Decision Made

Well, it was a pretty close race.  I was afraid the results might actually end up in a tie and I’d have to make my own mind up after all!  But the traditional hairbrush ultimately came in first place.  The final counts are as follows:

Hairbrush – 27 votes
Nanny Paddle – 11 votes
Teardrop Paddle – 22 votes

Since the teardrop paddle came in a relatively close second and was actually in the lead at several points, I may see if I can use it in the other scene I have tomorrow.  I had planned on getting the belt (one with a neat pattern that might leave some cool imprints) in that one, but now I once again can’t make up my mind.  I think it will come down to a last minute decision.

I have felt the nanny paddle before in a scene, Summer Job, and I don’t think there is anything “nannyish” about it.  That thing has quite a bite and left little curved outline marks on my cheeks for several days following the shoot.  I’d be more than happy to pack it up and send it Brat Class mail to you, Chloe, but I think David likes that paddle far too much to part with it.  But maybe if he’s not looking for a moment …

A few of you voted for me to be spanked with all three implements.  Extra, extra, extra ouch!!  Now I’m not sure if you meant all three spread out in three different scenes of all three in one.  In our earlier days of shooting (before we even started the members’ site), it was not uncommon for us to shoot scenes in which I or another naughty brat took multiple implements in a scene for a single infraction.  But then we shifted gears thinking it was somewhat more realistic to have a girl spanked with a single implement (or hand and an implement) for a single misdeed.  The spankings are not necessarily any shorter nor less severe, but we just don’t pull out every toy in the bag all at once.

You often times have to stretch the boundaries of realism in order to keep up the variety factor while still winding up with a spanked girl in the end.   But scenes where there girl gets a hairbrush spanking, swats with the frat paddle, a belt whipping, and 12 strokes of the cane on top if it all for a single infraction scenario may seem over the top.  What do you think of multiple implement scenes?  Do you like the added variety within the one scene or do you prefer watching a complete spanking given featuring just one?


Help Make Up My Mind

I am a stereotypical Libra when it comes to making decisions.  It’s never more apparent than when I show up to a shoot with 10 different outfits and half a drawful of panties when I only have two scenes.  I know I’m going to change my mind about a dozen times before the camera rolls so I might as well be prepared, right?

Well, for the Punished Brats shoot coming up this Saturday, I am struggling to decide on what implement to use for one of my scenes.  Rather than continue to hem and haw, I thought I’d ask for your input.  The scene will be OTK so that narrows down the selection a little.  Here are the options:

Traditional Hairbrush:

Nanny Paddle:

(photo courtesy of The London Tanner)

Wooden Teardrop Paddle:

Can you help me pick my fate?  No write-in votes (except maybe a feather) will be accepted.