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During our last Punished Brats shoot on February 7th, I had the pleasure of doing two scenes with the wonderful Richard Windsor.  One was a fantasy scene in which I was Little Red Riding Hood and Richard played the Big Bad Wolf.  Yes, he even wore a hot, stuffy wolf’s mask!  Poor guy.  He must like the stifling hot costumes (like Santa and Hagrid) to some extent though as this time he hand selected this role all on his own.

Of course our version of the Red Riding Hood story is slightly different than the original fairytale.  Ours contains a heavy dose of humor and a heavy dose of spanking.  When Richard was done paddling me, my bottom was every bit as red as my dress.

In the other scene, Bubblegum Brat, I finally had a chance to incorporate my bubble gum blowing skills into a storyline.  I’ve been called into Headmaster Windsor’s office for completely ignoring the campus rule regarding gum chewing and insulting a staff member when ordered to get rid of my sugary treat.  Richard strapped my bottom with a leather ruler strap for the infraction and my sassy attitude.  In fact, this became a very long scene as I couldn’t seem to stop the slew of fresh remarks that came tumbling out during our banter even though my cheeks were burning.

I need to choose which of the two scenes to put up in the members’ section first on March  18th.  Although I was initially leaning towards one, I am now flip flopping and can’t make up my mind.  I’d like to ask for your help once more in making the final decision.  Red Riding Hood getting spanked with the wooden paddle or a Bubble Gum blowing brat getting strapped?

Here are two short preview clips to help give you a little more of an idea about each scene:

Red Riding Hood

Bubblegum Brat

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  1. To be truthful, I just can’t decide..

    …although I love your skills at bubblegum..

    I remember being the last one in my neighborhood to learn to ride a bicycle. I’d sit and watch the others riding their bikes.

    Yet, when it comes to blowing bubbles, I never did learn. Some people have it, and some don’t..

  2. What a busy Pixie you are!
    Nice to see you reprise your role as Red Riding Hood, and you certainly work on the red! I have a few story ideas myself, including one about the Three Billy Goats Gruff. How could I send them to you? And where can I find a leather ruler like that?

  3. Pixie, You are very beautiful and love Your site but i gotta ask. So many Girls into spanking seem to become switches, have You ever thought of being on the giving end and having a guy or girl crying for Your mercy?

  4. I vote for bubblegum first – for me, blowing bubbles is about as antisocial and spankworthy as it comes! And if the scene was longer – great! A bonus! 🙂

    But Littlen Red Riding hood can’t be too long after… and what a grfeat mask RW was wearing.

  5. Hi Pixie
    In my opinion I would like to see both in the members
    section but if only one goes in I vote for Red Riding Hood.
    You look so cute in that costume and Mr. Windsor seems
    to know how to handle that paddle.
    Love AK

  6. Hi, Pixie – gotta go with Bubblegum Brat, as the teeth on Richard’s wolf mask crack me up so much I can’t concentrate on the spanking! But I agree with AK that your RRHood costume is wicked cute.

  7. Hi Pixie!

    Well, I like them both, of course! But, I prefer “Bubblegum Brat” just a little more. You blow the bubble gum so well and you convey the prefect brat, which is in keeping with the Punished Brats theme. Yet, I do like seeing your face in Red Ridding Hood as you are being spanked. Personally, I like the feel of a strap, making it easy for me to identify with you in the brat scene, but being bent over the arm of a couch is an intimate and vulnerable position. It’s a really tough choice!

  8. Tough call — they both look GREAT! If one is straight-to-the-bare and the other is not, I’d have to go with whichever one is, as I’m a bit partial to that. In any case, I eagerly look forward to both of them!

  9. Hmmmmm… Not an easy decison but I am going to vote for bubblegum brat. While I love to see you in costumes of any kind, I must admit that I agree with Winchester that chewing gum in public is worthy of a spanking, not to mention I love to see your more bratty side and the smart mouth you have.

  10. Bubblegum brat!

    They were both good clips, but the wolf mask creeped me out a bit. It was a little too much like a horror movie and not enough like a cute fairy tale.


  11. why seeing you get your sexy butt warmed with a paddle is always good to see the bubblegum brat is the better one i think.have you ever thought of working for mood

  12. I gotta go with bubblegum brat as a slight favorite since I actually was punished, although not to the extent you are, for chewing gum when I was in school. So, I guess I am sort of seeing the way I wished things had ACTUALLY transpired in my own life.

    Also, I’m intrigued by your note…
    “In fact, this became a very long scene as I couldn’t seem to stop the slew of fresh remarks that came tumbling out during our banter even though my cheeks were burning”.
    I also have a habit of not “just taking my spanking” and saying things that cause me to continue looking at the carpet for an extended period.
    Also, I agree with the comments about Richard’s distracting mask (a little scary


  13. Pixie,

    My vote goes for Little Red Riding Hood. BTW, welcome back from your trip. Enjoyed watching your new update this morning. Always love those PJ spankings.

    Bottoms Up,

  14. Pixie a tough choice ,but i choose little red pixie you look cute in uniforms .look forward to both of the vids with Richard and yourself lots of love and spanks from tim xx

  15. I’d vote for Red Riding Hood. As much as I know you love bubblegum, I know how hard Richard worked for the wolf part and I’d want to see that first. HUGGGGS

  16. i pick all of scene be good thing to do. i know how you love to get spankings lol

    so why have to pick do them all one after another that be good plan give you something to do. iam sure you would agree with me on this.

    even so i hate to see you get spanked for things u did not ever done a bad thing. after you do all this and get all the spankings then i say no spanking for u and you don’t get spanked for next 4 month

  17. For me it’s got to be the bubblegum brat(in Australia we call bubblegum chewies) as it is more of a real life scenario and it also is relevant to your real life liking of gum…Paul

  18. Hey Adorable!
    What, no secluded forest glade? Hmm, must be Grandma’s house (the other being a bit much to plan for). To be honest, I found them both delightful and cannot decide.

  19. I’m falling down on the side of Bubblegum Brat also…
    Maybe your bottom will be the color of a stick of Bazooka Gum when Richard is done !!!!!!

  20. Dear Pixie,
    It’s a tough choice, but I’ll vote for Very Red Riding Hood to go up first. After all, if Richard can suffer like that for his art, it’s only fitting that we give him due credit….
    Oh…and the same goes for you, too, of course…

    Dr. Ken

  21. Hi Pixie,
    Good to hear to had a wonderfull honeymoon!
    And yes, it is pretty embarrassing when your skirt blows up in public, but it’s also a lot of fun, if not for you, then for some off the onlookers I’m sure..
    Now, my choice… for me a man has to act and look like a gentleman, in a spanking scene, and there is nothing better to wear for a girl then a school unform, when she gets spanked.. And, in my country, chewing bubble gum is looked at as not very classy….. Sorry…. So… the bubble gum scene Pixie!
    Bye bye,

  22. I like the twist on the classic fairytale with your interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood, but I must say the bubble blowing brat gets my vote in the end (no pun intended).

  23. Bubblegum Brat all the way…I live in NE Philly by the way can I drop by the set to spank Lilyanna not in a shoot but just for kicks and giggles?

  24. Pixie the pixies previews is brilliant with beautiful spankees,theres a whole lot of spanking going on .loved it when Lily Anna introduces it while you are o.t.k. being spanked very nice storylines indeed .Lots of love and big spanks to all the girls ,including yourself cutie from Tim xxx

  25. I’ve actually always wanted you to incorporate more of your bubble gum habit into a scene. Out of the two, it’s the scene most showing the real you. What brand of gum was it btw? Bubblegum Brat gets my vote! 2Good

  26. dani – Blowing huge gum bubbles does take time and practice. It also takes the right brand of gum.

    D – Yes, last time I played an actress playing the role of Red Riding Hood. This time I got to play the fairytale character herself. I had such a blast.

    If you’d like to submit a story idea, you can send them to me in an email (there is a link on the left sidebar). I can’t promise that we can use every idea that we receive, but we’d be happy to chat with you and many times we have used member ideas to inspire scenes.

    The leather ruler strap was a purchase from The London Tanners – It was one of three ouchie toys my husband picked up at the last SL party we attended.

    bobby – Yes, I’ve certainly thought about it and even tried it before. I don’t have a super strong desire to top though (beyond maybe a friendly single brat whack) and am happiest being on the receiving end.

    Winchester – I have a feeling I’d be spanked quite a lot then if we were to meet. 😀

    AK – The red riding hood outfit is one of my all time favorite costumes.

    Jeff – Both scenes started over panties before progressing to the bare. I wore little white nylon panties for Bubblegum and a super cute red (of course!) pair in Red Riding Hood.

    Alexandrea – While we are going with Bubblegum Brat first, I think you’ll enjoy Red Riding Hood too when I put it up as I was pretty mouthy in that scene as well. I was on a roll that day.

    Hermione – It was kind of a scary mask, but I think the paddle in Richard’s hand made him even scarier!

    Punisherblues – Never looked into working with mood. It’s a bit beyond what I’m comfortable with.

    Linde – I think putting up a good struggle and sassing back is a big part of what makes a spanking fun! I’m a lot more contrite when I’m in serious trouble and feel true remorse, but if it’s a “funishment”, then prepare for at least a few smart remarks. Are you the same way?

    Pual – Bubblegum chewies is such a cute phrase. I wish we had that term here.

    mickeyc – It wasn’t Grandma’s house but Aunt Veronica’s house, actually. You’ll have to see how our twisted tale unfolds when it’s time to share it in the members’ section.

    Anonymous – Lily Anna is a lovely girl and a super brat, isn’t she? I’m afraid though her on set spankings will remain the pleasure of the PB cast.

    2Good – The bubblegum brand of the day was Bubble Yum – original flavor. One of the best for blowing mega bubbles.

  27. Hello Pixie,

    I hope they are both going up on the site! But my vote has to go with Bubblegum Brat. Like on or two others, I think I could find RW’s mask a little offputting and distracting.

    Glad you had a great holiday.

  28. Pixie, I enjoyed both scenarios. I also like the bubblegum brat the best. Richard’s mask isn’t scary but I like the headmaster role for him better and I too like to be “cheeky” as i am being spanked. I learned that term “cheeky” on some of the British websites. I love all your stories and I have now watched all of your “Pixie’s Previews” for all of last year. Keep them coming. Lots of love to all of you at Punished Brats. Renee

  29. I adore the Little Red Riding Hood scene; to me it seems more original than the other, because school scenes are the ones I see popping up most often.

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