cans in the neighborhood and left us pale bares to play in the woods. 😀

    Lisa – Thank you! 🙂

    Tom – Indeed she does. A naughty and nice girl with a bottom made for spanking. Perfect!

    Linde – Definitely carve out some fun time for yourself. You deserve it. I hope you have fun shopping. Anything in particular that you are shopping for? Just stay out of the hairbrush aisle. And the breadboard aisle. And the bathbrush aisle. Pretty much stick to shops that only sell soft pretty things. 🙂

    007 – Thank you. I’m glad you liked the pics.

    tim – Yes, Beverly really gave it to me good using that frat paddle!!

    mikep37 – No, Sarah has not ever been a switch on our site and we haven’t given one another more than a passing playful swat or two just for fun off camera. I did manage to give her a stern butterfly inducing lecture though. >:)

    D – I think NJ gets a bad rap. Sure there are plenty of places that aren’t so nice, but then there are many other sites to enjoy if only you look and aren’t afraid to get off the road and get a little dirty. 🙂

    I hope to start adding the content from our most recent shoot in a couple of weeks, just as soon as our editor has had a chance to put the video content together and post it to the server. I’ll have preview pics up on Pixie’s Previews this week, then hopefully the preview video and blooper reel, and then one of Sarah’s first scenes after that. I can’t 100% guarantee it at the moment, but that’s the plan.

    Sarah was dressed as one of her favorite characters, Dorothy Gale from Wizard of Oz and I was Little Red Riding Hood. Both girls were traveling through the woods at some point in their stories and managed to cross paths here in my nearby enchanted forest.

    Mark – Yes, we are very pleased that Sarah felt safe and willing to try her first M/F on camera spanking with us. I plan to put up that scene of hers with David just as soon as possible.

    Annapurna – It sure is a lot of fun! Can’t wait to do it all again.

    Dave – One of these days I’m bound to be discovered. I actually hope that when I am, I’m with someone as cool about it as Sarah and we can just stand there and say hi to the passerby and make him feel like he’s the odd one for not being in costume on a hike. 😀

    Dr. Ken – I’m not sure about that exact combo, but we did talk about possibly doing some sort of fantasy scene when Sarah comes back next time.

    2Good – I love my camera. I only wish I could share with my parents how often I really use it since they gave it to me for Christmas a couple years ago. Since I’ll be visiting them soon, I ought to make a folder of vanilla family safe photos to share with them and again thank them for the wonderful gift.

  20. Hi pixie. Well, what can I say? You and Sarah are definately in my top 3 favorites when it comes to naughty girls who drastically need their bottoms spanked. The pictures will go down in history probably as the best spanking enticing pictures ever posted anywhere in the history of spanking. 🙂 Thank you so very very much, and the other girls at punished brats who for sharing with all of us that which you all do so well. I look forward to upcoming pictures. I also love the stories you share about the pictures and how the pictures came about. Makes me almost feel like I was there.

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