Decision Made

Well, it was a pretty close race.  I was afraid the results might actually end up in a tie and I’d have to make my own mind up after all!  But the traditional hairbrush ultimately came in first place.  The final counts are as follows:

Hairbrush – 27 votes
Nanny Paddle – 11 votes
Teardrop Paddle – 22 votes

Since the teardrop paddle came in a relatively close second and was actually in the lead at several points, I may see if I can use it in the other scene I have tomorrow.  I had planned on getting the belt (one with a neat pattern that might leave some cool imprints) in that one, but now I once again can’t make up my mind.  I think it will come down to a last minute decision.

I have felt the nanny paddle before in a scene, Summer Job, and I don’t think there is anything “nannyish” about it.  That thing has quite a bite and left little curved outline marks on my cheeks for several days following the shoot.  I’d be more than happy to pack it up and send it Brat Class mail to you, Chloe, but I think David likes that paddle far too much to part with it.  But maybe if he’s not looking for a moment …

A few of you voted for me to be spanked with all three implements.  Extra, extra, extra ouch!!  Now I’m not sure if you meant all three spread out in three different scenes of all three in one.  In our earlier days of shooting (before we even started the members’ site), it was not uncommon for us to shoot scenes in which I or another naughty brat took multiple implements in a scene for a single infraction.  But then we shifted gears thinking it was somewhat more realistic to have a girl spanked with a single implement (or hand and an implement) for a single misdeed.  The spankings are not necessarily any shorter nor less severe, but we just don’t pull out every toy in the bag all at once.

You often times have to stretch the boundaries of realism in order to keep up the variety factor while still winding up with a spanked girl in the end.   But scenes where there girl gets a hairbrush spanking, swats with the frat paddle, a belt whipping, and 12 strokes of the cane on top if it all for a single infraction scenario may seem over the top.  What do you think of multiple implement scenes?  Do you like the added variety within the one scene or do you prefer watching a complete spanking given featuring just one?


27 thoughts on “Decision Made

  1. Dear Pixie,

    Well, whichever you decide upon, you’re still Aok in my estimation!

    To answer your question to a recent email: the “Day of the Week”

    panties (which by themselves put me in touch with something very

    cute) were “borrowed” from female friends. Lingerie stores were

    then, and still are, a bit frightening.

    The point is that secrets are all very fine to have, but the real joy

    comes from sharing them.

    Thanks for being my special friend.

  2. As you well know, I’ve often used multiple implements in one scene and not just a Chelsea Spanks scene where one might expect that sort of tour de force. I have to admit, while doing it I’m fine with it, but then viewing the scene afterward while posting it to my site I’m thinking, “Wow, Chelsea. What a bitch you are!” So, while I’ll probably still do it now and then for variety(and for the record, the ladies I’ve done that with have always agreed to it before hand)I’ll probably cut it down to just two implements in a fantasy scene. I’ve been doing that lately.

  3. I can visualize a comedic scene where there are many different implements. (“What? Where did that come from? We’re on a mountain!” &c). A pentathlon scene emphasizing a variety of implements/punishments would also be possible. But, if you’re going for realism, probably the upper limit is two implements, and even that is rare, I think. Unless the first implement breaks, of course.

  4. Well with me and my tastes it depends on the length of the scene. If it is one of those ten minutes to an hour long spankings, then yeah multiple implements are nice. However for shorter scenes like what punished brats does, hand and then one implement is the way to go, or just hand. Though it is hard to say if my opinion would be different if I wasn’t just confined to just being able to watch spankings in videos and was actually able to try it myself.

    Oh well, whenever you do the scene I will be sure to check it out.

  5. Pixie–
    The spankings I give usually start with the hand and end with the hand. At most, hand to start and then the hairbrush to finish. For Punished Brats scenes, I think that would be sufficient and–as you stated–the most realistic.
    Any questions? I’d be happy to demonstrate… 🙂

    Dr. Ken

  6. Straightforward no-nonsense hand spanking, or a single implement is my preference. There are plenty of websites that cater for those who like to see various implements used during a single scene.

  7. Multiple implements would be appropriate for more severe infractions like lying, stealing or cheating. Otherwise a hand warmup spanking and 1 implement seems right.

  8. pixie hand spanking is my favourite,theni suppose hairbrush at my school pupils were slippered not me i was good lol.,do you have the slipper much at p. b. or is that more an english spanking punishment?wow you had a good whacking in your latest video,look forward to the new brunnette spankee soon .much love from tim xx

  9. Multiple implements for you naughty bottom is always a good idea and you should be given all three but most of all the nanny paddle should be given to you with extra hard swats for even thinking of an implement that you know is well liked

  10. As PB does so well, I like scenes that depict parental discipline at home, and multiple implements makes it more obvious adult entertainment. I prefer more story, with spankings shorter and to the point, and scenes before and after the spanking. At most, maybe start with hand and finish with a single implement.

  11. The only multiple instruments I like to see are the hand and hairbrush. My wife says that my hand is the only thing needed on her bottom.

    It is your bottom – you should have a say in what is in the scene.

    Sit carefully now.

  12. Multiple instruments do add interest and variety to a scene but is often best done in moderation perhaps a maximum of two implements per model per scene (plus hand of course) and more often than not only one implement.

    Having been a member at Punished brats I think the thing that will get me coming back, to join again in future, is the wonderful atmosphere of Americana and all things American (in a spanking kind of way) that the site has. Perhaps the appearance of more instruments that people often mentally associate with American disciplinary scenes might add to the general Americana feeling of the site. I know in reality these are both international implements but for two examples of implements that have become associated with American punishments, I would suggest the razor strop and the freshly cut switch.


  13. I would have to say no more than two implements. Usually starting with the hand and moving to another implement is just fine. Unless it’s something over the top and then you can usually go straight to the strap.

  14. This is sort of off track, but your post reminded me of a scene from Desperate Housewives, first season. The one where Lynette lays out implements (which she doesn’t end up using) to punish her naughty sons and says, “Time to pick your poison.” PB should do some variation of that having the girl choose just one. One is plenty.

  15. The only way I could justify two implements in a single spanking session would be to punish two distinct but connected transgressions — for example, breaking some sort of rule, and then lying about it (or perhaps even letting someone else be blamed, before the truth comes out). Changing implements could help to create more of a mental separation between the two events, and make the spankee regret the second transgression even more (e.g., “Your punishment would be all over now, with just your hairbrush spanking, IF you had told me the truth about what you did when I asked you … but since you tried to lie to me, you’re going to get off my lap now, and bend that red bottom over the side of the bed, so the BELT can give it a reminder of what happens when you lie”).

    Sorry – I got a little carried away and started writing a scene there. Regarding Previews, the new faces (and bottoms) look adorable. I look forward to seeing Amanda and Tina in action.


  16. I am not a fan of multiple implements – though if an implement other than the hand is to be used the young lady might properly ask for a warm up – which could always of course be done off camera. Whatever implement is used, the progression from outer garment to nether garment to bare is sufficient in the grading. I suppose, however, that if a hand spanking is being given and there is no sign of contrition, and the brat goes on getting brattier, then there might be justification for a second implement.

    And wow! what a pair of newbees you had on yesterday’s shoot: something really worth waiting for!

  17. Pixie,

    Realism is more important than implements although I’m not interested at all in caning or anything overly serious. The hand is always what I want the spanking to start with and my particular love/hate relationship is with the hairbrush. I guess that is because my mom used to brush my hair sometimes while she was asking questions about what I had been up to. Then she would sometimes use the brisle side to (lightly) run over my bottom while she was deciding what sort of spanking was justified. Sometimes she would toss the hairbrush on the bed and other times the flat side would be used as feared. But, just knowlege that the hairbrush was there in her hand had it’s desired psychological affect.
    Angel LOVES the hairbrush effect but usually ends up using just his hand after threatening me with it while Im OTK. And in truth, his hand is more than adequate in bringing me to tears.


  18. I’m with you, Pixie, and with some of the earlier respondents that multiple tools (3 or more) for a single offence seems unrealistic or as you put it “over the board”.

    Personally I find that when no more than two are used (e.g. hand and hairbrush, or hand and paddle) the scene seems real, and very likely that the spankee would indeed get the 2d tool on her bottom for any number of reasons.

    So I’d suggest and hope that in your future vids no more than 2 tools are ever used for the one misdeed.

    Sure like you “asking” our views or opinions on these matters, rather than simply making all the decisons in house.


  19. hi Pixie,
    I don’t think you need many toys. I feel the story to the sene is the most important part.
    I myself never want to see a Brat Bursed or anything like that. I’m a big beleaver in the hand.
    Having the brat on the bedhang on to the headbord or or footboard as shes spanked like the naughty little girl she is.
    If you do more then 1 toy it should be hand/hairbrush or hand/belt If she was very bad.
    The cane isn’t nessery.
    Unless it makes sense in the story.
    LIke get the Cane AT School and the hand at home.
    Something like that.
    I was woundering if there could please be more reaction shots. Like seeing your face as your spanked and not just your rosey red bottom.
    You have the best bottom on the net I justlove seeing faces. Could just be me thought.
    anyway thats my 2 cents

  20. As I use multiple impliments in my sessions I love to see scenes like this!
    So yeas I still vote for all three in a future scene, or atleast several different impliments. I like to mix wood, a strap, and canes myself.

  21. Insofar as the site is named Punished Brats, and not Punishing Wicked, Wicked People, I see little to no reason for more than two implements in a scene (the hand counting as one) – unless one breaks or the girl sneers at the ‘wimpiness’ of the implement being used. Of course, those instances should be rare.

  22. dani – thanks for answering my question from our email correspondence, but why didn’t you answer it in email?

    Chelsea – The Chelsea Spanks series is phenomenal for a way of incorporating many different implements and creating a nice long scene with plenty of variety. I’d do mine all over again if I could because it’s such a neat experience and concept. But I don’t think anyone could ever truly perceive you as a b*tch even if you used the entire collection of toys on them. You’re strict and a hard spanker, but def not a b*tch!

    pygmalion – a fantasy scene such as you described would creatively allow for many different implements! Fun! Never can predict when an implement may break but I can guarantee you there is a bit of extra dread on the part of the girl when that happens … what awful thing is the spanker going to pick now?

    Schwarz – I totally agree about the length of the video. An hour of any one thing has the potential get repetitive.

    Dr. Ken – Yes, I’m still a little fuzzy on the matter. I think a demonstration would help clear things up immensely. 😀

    Steve (UK) – I think we’ll continue to do scenes featuring only an implement or two at most generally speaking. Only if the concept somehow called for more than one or if a storyline was spread out into multiple scenes would we tend to feature more.

    Almond – Swat for swat, do you think it’s worse (or appears more severe) to receive say 10 with the strap and 10 with the paddle versus 20 with the same implement?

    Tim – I think the slipper, much like the cane, is closely associated with english punishment. That’s not to say that both aren’t used in US vids, but that’s why we haven’t featured it much.

    Punisherblues – Spanked for thinking of an implement? But wouldn’t it be a shame if I didn’t mention implements again?

    dana – We almost always try to offer some storyline in our scenes. Our spankings can vary in length, but we like when it’s clear why the girl is deserving of discipline.

    Charlie – I definitely have a say in what occurs in my scenes, but when I can’t make up my mind, I’m happy to open it up for feedback. 🙂

    Prefectdt – Eric recently wrote a scene featuring a switch, but I think it’s best to wait until spring when a nice green whippy one will be easier to find rather than using a dry, scratchy stick. I’m not opposed to using the strop (a domestic style one, not the prison strop or anything) either, but that’s my bottom. I’m hopeful some of my tough brat friends are feeling up to the challenge as well!

    Joe – Right, we don’t want to use everything in the collection because the girl tripped and spilled her tea.

    Ed – While we can’t always stay within the confines of what is realistic, we do tend to go with one implement most of the time. Glad you enjoy it as is.

    2Good – That would be awesome!

    lispank – Oh yes!! The feather one!!! Shame on me for forgetting. I wish it hadn’t come in so far down in the results. 😉

    Jeff – Yes, I can see how that separation might work for the occasional scene. We’ve done that in having totally separate punishments such as a spanking and a mouth soaping or hand and implement for multiple infractions but I don’t think we’ve done it the way you’ve described since our early days.

    Winchester – I don’t think we’re meanies, but we don’t give any warmups. 😀 Especially now as we are featuring more scenes that are straight to the bare, we want to show a pristine white bottom that blossoms into color as the hand or implement does its work.

    Yes, Amanda and Tina were amazing!! I’ve prepared mini-interviews and more photos of the girls to share with you next week. Their scenes will start appearing on the site shortly there after.

    Linde – OMG!! I can totally understand why you have such a love hate relationship with the brush. Not knowing if you were going to be spanked with it or not must have been such torture. I would recommend ridding yourself of those pesky brushes altogether and sticking to combs … much better for your bot… errr hair.

    gramps78 – We greatly value feedback. While we can’t possibly take every suggestion as so many directly oppose one another or fall outside of the scope of what we are comfortable with, I find the opinions and conversations we have here are immeasurable. 🙂

    Larry – I edited the next month’s worth of photos and I can assure you there are plenty of reaction shots as well as lovely reddened bottoms. We try to show a good variety of both as we know that both ends (so to speak) tell the story!

    Poppa Mark – I did that exact combo one time in Amber’s Letters – paddle, strap, and cane. Another came close in Test Subject. Those weren’t that long ago so I guess we do (or at least I do) multiple implement scenes once in a while when we can work it into the right storyline.

    ^Mike – Oh that’s a good approach as well. I’ll have to note it down in the idea folder!

    jordan – how sweet! glad you enjoy it.

  23. Thank you very much Pixie,
    You put in more pics Thats so wounderful I love being a meber here
    WOw the tear drop paddle looks sooo painful
    poor thing
    I gess you’llbe sleeping on your tummy
    good nite Pixie

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