Photo Fun with Sarah Gregory

 I had so much fun this weekend!  Sarah Gregory was in town to do a shoot with us at Punished Brats and we got to hang out together and make a long weekend of it.  The weather was amazingly summer-like with lots of sun and temperatures in the upper 80s.  We spent as much time outdoors as possible soaking up some rays by the lake, hiking through the woods, and just chilling on the neighborhood swingset chatting away at a mile a minute.

We also had the chance to do lots of outdoor photos.  I really enjoy playing behind the camera and shooting with someone as lovely and easy going as Sarah makes it all the more fun!  We did a few casual vanilla photos by the lake … and even though they were vanilla, I noticed more than one fisherman craning his neck to get a better view of Sarah in her pretty sundress!     

And of course we also managed to sneak in a natural in nature series at one of my newly discovered remote locations.  Isn’t nature a lovely sight? 

While in a quite spot in the woods, we stopped for some fairytale dress up.


But funny things happen in the enchanted forest sometimes when storybook characters collide …

I have a bit of catching up to do after a long, fun weekend, but I hope to post several of Sarah’s photos to the members’ bonus gallery tonight.  For more about this weekend’s PB shoot, be sure to keep an eye on Sarah’s blog and Pixie’s Previews – only a few preview photos are up now, but I’ll have lots more this coming weekend.