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As promised, I’m cross-posting the interview with Veronica Bound I just put up on Pixie’s Previews.  Thanks to everyone who submitted a question – they were great and brought up lots of interesting topics.  I fit in as many as I could while Veronica and I chatted between scenes at last week’s Punished Brats shoot.  

Hope you enjoy!!

How long have you been spanking people? How long have you been doing films?

I’ve spanked for about twenty years and have done films for about four – three with Punished Brats and some other fetish work before that.

Did you appear in any spanking videos before joining Punished Brats?


How long do you plan to stay in this business of spanking naughty women?

As long as people want me. I love doing this

In the many shoots you’ve done with Punished Brats, have there been any times when you’ve offered a suggestion intended improve the way a scene works, or do you stick to the scene the way it was written?

Do we ever stick to the scene the way it’s written? LOL. We modify and ad lib all the time so every scene is a collaborative effort.

Do you have a favorite scene you’ve done on Punished Brats?

Trick or Spank. The one where Beverly sneaks out of the house in a slutty French maid outfit and at the end of the scene I told her to put the costume back in my closet where it belongs.

Do you spank certain models harder than others?

Yes, I spank Pixie harder because her ass is made of cast iron and there are few things more humiliating than an angelic looking, blue-eyed blond looking up and asking if you can hit harder. But seriously, I try to find each girl’s tolerance and some are simply easier to make cry than others.

Do you prefer to use your hand or do you have a favorite spanking implement?

I prefer to spank with a large raw fish, but most people aren’t up for that. Honestly, I like canes most of all.

Do you have a fan club?

I don’t have a fan club and I’ve been entirely too busy recently to keep up with my MySpace page. It’s still up but I abandoned it about a year ago.

Were you spanked as a child? Did that influence you becoming a top?

No, I was absolutely not spanked as a child. I had hippie parents that didn’t believe in spanking.

There wasn’t anything that made me decide to be a top. I think that’s just the way I am made.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a spanking?

Only during sex.

Even the slightest interest in being spanked on camera as well as being the spanker?

Hell no.

How do you find the time to do all of the lectures, workshops, and private sessions and still keep up with a normal home life?

Every night before bed I make a to-do list and don’t stop the next day until it’s all done.

Do you ever travel to meet for private spanking sessions?

No, no plans of traveling, but you are welcome to come to me.

Do you ever spank males? Do you find the experience different from spanking females?

Yes. I mostly spank men (in my private sessions). The one big difference is that there is often an element of sexual chemistry in spanking boys.

When you are spanking someone you like, what thoughts and feelings do you experience, and how do you find tension release during the spanking?

My thoughts are usually naughty. And I’m never tense while giving a spanking to a boy I like but they are usually are able to release their own tension. *wink wink*

And finally, if a brat wants to get on your good side, can she offer you a cheese bribe?

Sure, but the cheese only empowers me.


And remember I mentioned that appointment with Veronica and the bathbrush?  Well, even if she was pleased with the interview, she didn’t hold back in smacking me with that heavy brush.  Sniffle.  Should have tried the cheese bribe.


24 thoughts on “Interview with Veronica Bound

  1. Great interview and makes me want to travel North even more. LOL
    Maybe I’ll be able to have my own “first-hand” experience someday.


  2. Great interview Veronica and Pixie. I dream of double topping Pixie with Veronica someday. I think that Pixie’s cast iron behind might actually be challenged that day should it ever transpire. 😉

  3. Loved the interview, Pix and V; great job! Wonderful sense of humor, too (a large raw fish as an implement – Sssmackerel I presume?). I liked Chelsea’s double topping idea, too. Why bother with a script? Just tag team Pixie until the cast iron melts from the heat.

  4. Great interview. Thanks for sharing. I like spanking much more than being spanked, but if I was a bad boy (who, me?), I’d want to be under Veronica’s authority. 🙂

  5. Thanks for posting this interview with Veronica. It is good to hear from both sides of the palm/paddle in this blog.

  6. Pixie thank you for asking veronica my question ,enjoyed your vid withrichard very amusing he whackedyour bottom hard , nice vid with Charlie receiving her spanks.hope you have a spanking good time at the party .lots of love and spanks from tim xxx

  7. I take full credit for the cheese bribe comment!! I got your back…or back-side. You really should listen to me young lady. I’ll keep you out of trouble….for a minute or two.

  8. Thank you for this great interview. I thought from the very beginning that Veronica had a ‘fixed’ interest in spanking. Twenty years is no ‘little experience’ and it shows… I consider her one of the BEST spankers. Love to see her seated on a straight backed chair with a naughty girl draped across her lap and spank on the bare bottom. Firmly…
    NEW to me is that she stated she likes the cane best. I believed she was a convinced hand spanker. Canes are too impersonal to me, but to each his/her own of course.
    Thanks again. Hugs to both of you, Funbun

  9. Hi Pixie and Veronica!

    Thanks for sharing this insightful interview with us, and thanks Pixie for submitting my question to Veronica.

    Veronica, I think you’re a great top and show a lot of heart. I’m sure you enjoy the art of spanking, but I can’t help but notice the attention you often pay to the spankee. You seem quite comfortable creating an effective two-way exchange in which both you and the spankee get your respective needs met, in different ways of course. Also, I just love the photo of you behind the wheel. In that picture you manage to portray the archetype of the serious, no nonsense mother with two brats in tow!

    Best wishes!

  10. Great interview Pixie! I think you might have missed your true calling and becoming a journalist, but then we would have missed seeing you in your true element. I will put some thought of traveling your way and making an appointment with Veronica sometime.. Keep up the great work..

    Spanks and hugs….

  11. Sorry Pixie-
    But I forgot to add this to my last comments, but since Veronica seems to like the cane the best, any plans in the future of her using the cane on you??

  12. One of my favorite vid making tops loves my favourite toy, the cane!

    *quietly leaves for two minutes to change underwear*

    *back now*

    Thanks to the both of you for the interview, it was great. Will you be doing any more with any other performers?


  13. GREAT interview — so glad to contribute! Before reading it, I knew nothing about Veronica except for her PB appearances. Now I’ve checked out her site … and I’m having a “what could have been” moment: I was in the Philly area a couple of weeks ago, celebrating my 40th birthday. To think I was THAT close to the chance to get a REAL birthday spanking! Ah, well….

  14. ….cheese bribes work short term until the dairy product’s “empowering” effects take hold of Veronica, then all bets are off.

  15. hmm so veronica spanks men in private session i may have to work up ocurage and urgbe to go to her for a little session of spankings.

    iam sure pixie will say veronica spanks hard and her spanking do hurt but i want find out for myself

    pixie i will say i think u have iron butt form all the spankings you had gotten over year maybe the spanker hands hurt or might break and that why they switch to the paddle, cance etc for ya spankings lol

  16. Linde – do it, do it, do it!

    Chelsea – A double topping from you and Veronica? I’d be in heaven … though my butt would be in hell. Hopefully it’s not too impossible a dream though. 😀

    Duncan – glad you liked it!

    ^Mike – LOL! Smackerel. That’s too funny. I think that would top my list of disliked implements.

    dana – Your bad boy bottom would be in good hands.

    Charlie – Veronica was a lot of fun to interview and it helped that I had so many great questions that had been submitted.

    tim – Very happy to ask V on your behalf. Glad you’re enjoying the vids.

    2Good – Yeah, one day I’ll learn that I need to show up with a giant wheel of Gouda.

    Funbun – Veronica is indeed very experienced and practiced which is comforting especially when she’s weilding big wooden and leather implements. Safety and trust is key!

    mike – you won’t be disappointed if you do!

    Dante d’Amore – Wonderful! Thanks.

    Annapurna – Very pleased that you liked it.

    Alexandrea – I have done a caning scene with Veronica before (it’s featured in Amber’s Letters on Spanking Pixie 2). We just don’t do a lot of caning scenes as they do not seem to be as popular with our audience as other implements and hand spankings. But if there are any members out there that are eager to see more caning scenes, drop me a line. I’m happy to have the feedback and I’m always up for including various implements.

    Prefectdt – 😀 I had a feeling you were going to enjoy the interview. I thought of you when I first came up with the idea of posing some questions to V as I know how much you like her work and her look (particularly when she wears glasses).

    I have done mini-interviews with the brats that have recently joined our cast as a way of introducing them to our audience. Check the Pixie’s Previews archives for interviews with Lily Anna, Nyssa Nevers, Amanda Rose, and Tina Tink. I’ll have another one up with Lavender Rayne soon and I do also plan to do more complete interviews with some of our established cast as well – it’s easier to come up with more questions for the folks we already know well, but it’s also fun to get to learn more about the newest brats on the block as well.

    Jeff – Hopefully you’ll have reason to visit Philly again in the near future and can get that belated birthday spanking.

    Kevin – We are currently trying to get Susan booked for a future shoot and if she can make it, I’d be more than happy to interview her as well.

  17. Pixie,

    “…Always wanting what is not.”
    Veronica needs to get spanked for “Hell, no” attitude. I bet others would like to see her rump in a rosy pink shade. I know I would.

  18. Pixie,
    Thanks for the Veronica interview. I figured that she was spanking you harder, and much longer than other actors. I counted one time because I couldn’t believe it and it was 420 smacks. OWWW. I don’t know how you do it. Those hair brushes look harsh. By the way, noticed that you mentioned caning. I don’t usually like caning videos because they scar the behind so terribly, not to mention they’re just mean. I like scenes with the hand, belt, paddle, or brush. Thanks so much for this website and your blog. I just became a PB member a couple days ago. I no idea that you have done so many vids. Awesome. Thanks. your friend. Renee

  19. Tom, some cry, some don’t. At least one girl cried after the scene was over and the cameras had stopped rolling (such a shame!). I think the camera and all of the people in the room can be really intimidating and inhibit tears – this is very much the case for me – but it doesn’t mean the spankings hurt any less and the vocal reactions are still quite genuine.

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