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I need help selecting which Pixie scene I should put up for the August 20th update on Punished Brats.  I know it sounds like a long time from now, but I put together the schedule well in advance so I can work ahead and know what material to edit.  My very next update (August 1st) will be with David Pierson in which I am spanked with a meter stick for giving his class a scathing (and apparently undeserved) evaluation.  But your choices for the one after that are:

1. Summer Job:
A straight to the bare spanking with a leather paddle delivered by Paul Wilson.   I’m spanked for quitting my summer job to be a total slug all summer.  I also give Paul a healthy heaping of attitude when he says I need to get out of bed.  See those little paddle mark all over my bottom and the tops of my thighs?  They were still there three days later.  Sniffle.

2. Flashback:
A straight to the bare strapping with the belt delivered by Veronica.  While visiting Aunt Veronica, I am suddenly transported back in time flashback style to relive the punishment I received for my worst report card ever.  The marks from this strapping lasted a couple of days too.  And I thought I liked leather!

3. Hairbrush Salesman:
A straight to the bare hairbrush spanking delivered by Holly with not one, but three different hairbrushes.  Holly comes selling hairbrushes door to door and gives me a firsthand demonstration on how effective they can be.

4. Spanking Comfort:
This is not a straight to the bare scene, but Veronica uses the wooden spoon which seems to be a pretty popular implement with members.  Veronica starts out spanking my bottom over my dress by hand and then progresses to over my panties.  Midway through she decides that rather than hurt her hand on my bottom, she should use the wooden spoon to finish the job.  The spanking continues with the spoon over my panties and finally concludes with stingy spoon meeting bare flesh.

Please help me by selecting which of these scenes you’d like to see and leaving your vote in the comments section.   Thanks for you help!

** Edited to Add: Hairbrush Salesman is currently in the lead, but only you can decide if it will be the final winner.  Summer Job and Flashback are not far behind.  All scenes will eventually be posted to the members’ section.  The outcome of this poll will help me choose in what order to post them so be sure to cast your vote.  Results will be posted on July 30th.**

64 thoughts on “Help Pick The Scene

  1. pixie i would suggest scene number 3 with the lovely holly spanking you with the hairbrush ibet youhad a sore bottie for a time the other ones look good as well love from tim

  2. I know this isn’t very helpful, but anything that turns your sweet bottom and thighs red hot is very fine with me. I’ve always been a big fan of leather as a spanking tool, because it’s a nautural substance, plus it makes such a nice sound when smacking smooth bare girlish asscheeks. But I also love the effect the long-handled bath brush had on your bottom, so it’s hard for me to decide. That isn’t much help, but I’ll be delighted to see the end result when it comes : )

  3. Hi Pixie,
    I think the flashback is the best. Of course I’m a big fan of schoolgirl spanking myself.
    Then spanking Comfort then Summer job Then the hairbrush.

    I hope this is helpful I even put them in order 😉
    Thank you for asking

  4. “Summer Job,” definitely… because in that one, you are spanked by a male.

    Guess you know, I have an aversion to pics of girls spanking girls. It should be a man/woman thing.

    I’ve posted that before, and got a lot of boo’s for my trouble. But the M/F configuration is traditional, and was standard for the first hundred years in American culture. I’d like to see it continued.

    So yes, definitely, post the scene with you being spanked by Paul. And I look forward to your new scene with Dave Pierson, too.


  5. Ditto with Dan — you know me — M/F all the way! And besides, Paul is cute as heck. 🙂 Win-win situation — we all get to see the adorable you, and the girls get some eye candy too.

  6. Oooh decisions, decisions!

    Any would be good, but #3 or #1 if I’m forced to choose

    Only one?

    In that case, #3 just shades it 😉

  7. Pixie,

    Thanks for letting us choose. My voting preference order would be as follows.

    1st Choice: Flashback
    2nd Choice: Hairbrush
    3rd Choice: Summer Job
    4th Choice: Spanking Comfort.

    However, I will hopefully look forward to eventually watching all four scenes.

    Bottoms Up!

  8. I vote for Summer Job. I want to see you in that little nightie. My second choice is Flashback. Loved the belt whippin she gave you before.

  9. The maternal instinct in me is drawn to the scene with you and Veronica and that wondrous spoon being wielded.

    It reminds me of one that I’ve used time to time and from the look on your face Pixie, you enjoyed it about as much as my own troupe did, heh.

    All of the scenes, since they involve you, would be a pleasure to watch so I am just thrilled to know that one of the upcoming updates will be one to certainly look out for.

    But if I had to choose– heh, it’s the spoon for me.

  10. As usual, Pixie, they all sound great and I’d love to see all of them as soon as possible. (Why does this feel like that scene in Monty Python & The Holy Grail where the wrong choice results in being hurled into the pit? Summer Job, no, wait… Yaaaaah!!!) I recall a number of respondents saying at the time that the hairbrush salesperson was an intriguing scene idea, but I still have to cast my vote for Spanking Comfort; Summer Job is second. Drat. Is there an “All of the Above” choice?

  11. Decisions, decisions! I’d like to vote for Flashback and Spanking Comfort, but since I have to choose I think I’d rather see Flashback.

  12. Definitely the Hairbrush. I think i I were to have that job selling door to door, they’d likely fire me after the first few houses I’d visit for “demonstrations”…Either that or I’d get a major bonus because of the increased sales. There would be no in-between.

  13. Dag so many nice choices but I gotta go with # 3 Hairbrush Salesperson as well. One hot spanker, three hairbrushes right on the bare from the get go? That’s AVN award winner right there. 😀

  14. After some deliberation, I’d have to vote for #2 – “Flashback” – as the one to see first. “The Belt” is one of my absolute favorite archived PB scenes, so I’m really looking forward to this one! I’m also rather partial to report card scenarios. From my own childhood, I remember riding the afternoon bus on report card day, and hearing other kids’ verbalized dread about arriving home and “getting it” after their parents saw the accursed document. Then when I was a teacher, I used to wonder whenever report card time rolled around if any of my students were ever spanked for my grades or comments. (Probably not, considering the time period and part of the country, but one never knows.)

    Not to be pushy, but I hope we get to see all four scenes before too long, as they all sound GREAT — and judging from the pictures, they’re going to look great, as well! (Of course that’s no surprise, considering whose bottom it is that’s so glowingly featured….)


  15. Dear Pixie,
    Any update with you getting spanked is just fine with me. But if I have to choose–gotta go with Holly and the Hairbrushes….

    Dr. Ken

  16. Isn’t it wonderful to have such a choice? We don’t get to vote on all the sites and “Hats off” (or should that be “Panties down” lol) to you for asking us.
    It’s a hard choice but I think anything with 3 harbrushes has got three good reasons to be at the top of my list. I know it will bring back personal memories for me also and regardless of which one wins … WE all win being able to see it.

  17. It’s nice to be asked to vote – but as you have already sufered the spanking in each scene, and as they have all been filmed – they will surely all come up in the end – otherwise what a waste! So it rather like the choice when you open a box of chocolates. It is a quetion of whether you plump for your favourite first? Or do you take another and save the favourite till last so that you still have something to look forward to?

    Being a ditherer I sometimes go one way and sometimes the other: so on this occasion, I think I would probably vote 3, 1, 4, 2 (3 and 2 probably being my the ones I would favour most!)

  18. It has to be the spoon………because it is the spoon and the sound of wood on bare bottom flesh is great……….and because Veronica is the one wielding the spanking implement. I get the impression that she spanks really hard……..which is what you undoubtedly need!……..and that you don’t look forward to being over her knee for that reason…….nuff said!!!!!!!!!

  19. I vote for 2 (the flashback) based on your reaction in the picture. I like to see you really struggling to stay in position.

  20. Let’s have “hairbrush salesman”.

    Pixie, isn’t there a way to do an online poll in wordpress. Would help you tally results more easily.

  21. ^^^ Karl – Yes, there is a way to easily incorporate a poll into wordpress. But I have found that often times polls results are unfairly slanted towards the first / default response because people just hit “submit” because they want to see what the current results are. Also, I prefer comments in the hope of receiving feedback as to why a person selected a scene (or two or more). The responses are a little more special this way and I greatly appreciate all those that take the time to log in and vote. I have my handy dandy Excel spreadsheet and am having good ol’ nerd fun keeping track of the tally. 😀

  22. Pixie,

    I myself have three hairbrushes, only one of which is used to brush hair. The other two are reserved for the bare bottoms of errant young ladies such as yourself. One is ebony, the other mahogany. Both have been used to excellent effect on several naughty girls.

    That said, I vote for Holly the Hairbrush Salesman.

    Lash Le Roux

  23. Pixie,

    You know me well enough now to know that I would naturally vote for Summer Job as I am a huge fan of M/F scenes but in all honesty your entire staff is fantastic so no matter which scene wins this vote, they are all winners. Best wishes to all. Hugs, Sassy

  24. I personally think Hairbrush salesman[woman] is the winner. however, I must also say that any spanking scene featuring you, Pixie would be a winner

  25. SUMMER JOB- quiting a job is quite irresponsible and should be dealt with with a very warm and red bottom. Also, talking back is also a “red bottom” offence. “Naughty, Naughty!”

  26. Pixie,

    While I love seeing your lovely bottom reddened in almost any fashion, I like the “Straight to bare” option and my favorite implement is the hairbrush, so ……hairbrush salesman would be my vote.


  27. hi im a big fan of yours and its great you’re leting us choose, soo i choose HAIRBRUSH salesman, it looks like a really nice clip, but again all your movies are amazing, keep up thee good work 😉 please

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