Yesterday’s PB Shoot

I just posted the Pixie’s Previews update.  No video just yet, but I did include a photo from each of the scenes we shot.  Really good stuff!! 

First of all, a new male spanker, Paul Wilson, joined the Punished Brats cast and is a very welcome addition.  We were really pleased and impressed with his skill, enthusiasm, and ability to get into the various roles we’d cast for him.  He said he was nervous, but you’d never know it. 

It was such a pleasure to work with Paul as well as hang out between scenes to chat.  Very much looking forward to having him back again soon.

Check out Pixie’s Previews to get a sneak peek at some pictures from yesterday’s scenes.  In addition to the usual hand spankings, we also shot scenes using the belt, bathbrush, wooden otk paddle, leather paddle, and the meter stick.  As planned and promised, there were three very sore red bottoms by the end of the day.  Veronica remarked and seemed almost a little disappointed that her hand got off lightly this time!

My boyfriend accompanied me to the shoot yesterday to provide behind the scenes assistance in setting up, moving furniture around, and running one of the cameras as needed.  And much to my dismay, he decided to take the opportunity to give me a few overdue swats with the meter stick that was promised to me over a week ago now for my disinterest in doing schoolwork on glorious spring days.  Hmph. 


I’m a bit short on time tonight so I will respond to the comments from my last post tomorrow.  It’s going on 11pm and I haven’t even started my homework from Friday yet.  Although my bottom should be safe from the meter stick for a while now since it “accidentally” got left behind on the set, that wicked stingy wooden otk paddle that Veronica used on Erica did manage to make it back home again. 

20 thoughts on “Yesterday’s PB Shoot

  1. Sounds like a busy and productive day! Great pictures too. Glad to see you didn’t opt for the bubble gum yard stick you mentioned previously. Were you able to conceal your bf’s identity enough so the reprimand for being a real life naughty school girl will show up in a future Pixie’s Previews video clip?

  2. Hi Pix! It sounds like it was a GREAT shoot!! I’m very excited to learn of not one, but SEVERAL straight-to-the-bare scenes — those are always a special treat! I can hardly wait to see those movies.

    Hmmm, though … in the still of you getting your bare bottom belted, your cheeks are nice and rosy, but your facial expression looks … a bit bored. I’m sure the actual video will depict a fuller range of emotions … or does Veronica just really need to work on her swing? 😉

    I hope you got your schoolwork done (sitting on a pillow, perhaps?). Take care.


  3. Welcome Paul – lucky man! Looks to have been a most interesting day. You promised many implements – and lo and behold – here they are. I am sure Veronica will find a way of making her hand sufficiently sore very soon. I must say that the new PB homepage with preview clips (following FH’s example) is great and gives a really good flavour, but hope the “blooper” outtakes will still appear on Pixie’s Previews – they are so important in keeping the whole site in perspective, of people really enjoying their work! 🙂

    Shame about the school-work: it seems that your b/f may have to do something fairly drastic with a yard-stick (now HOW did it get left behind?)- I am sure they are readily available in stores near you – or perhaps even better (form the English perspective) a cane or tawse (>?)if you are to keep your nose to the grind stone and complete it successfuly.

    Take care Pixie. and thank you (and all the team) for your work ovr these two years. Keep the aspidistra flying!

  4. Enjoyed the photo stills of your recent shoot and looking forward to the Pixie’s Preview of it.
    re – meter stick – as you say you’ve got the wooden paddle with you and there’s also your Riding Crop – I’m sure your boyfriend will accomodate you – ENJOY
    Happy Cornertime Pixie

  5. Many, many thanks to you and the rest of the PB crew for a truly wonderful day! It was a privilege to work with such a great group of people. It would be my pleasure to come back and work with you any time.

    one REALLY lucky guy!!

    P.S. Congrats on the anniversary

  6. Hey, Paul looks cute! I’d say the girls were lucky as well. 🙂

    OK, I give up — what the devil is a meter stick? It looks nasty. And homework… bah. There were spanking videos to be made!

  7. I’ve just had a look at the preview pics.
    Morgan’s tan-lined cheeks going from pale to glowing at 1500 kbps?? I’ll certainly be looking forward to that video! 🙂
    By the way, Morgan seems to have sported a new hair colour for every shoot so far. Is it going to be blonde next time?

    As for leaving Friday’s homework until late on Sunday, well I can assure you that brings back a few memories of the sixth form!

  8. “Hey, Paul looks cute!”

    (Blushing profusely…) Thanks Erica, compliments from beautiful women are always welcome!!

  9. Dear Pixie,
    I went to school with a Paul Wilson. I’m pretty sure it’s not the same one, though…. 🙂
    Anyway, he looks like he fit right in, and I hope we see more of him in future shoots. Welcome, Paul!
    I really like the new look of PB, btw. I just might renew my membership when it comes up…..:-)

    Dr. Ken

  10. (Dr Ken, I voted for Wilson back in ’16! “Tippecanoe and Tyler too” %) )

    In fact, I was Paul Wilson yesterday. Today, I’m Spartacus! (No! I’m Spartacus! No, over here! I’m Spartacus!) huhboy, happens every time…

    All kidding aside, welcome aboard, Paul! I’m sure you’ll soon be upholding all the fine PB traditions and standards which, following the example of the S.S. Raging Queen, entails four hours of sailing followed by… oh, what the heck, many hours of punishment! (Yaaaaayyyyy!!!)

    Pixie, so good to see you folks back in action. Looks like you all really wore yourselves out (everyone but Eric, I hope) putting together some great stuff, as always. I’m really looking forward to your Preview clips.

  11. I had a great time of Saturday. What Miss Pixie won’t tell you and I will, is that she really pushed to ramp up the punishments. Add a little more spice.

    Also, one of the best scenes of the day, not catured on camera was when Pixie’s boyfriend and Eric spanked her simultaneously. One girl two laps. Both are large men.
    Keep the aspidistra flying is one of my favorite Eric Blair AKA George Orwell stories.

  12. Really in response to David: two for the price of one and not recorded for posterity! Oh dear,
    Pixie:-( I have hard of two girls over one lap, and two tops spanking a bent-over girl one from each side: but one little Pixie over two laps….the mind boggles.

    I am glad you too enjoyed that lovely book: it is probably 40 years since I read it – perhaps it is time to revisit.

  13. 2Good – No, unfortunately we didn’t capture my boyfriend spanking me on video. It was a spur of the moment thing but luckily Eric was able to grab the still camera in time. 🙂

    Jeff – Yes, I’m very pleased to have some straight to the bare scenes as well as several with implements. No, of course I wasn’t bored. I don’t think I could be and end up with a bottom that red! I just liked that particular picture as it showed Veronica’s face, the belt, and the marks plus I thought it was actually kind of refreshing that I didn’t appear to be trying to catch a fly in this photo. 😉 I managed to get my homework all done in time. Thankfully the assignment was a short one!

    Winchester – Of course Pixie’s Previews will continue to show our behind the scenes silliness and outtakes. It’s a wonderful bonus to be able to share with you.

    The video previews on the home page came about as a request from a couple of members, actually. We do read and respond to feedback at PB and when possible and within reason, we do our best to accomodate.

    Isn’t it just a terrible shame that both the yardstick and the meterstick got left behind on the set? And I think the cane may have gotten stuffed in the attic somewhere along with the Christmas decorations. Pity. >:)

    007 – I got 100% on my assignment! 🙂 Spanking must be good for the mind.

    Kevin – He certainly isn’t, but I certainly didn’t expect that he’d take the opportunity to settle matters when I had an already sore bottom.

    C.T. – I believe the video will be ready the Saturday after this one. I’m eager to see the outcome as well. 🙂

    TIM – Hmmmm. Well, seeing as it’s only the second year, I’ll go for it. Two smacks it is.

    Paul – It was our pleasure and we’ll definitely be having you back again soon. I believe that’s already in the works!

    Erica – A meter stick is an overgrown wooden ruler with a bad attitude. They tend to be a bit thicker than yardsticks and slightly thuddier.

    Steve (UK) – Never can be sure what color Morgan will be sporting next! I’ve seen photos of her as a blonde before, so maybe. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Doing homework late on Sunday is better than trying to do it on the way to school on Monday morning … especially since I’m driving now, not taking the school bus. 🙂

    Dr. Ken – Paul indeed fit right in with the PB team. And I hope you do indeed renew. Right now I’ve scheduled the first scene from this shoot for June 25th. Wouldn’t want to miss out!

    Dreams of Horses – It was a great feeling for all of us at PB too to be back in the swing of things again. Eric was indeed quite worn out at the end of the day, but at least he could sit comfortably!

    David – Yes, I did push things a bit, pushy brat that I am. 😉 I’m very pleased that Erica and Morgan were up for the challenge and I happily joined them in kicking it up a notch – wouldn’t be fair otherwise.

    Winchester – No, the simultaneous double spanking wasn’t captured because 1) it was just some unplanned fun play between spanking enthusiasts not a scene set up to be filmed and 2) both Eric and my boyfriend are concerned about appearing on camera due to potential work related conflicts of interest. It was quite an experience though!! Both of my cheeks were getting walloped at the same time and I absolutely could not get away.

  14. Glad to hear that the shoot went well, and welcome aboard to Paul Wilson. What’s Paul’s day job? Rubbing tanning oil on the backsides of swimsuit models? Beer taster? What a lucky bastard!!!!

  15. Well, pixie, I just hope that having your b/f deal with you while you were already sore makes you realise how naughty you were in not doing your schoolwork.

    I hope your bf keeps up the good work.

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