Bubblegum Brat It Is

It was a pretty close race for a while there, but it looks like Bubblegum Brat is the final winner in this latest reader’s choice post.  As for those of you that voted for Red Riding Hood, don’t worry, I plan to put up that scene in the members’ section a little ways down the road. 

Many of you mentioned wanting to see me get spanked for blowing bubbles because either you had gotten in trouble for something similar or you simply find gum chewing a highly punishable offense (note: this scene was actually based on a member’s request who asked if I could work my bubblegum blowing skills into a storyline).  I fully admit it’s a very bad habit of mine that borders on downright addiction.  I ran out of gum towards the end of my cruise and there was none available (not even sugar-free!!) in any of the on board stores.  I had to settle for Lifesavers and tried to refrain from visibly twitching. 

not even in the same league

My love for gum is hardly new.  As a kid, a fair amount of my allowance was given to Cadbury (Bubblicious) and Wrigley’s (Juicyfruit).  Gum however was strictly forbidden in my house as my father can’t stand the sight, smell, or sound of the stuff and so I chewed it almost exclusively in class.  I know, it wasn’t allowed in school either, but I was less likely to get caught there and I became an expert in chewing on the sly and looking completely shocked and innocent if accused.  Looks like it’s time to accept my punishment and make up for all those times I got away with it!

Well, we’re due to be hit tonigh with what will hopefully be the last storm of the season.  Up to a foot of snow is expected to be dumped on our little cowtown so I should probably run out to the deli like all of the other snow chickens and stock up on milk, bread, and bubblegum of course!

12 thoughts on “Bubblegum Brat It Is

  1. Gee hope you are ready for the snow. I am south of ya and hope you keep it all to yourself. Snow is fine as long as roads dont get messy.

    But I guess if you get spanked, the heat from your bottom will clear the roads right on up in no time….LOL

  2. Hey Pixie-

    I must admit that I laughed out loud when I read about your post of going out to get milk and bread and bubblegum because you are expecting a major snow storm in cow country. I live in South Carolina and it is a rare site that we see snow, or even several inches. But everyone here runs to the store to stock up on milk and bread when they hear snow is in the forcast. The shelves where totally bare by this afternoon. And I just thought it was a southern custom. Being orginally from Michigan snow is no big deal for me. But I was out playing in it eariler today, we got about 8 inches here which is close to the 9.8 inches that fell on the south in 1993.
    Thanks for the laugh!

  3. No wonder cruise ships don’t like it. It’s not only having spent gum stuck on things: every bubble that bursts scatters a sticky spray! It may be “feelgood” to chew, but definitely antisocial! I reckon a visit to Dallas for all those schoolday misdemeanours – a school paddling retrospectively?
    🙂 (I am only joking of course).

    Sorry to hear you are expecting more snow – here in the UK it really does fel as if spring is on the way. The spring flowers are beginning and there is definitely a “post-winter” feel in the air.

  4. Pixie we had snow here recently in England it was nice to seeit Spring is on the way .you received a sound tanning in your most recent video your bottie had pinky blushes.Bubblegum Brat sounds a very grand one from the clip we viewed and little red pixie will be lovely to watch soon lots of love and spanks from tim xx

  5. It’s still cold in Southern Indiana, but I think the snow is hopefully over. I don’t like it. I like the warm weather like certain Pixies.

    Thank you very much for all your contributions. Once again, I’m glad you had a nice getaway.

    Before, I just meant that I thought the scenes were both equally good.


  6. Hi Pixie!

    Oh Yes!! The Bubblegum Brat wins! What a wonderful symbol of childhood — chewing, blowing, popping bubble gum — and not getting
    spanked until now!

    In the OMG category, I’m not the incomparable Sierra Salem! I should have Goggled that name before using it, silly me! I browsed on Annapurna for any spanking connection, and found none. Curious? Oh well that’s me from now on. Sorry about that!

    For those unfamiliar with the name, here’s the rest of the story:


  7. Gary – Thankfully we didn’t have to resort to clearing the roads with my bottom because it was darn freezing out!! We got about 9 inches of snow but it wasn’t “the big one” the weather man was claiming it could be.

    Duncan – That’s a good point though I wonder if they consider the giant old fashioned lollipops to be a hazard too … yes, I ended up buying one of those (butterscotch flavor, yum!) as well. 😀

    Kevin – No snow frolics this time, but we do have tentative plans for spring.

    Alexandrea – Snow is a pretty regular occurence and the road crew almost always does a very admirable job of plowing, sanding, and salting, but yet a prediction of flurries is still enough to cause a rush at the grocery store. Milk, white bread, and eggs … I guess people don’t want to chance being snowbound and unable to make French Toast.

    Winchester – Even though March is living up to its reputation of coming in like a lion, I have my sights set on it going out like a lamb and have begun shopping for seeds and other garden supplies.

    Tim – Glad you enjoyed my part in Punishment Day and that you’re looking forward to my scenes with Richard. I’m now trying to decide on what misdeeds I’ll be spanked for next in our upcoming shoot in a few weeks.

    dani – The warm weather can’t come soon enough.

    007 – Yep, after shoveling the driveway and sidewalk we enjoyed hot chocolate and toasted sandwiches. A perfect day for curling up and using the excuse of bad weather to lounge.

    Annapurna – My inner child has never outgrown the need for bubblegum. 🙂 Great new name selection! Very pretty.

    Dr. Ken – Oh yes, the Pixie Food Pyramid. LOL!! Don’t worry, my diet isn’t really that skewed but broccoli isn’t nearly as much fun to talk about.

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