Behind the Scenes Bratting

Congrats!  Most of you identified our bottoms correctly.  I even tried standing on my tippy toes while Chloe crouched a little so that our bums would be at the same height to try to throw you off.  But I guess you’ve probably seen both our bottoms quite a lot!

Here are some more fun behind the scenes photos from Saturday’s shoot.  While we were taking the still photos following our cheerleading scene, I got a phone call from my boyfriend. 

I took the call while Chloe kept herself busy with caffeine assisted bratting.

When she didn’t get the reaction from me she was hoping for by lightly kicking my butt, she grabbed the school paddle and took advantage of my nicely positioned target.

I never expected Chloe to really hit me, let alone smack me so hard!  My poor boyfriend is probably a little hard of hearing after the scream of shock I let out right in his ear.   

I wasn’t going to get her back (at least not right away) but I couldn’t resist.

I was nice and only gave her a light tap, not a brat whack.  I am so not a top!! 

Veronica was so disappointed with my efforts.   Thankfully she helped me out by grabbing the paddle and giving Chloe a few extra swats on my behalf.