Choose the Scene

During our last Punished Brats shoot on February 7th, I had the pleasure of doing two scenes with the wonderful Richard Windsor.  One was a fantasy scene in which I was Little Red Riding Hood and Richard played the Big Bad Wolf.  Yes, he even wore a hot, stuffy wolf’s mask!  Poor guy.  He must like the stifling hot costumes (like Santa and Hagrid) to some extent though as this time he hand selected this role all on his own.

Of course our version of the Red Riding Hood story is slightly different than the original fairytale.  Ours contains a heavy dose of humor and a heavy dose of spanking.  When Richard was done paddling me, my bottom was every bit as red as my dress.

In the other scene, Bubblegum Brat, I finally had a chance to incorporate my bubble gum blowing skills into a storyline.  I’ve been called into Headmaster Windsor’s office for completely ignoring the campus rule regarding gum chewing and insulting a staff member when ordered to get rid of my sugary treat.  Richard strapped my bottom with a leather ruler strap for the infraction and my sassy attitude.  In fact, this became a very long scene as I couldn’t seem to stop the slew of fresh remarks that came tumbling out during our banter even though my cheeks were burning.

I need to choose which of the two scenes to put up in the members’ section first on March  18th.  Although I was initially leaning towards one, I am now flip flopping and can’t make up my mind.  I’d like to ask for your help once more in making the final decision.  Red Riding Hood getting spanked with the wooden paddle or a Bubble Gum blowing brat getting strapped?

Here are two short preview clips to help give you a little more of an idea about each scene:

Red Riding Hood

Bubblegum Brat