Behind the Scenes Bratting

Congrats!  Most of you identified our bottoms correctly.  I even tried standing on my tippy toes while Chloe crouched a little so that our bums would be at the same height to try to throw you off.  But I guess you’ve probably seen both our bottoms quite a lot!

Here are some more fun behind the scenes photos from Saturday’s shoot.  While we were taking the still photos following our cheerleading scene, I got a phone call from my boyfriend. 

I took the call while Chloe kept herself busy with caffeine assisted bratting.

When she didn’t get the reaction from me she was hoping for by lightly kicking my butt, she grabbed the school paddle and took advantage of my nicely positioned target.

I never expected Chloe to really hit me, let alone smack me so hard!  My poor boyfriend is probably a little hard of hearing after the scream of shock I let out right in his ear.   

I wasn’t going to get her back (at least not right away) but I couldn’t resist.

I was nice and only gave her a light tap, not a brat whack.  I am so not a top!! 

Veronica was so disappointed with my efforts.   Thankfully she helped me out by grabbing the paddle and giving Chloe a few extra swats on my behalf.


16 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Bratting

  1. Pixie,

    Very sweet! Talking to your boyfriend…

    I really mean it when I say that I hope you are

    always a happy person!

  2. Hi Pixie,

    As you know I LOVE Spanking FUN. Such little games are making life so attractive. A little kick in the ass, a smack.. Retaliation.. Over your knee in a a whisk for a short but firm series of spanks on panties that are pulled tight.. just frolicking.
    To me a spanking doesn’t always need to be a serious matter…
    So, you made me happy with these piccies..! 🙂
    Thanks and XXX (for Chloe too), Funbun

  3. You two are just so darned cute! Those outfits are adorable. Aren’t shoots fun? So many opportunities for mischief.

    What, no pictures of Paul? 😉

  4. Pixie–wow, I may be the only person who guessed wrong! I guess I’ll just have to stare at your bottom more often…. 🙂
    Really fun pictures of Chloe and you, and I’m glad Veronica added her two cents worth!

    Dr. Ken

  5. You and Chloe are such a pair of natural brats that you keep us entertained even before we get to see any of the spanking. 🙂

    By the way, I couldn’t help but notice the large paddle in that backpack, not to mention the big table and schoolroom-style wooden chair. It must be fun to live in a house where the furniture can be put to a variety of uses.

  6. As I recall, that was one of the harder swats of the day! Hopefully your boyfriend didn’t have to watch football with a hearing aide, it’s too early in the season for injuries!

  7. spank her harder next time then let her spank you harder. iam sure you both want spankings from each other lol.

    you two both really could pass as sister i am sure u had mnetion this and been told this alot.

    you both do seem to get spankings together alot and has to be watch closely lol too so neither one cause trouble bet you both try blame other but ya both get spanked anyhow to make sure neither one get away with anything

  8. I always get excited when I hear that Chloe is coming out for a shoot, because you and she are just SO gosh-darned cute together. Pity that these antics weren’t captured on video (I assume?), as they would have been GREAT in “Pixie’s Previews.” If you don’t mind the question, did you and Chloe “click” instantly the first time you met, or did it take a little while for you both to reach that mutual comfort level that is so apparent now?


  9. In dealing with brats, the ignoring technique is usually quite effective. I applaud your efforts. Your only mistake was that while “ignoring” you must still have eyes in the back of your head. Thanks for the fun progressive photos!

  10. It was evidently a great re-union – and perhaps there should more more often? 🙂 The chemistry between you two has been great ever since Chloe first arrived on your scene. Having fun just neing together, sparking the best brattiness out of each other, is a sign of real empathy and friendship. No wonder Chloe (and Sarah Gregory) refer to having a Punished Brats family. But Pixie – whatever did you expect when you bent over that chair, elbows on the table, adopting the classic pose? Who could resist a playful kick or swat? And if Paul reckons that was one of the hardest swats of the weekend, all I can say is Chloe should watch out for a ral brat-whack when not expecting it on some future occasion!

  11. ha ha ha. I love playing around like that, when I’m in big groups of spankos. Though I’m a bottom, I love to smack the other bottoms butts, and I do it quite well if I do say so myself!

  12. dani – Yep, I saw it was my bf calling and even though we were taking pictures, I wanted to just quickly take the call to make sure he was ok.

    funbun – Trust me, there’s always lots of fun on our sets especially when Chloe is on the set! We were tried out our high kicks on one another, wrestled around, and swatted eachothers bottoms at any given opportunity. It’s a wonder we got as much done as we did!!

    Erica – I’ll be posting pics from Chloe’s scenes on Pixie’s Previews this weekend and you can see a couple of Paul’s pics there, but here is an outtake of Paul looking pleased with his “handiwork” on Chloe’s bare bottom.

    Dave – Yes! Chloe + Coffee = Bouncing Brat 🙂 fun!!!

    Dr. Ken – Yes, your punishment will be to stare at all of the PB girls’ bottoms repeatedly. Not such a bad punishment though really, is it?

    Steve (UK) – Yep, you could say we are method actors in a way. We start acting bratty and hyper as soon as we walk in the door. 🙂

    Anonymous – I get nervous wielding a big paddle like that. I don’t want it to land wrong. I should have ditched the paddle and brat whacked her with my hand. Next time, I promise. No doubt I’ll have reason and opportunity!

    Paul – While that swat stung, it was the surprise of it at all that really got my attention! I don’t think my bf is having any lingering side effects from my screams though. He’s practicing normal bf selective hearing as always. 😀

    mike – Yep, I like that we could possibly pass as sisters. I even straightened my hair for the shoot so we’d look more alike. Would have been really funny if she showed up in curls having had the same thought!

    Jeff – Chloe spanking me with the paddle was only captured in still photos since that was what Eric was using at the time, but there are plenty of other antics caught on film that will debut on the preview clip in a couple of weeks. And yes, I think Chloe and I pretty much did click when we first met … even though it was the overbooked cluster f— shoot as Veronica calls it. We got the chance to know one another better the next time she came up and the set wasn’t quite as crowded.

    Phantom – It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. 😀 😀 😀

    2Good – Shoot, I knew I was missing a step. 🙂

    Winchester – Yeah, I wish our reunions could be more frequent. Hopefully they will be in the near future!

    Michelle – Yep, it’s just too tempting not to brat and playfully swat with someone like Chloe around … especially when she’s swatting back at me!

  13. pixie what a lovelyfunny set of photos with naughty chloe and your lovely self taking spanks from each other just back from my hols tothis great posting and 2 new videos you had quite a pink bottie on yours and pretty julliete with the great spanker clare what a great homecoming darling pixie .love tim.

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