Help Make Up My Mind

I am a stereotypical Libra when it comes to making decisions.  It’s never more apparent than when I show up to a shoot with 10 different outfits and half a drawful of panties when I only have two scenes.  I know I’m going to change my mind about a dozen times before the camera rolls so I might as well be prepared, right?

Well, for the Punished Brats shoot coming up this Saturday, I am struggling to decide on what implement to use for one of my scenes.  Rather than continue to hem and haw, I thought I’d ask for your input.  The scene will be OTK so that narrows down the selection a little.  Here are the options:

Traditional Hairbrush:

Nanny Paddle:

(photo courtesy of The London Tanner)

Wooden Teardrop Paddle:

Can you help me pick my fate?  No write-in votes (except maybe a feather) will be accepted.


68 thoughts on “Help Make Up My Mind

  1. Nanny Paddle is my favorite for OTK—As long as the paddle is smacking a pair of nylon panties—LOL. Hope you have a great shoot and Thanks for allowing all of us to comment!!

  2. Of those three, I vote for the wooden teardrop paddle. Of course, I produce the wooden sawmill slat paddle, but that is the closest of the three choices to my creation. Perhaps one day, there will be a Redchief special in the selection process.

  3. Why on earth do they call it a Nanny paddle?? I know, I know, it’s probably meant to conjure up the image of a strict governess (no thank you), but my first thought was, do you spank goats with it or what?

    I dunno… hairbrushes and wooden paddles are evil. The Mary Poppins paddle is leather, but I can’t tell if it’s one of those nasty leather paddles with a metal stiffener in it.

    For a video, I have to say hairbrushes are the most classic for OTK. Dare I hope that brush isn’t one of the super heavy ones?

  4. Pixie,

    Naturally for me, the “Nanny” paddle is what I would most prefer;

    this is because I am so partial to nannies and other “strict

    governess” types….”Get into the spanking position, you little sissy!”

    As for me, however, I think your punishment should also be followed

    by hugs and kisses and lots of..{you guessed it}…bubblegum!

  5. I have to admit that the wooden hairbrush is usually my favorite “weapon of ass destruction” I would vote for the teardrop paddle for your shoot. It should definitely be able to provide the appropriate amount of heat for your cute seat.

  6. Hairbush is most classic and i find that you seem to look like the classic schoolgirl so i hope u will be in a pleated skirt too…this should be given on a bare bottom with no warm up

  7. I have to say DEFINITELY the Nanny Paddle. I Love Ian’s toys and leather is my thing, so seeing your incredibly attractive bare bottom get worked on with that leather paddle would be GREAT!

  8. Hey Pixie-

    Hmmm so many choices, but for my vote I have to say I like the looks of the wooden teardrop paddle myself, something a bit differnt for the classic OTK scence. Although if I were you I would suggest a nice heavy pair of jeans and flannel boy shorts, for added protection. Unless this is a straight to bare shoot. ouch..

    Good luck in whatever decision you make.

  9. Lordy me, Pixie sweet… WHY did you ask for our input! Reading the posts to this point leaves me totally uncertain! So HOW do you feel?
    Anyhow you asked, and your wish is MY command:
    I vote for the “nanny paddle”.

  10. Doesn’t the spanker get to choose? But if it is a vote I go with the wooden teardrop paddle. But whichever it is, good luck.

  11. Without reading any of the other responses, I go for the leather nanny paddle. Now if you choose the red or black one, you could wear a pair of matching panties. 🙂

  12. Pixie , mmmm,hairbrush i think but not too hard spanks because you are so lovely , i have had a cold for a while but you have cheered me up with your posts a lot love from tim xx

  13. I see your difficulty, as they are all quality implements…so I suppose it would have to be decided by the nature of the scene.

    If the scene is of an impromptu, but domestic nature (for example, the errant housegirl has burned the dinner)…
    The hairbrush, with her friends-in-class the slipper or the belt.

    If the scene is of an out-of-the-house, whether domestic or non-domestic, nature (for example the naughty wife has questioned her husbands navigational abilities once too often in the car)…
    The leather nanny paddle, and similar such as the strap that can be seen in the third picture.

    If the scene is of an in-the-bedroom or anticipated nature, (for example, promised punishment to an overspending girlfriend or a sexy interlude)…
    The wooden paddle, preceded and succeeded by a hand spanking.

    Divorced from context, my personal preference would be the nanny paddle, both for safety and general convenience.

  14. Pixie, I will always vote for the hand if given the choice. You have not allowed that option, unless it is feather handed. So traditionalist that I am, hairbrush it is.

  15. Pixie,

    It seems like there are still a lot of traditionists in the spanking world, so my vote would also be for the hairbrush. It will do a great job of brightening up your day, I mean bottoom!!

    Bottoms Up,

  16. I vote hairbrush. Gotta go with what you know best. Also, the brush provides better acoustics in videos than other implements. Have a great shoot sweetie. HUGS 🙂

  17. I would love to see the teardrop paddle tending to your lovely, naughty bottom. Your reactions to a sound spanking are always so precious. 😉

  18. Pixie, I think that there are a number of factors that might influence my choice of implement to use on your lovely bottom……but I have to vote for the wooden hairbrush because, from a spanker’s point of view it is effective, efficient and ever-so-good at dealing with an ever-naughty bottom like yours!!


  19. The Nanny paddle.

    the teardrop paddle looks lovely and I was tempted to vote for that but there are so few leather toys around, that are good for OTK, that their use should be encouraged in hope that manufacturers will realize that there is a demand and design more.


  20. Hairbrush, straight to bare, no warmup. I’d love it if you were dressed in T-shirt, jeans, and bare feet. Now THAT”S classic.

  21. Go with the “nanny” paddle, although for OTK I personally enjoy the feel of my subject’s bare behind on my hand…
    Best wished and hope get a thorough “tanning” Saturday..

  22. Can a lady in your position ever have too many costumes, panties, or implements? Not knowing whether the scene is familial or not, I’d have to go with the ubiquitous, all-purpose hairbrush, though otherwise I’d be in favor of the teardrop paddle.

  23. Hmmm, this is a hard one. But after careful consideration and much contemplation of the intended target (drool), I’d have to go for both the leather Nanny paddle and the teardrop paddle because I’ve never seen you paddled with such an implement. And you will be able to contribute your own opinion to the question of which hurts more, posed by your friend Ms Clare Fonda, wood or leather?
    On the note of your changing mind, is it too early to broach the subject of your upcoming blogiversary?

  24. I’ve given this a LOT of thought. What can I say? I’ve got time on my hands, and thinking of you in spankin’ trouble is where my mind tends to go anyway. This is a tough choice, and I wish I could actually hold the implements in my hand to get a real feel for them. And what did you do to earn a spanking in this particular scenario? Just how naughty were you, young lady?

    Well, enough blabbing—I’m going with the Wooden Teardrop Paddle. It has a nice shape to it, I think the size might be about right, and I suspect the “wooden” part is rather hard.

    Glad to be of service, Pixie. 😉

  25. Definately the wooden teardrop paddle.

    Like most readers, I find Pixie adorable. And, the redder her cheeks, the more adorable. Selfish? Sure. But I’m sure I speak for many when I say the redder the better.

  26. Oh, I’d use the hairbrush on yee, Missy, follered up with some “Farmer’s Friend” lotion. And while we’re talkin panties, I’ll vote for the plain white bikini briefs – boring, I know, but the resultin crimson tush’ll contrast so nice an purty like.

  27. Naughty girls and brats have a back-side… and so do their hairbrushes… Definitly the hairbrush for you, young lady! (and lots of caressing afterwards)



  28. Definitely the hairbrush! It’s always been a favorite of mine. There’s just something comforting about a hairbrush spanking because it would generally be used by a loving relative, parent, spouse, etc. The other items, while still fun, just seem more impersonal. And like someone else mentioned, a hairbrush does make a really great sound when it lands.

  29. Dear Pixie,
    I’m going to cast a vote for the wooden teardrop paddle just because I haven’t seen it all that much. We just saw the Nanny paddle in Nyssa’s video, and the hairbrush, being a traditional implement, gets employed a lot. The teardrop paddle gives us something different.
    Of course, it doesn’t matter which one gets used, we’ll all be focusing on your cute little behind…. 🙂

    Dr. Ken

  30. If my opinion matters (Although it never does) I would say hairbrush for otk, because in my mind/fantasies I can only picture the nanny paddle or strap being used for a spanking when the girl is leaning against the wall.

    I had never even heard of the teardrop paddle…oh well shows what I know…very little.

    Lastly, I love the new PB bonus gallery pics of you.

    Liebe Grüße!

  31. wow pixie juliet received big big spanks from chelsea didnt she cutie as you no doubt shall soon,look forward to this lol.much love pixie from tim xx

  32. I feel sorry for your poor bottom. I agree traditionally it should be a hand spanking to start – with the hairbrush at the ‘end’ to drive the lesson home. As for the panties, white or clear to show off the redness after the spanking is over. Much comfort from your husband is needed afterwards. Hugs,


  33. Hi Pixie, Love your site! I say the nanny paddle. I love leather. Although the Wooden Teardrop Paddle looks very fun too…. or very wicked depending on what side of it your on…lol!

    Panties….thin white!

    hugs and kisses

  34. Are you suuuuure you want our imput? 🙂 I pick the hairbrush. When giving someone choices when it comes to something directly effecting me, my motto is only offer choices you can live with! Hope you are happy with the “end” result!! 2GOOD

  35. Ok I’ll go for the write in vote…..FEATHER all the way lol. I think the nanny paddle looks kind of interesting though if you can’t talk them into the feather.

  36. Maybe I’m boring, but I’m just a sucker for the good-old traditional hairbrush; that gets my vote.

    (BTW, I’m not the same Jeff who voted for the hairbrush earlier. I’ve been posting occasionally here for quite some time; probably over a year now.)

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