And the winner is …

Hairbrush Salesman! Thanks to your votes, this is the scene that will be put up on August 20th. Holly seems pleased with the decision.

Your feedback was invaluable and I enjoyed reading all of the comments about your decision.  When I first posted preview pictures and a brief description of the scene on Pixie’s Previews shortly after we shot it, I received an email from a member saying it was silly to feature a scene where the girl is spanked with three of the same implement.  It makes sense though within the context of this scene as Holly is playing the role of a Fuller Brush style company salesperson. She comes to my door trying to sell her elite line of brushes designed to give silky, smooth hair, but ends up demonstrating the different weights and sting factors of each of the hairbrushes after I give her major attitude and try to pay with someone else’s credit card.  Now I suppose if we really wanted to have her use different implements we could have had her play a Pampered Chef salesperson who spanks me with a spoon, a spatula, and a … meat tenderizer?  No, scratch that idea.  Anyway, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that Hairbrush Salesman won by a landslide and it helped to read many of the comments you left explaining why it was your choice.

In the comments section, Karl brought up a good point when he cast his vote – why not insert an online poll that would make it easier to keep the tally? It certainly would be easier than manually updating my Excel spreadsheet of the votes and would also be easier for visitors to click on an option, but I’d rather do it the long way.

I have found that often times polls results are unfairly slanted towards the first / default response because people just hit “submit” because they want to see what the current results are. Also, as I mentioned above I prefer written comments in the hope of receiving feedback as to why a person selected a scene (or two or more). The responses are a little more special this way and I greatly appreciate all those that take the time to log in and vote.

The other scenes that were up for vote will also be added to the members’ section. Your votes and feedback have helped me to decide what order they’ll go up. As of right now, I have Summer Job scheduled for September 12th and Flashback set for October 1st. I haven’t worked out the schedule beyond that week, and by that point we will no doubt have additional content to choose from, so I’m going to leave things open for now. I hope you’ll enjoy all of the scenes as they are added!

12 thoughts on “And the winner is …

  1. Pixie,

    Just had a Deja Vu. Many years ago there was a video by Nu West featuring the Famous Debbie. I think it was called Debbie’s fantasies. One of her fantasies which she liked to act out with her boyfriend was a scene with the Fuller Brush Man. In this scene she asked for a demonstration of several hairbrushes. At the time it was great and the ending was cute as well. Can’t wait to see you acting out this fantasy


  2. Ahh, there’s nothing like the crisp crack of a wooden hairbrush on a girl’s soft smooth bare cheeks…especially if those cheeks belong to our ever-spankable Pixie!

  3. Pixie–

    Holly isn’t the only one smiling! 🙂
    I’m looking forward to Holly and the Hairbrushes (hey, what a great name for a spanko band! I can play rhythm guitar or bass….)

    Dr. Ken

  4. We missed the chance to vote… but think the winner sounds great. It’s a fun idea. btw… loved the outdoor pics. We have got to start spending more time in the woods!

    Todd & Suzy

  5. The voice of the masses is heard (well …sorta :)and you have proven once again that your loyal fans shall have a voice!!
    (I have no idea what I just wrote but it sounds good, doesn’t it?)
    I think you already have several people drooling in anticipation of September 12th!!


  6. Hi Pixie,

    Regarding the point about online polls, check out for free and very advanced and easy to use polling options…they also randomize the choices and prevent repeat voters–very nifty!


  7. look ing forward to hairbrush salesgirl spankings later on enjoyed your latest one with david he certainly gave you a good whackingon yourbottie ouch love from tim

  8. Hello Pixie child.

    I really loved the outdoor pictures. You are such a lovely pixie. The hair brush salesperson scene scores my vote as well. Thank you for being so open and sharing.

    Greg M.

  9. hullo pixie just checked out pixies previews video revue it is excellent look forward to seeing charlies scenes and all the other girlspankees and spankers the spanks must have been heard for miles love from tim

  10. Bob – Yes, I hope you’ll enjoy our take on the door-to-door salesman scenario. It’s pretty humorous but Holly really whacks me hard especially with that last heavy black brush.

    Serial Spanker – I promise you plenty of crisp cracks then in this scene.

    Dr. Ken – And here I pegged you for playing percussion. 😉

    Todd & Suzy – Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll put another poll in the near future. And yes, you never know what you may discover in the woods.

    Linde – I love the interactivity and feedback. And don’t worry, Sept 12th isn’t really all that far away. May the drool flow. 🙂

    Dave – The randomization feature sounds great. I may use one of their templates when posting a poll in the PB members’ section in the future. But here on my blog, I love receiving the comments which often offer additional explanation of why a person selected a scene.

    tim – I’m happy to hear that you’re enjoying the current scenes and also already looking forward to what’s to yet to come.

    Greg M – Thank you. 🙂 I’m glad you’re pleased with the final outcome of the vote. Hope you’ll enjoy the scene when it’s posted.

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