Photo Shoot with Erica

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting with Erica Corvina for a bite to eat and a photo shoot (where I got to play photographer brat behind the camera instead of naughty brat in front of the camera).


Poor Erica had sustained a super cringe-worthy leg injury a couple days before we were supposed to meet, but she didn’t let it slow her down.  While we had to skip the little hike we had planned and had to be careful not to aggrevate the injury while posing, you’d never know from her photos that she was in any pain. 


As we were standing next to the old train car deciding on what shot to do next, someone drove by, honking and hooting.  Imagine how they would have reacted if they had driven by again to see what we came up with!


As I just posted on Pixie’s Previews, I’ve posted all of the photos from both sets in the members’s section bonus gallery.  Over 2 dozen photos of Ms. Corvina to enjoy, but you have to be a member to see them.  🙂

18 thoughts on “Photo Shoot with Erica

  1. I have to admit, it’s a brilliant sales tactic. 😉 I sympathize with Erica because I dislocated my knee over a year ago and it still acts up occasionally. As much as we love seeing Pixie in FRONT of the camera, it’s cool to see her going the “Bunny Yeagar” path in terms of being a talented photographer as well.

  2. pixie very amusing pics erica was lucky that no passengers came out of the train and gave her hand spanks for posing naughtilly in public love from tim.

  3. Hi Pixie I can’t find the 24 photo’s at the membership section. Can you guide me there? They are not in the Gallery under “Pretty punished Brats” or “Fun Photo Sets”.
    I’ve been clicking around but can’t find them..???

    XXX, Funbun

  4. Funbun, the photos are indeed under pretty punished brats. Once you are in the bonus gallery section, scroll down and click on Erica Corvina’s picture to be taken to her complete gallery section. Her photo-link is on the bottom left of the group of girls. All 27 of Erica’s new photos are posted.

  5. (laughing) I confess, the initial moment I read the blog title, my first reaction was “Huh? I never did a photo shoot with Pixie.” Because, of course, I’m the only woman named Erica in the universe. :-Þ

    Pretty pictures! I hope her injury heals quickly.

  6. Pixie–after seeing the third photo you posted, I suddenly have the urge to drive somewhere hooting and honking…..
    or it could just be the Bailey’s…… 🙂

    Lovely photos, ladies!

    Dr. Ken

  7. Pixie,

    Lovely shots as always, so kudos to photographer/brat and Erica. You do find some great places to shoot. I have a fascination with trains, so thanks for combining my fascination with my fetish {grin}


  8. Hi Pixie,

    Marvelous photos of the exquisite Erica Corvina.

    These plus some of your other shoots, like the beautiful Sarah Gregory outdoors shoots, you are creating quite an impressive photographic portfolio.

    Who needs Ansel Adams when we have Pixie ??



  9. Sarah – Thanks!! I sent you a bunch of the woodland photos including ones of us together on 10/22 and sent a ton of wedding photos to you from the pro photographer a couple days ago. Hope you got both batches. Let me know. I’ll send the last couple of us together later tonight or tomorrow.

    007 – Erica really did well, even managing to climb up on the train car using only her arm strength! I had a lot of fun playing behind the camera this time around.

    tim – I don’t think any passengers have been in that train car in a long, long time. If any were to pop their heads out, I think we would be right to launch a paranormal investigation.

    dani – going for hot chocolate would have been even nicer. It was a chilly day and I kept stealing Erica’s coat to have her show her pretty dress and prettier bottom.

    Spanky – Thank you very much! I’ve found photography to be one of my most enjoyable and rewarding hobbies lately.

    Todd & Suzy – The train car is all locked up. You can peer through the windows though, but not no going inside unfortunately.

    Funbun – Hope you found them by now!

    Erica – Well, if ever I have the opportunity to do a photo shoot with you, I’d be more than thrilled!! Come on by for a visit now! Please? 😀 😀 I promise it’s nice and cool here.

    JC – Nope, I opted to stay with color this time around.

    Dr. Ken – I’ll keep an eye out for you and a bottle of Bailey’s zooming down Main St., Cowtown. Honk and say hello!!

    D – *blush* Thank you.

    Mark – Glad I could make a photo that combines two of your favorite things. 🙂 Being an outdoorsy person that goes for a ton of walks helps me find neat places to shoot. I’ve scoped out a new place that might be a tad risky, but I have the image in mind and I desperately want to capture it. Now I’m just waiting for the weather to cooperate with me.

    Dave – Thank you. I enjoy being an outdoor shutterbug quite a lot. Hope to keep adding to my collection. 🙂

  10. This particular “theme” (or is it referred to as a “blog”?) raises two questions in my mind:
    1) are any of you into outdoor spankings? If so have you had situations when during a spanking people have passed by and seen you in action?
    and 2) have you ever seen one person smacking another on his or her bottom while walking down a street?
    I’ve seen both scenarios on various sites and I keep wondering if the pics are “fantasy”, not fact.
    Any real life experiences along these lines you might share?

  11. Pixie, I think I may have done a “boo boo” in our blogging.
    When I first contacted you by email I signed off as JC, then when I joined your site I chose gramps78 as my user name & ID.
    So I later blogged by saying you could call me JC if you like, but NOW I’m reading earlier comments, I see you have a regular member who signs off as JC.
    SO from now on I’ll never refer to myself with those initials… I’ll be forever more “gramps 78”.
    Sorry, JC… didn’t mean to steal your ID, honest.

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