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I’m running around packing and getting ready for tomorrow’s Punished Brats shoot, but I just wanted to make a quick post to announce that the Pixie’s Preview video clip from our last shoot is now available.  Take a look and see our bloopers, behind the scenes antics, lots of spanking, and find out just how many pairs of panties I can fit beneath my pajamas and still manage to walk.

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  1. Thanks, Pix, for another REALLY fun Preview’s installment! It appears that we have some great PB videos to look forward to. At first I was quite impressed watching the introduction, with your amazing ability to speak so very smoothly while being spanked! Then of course the revelation that you were cheating a bit: One wonders how your verbal delivery would have sounded without all the extra protection!

    Also, very nice “grand finale.” Did you notice how perfectly synchronized Veronica and David’s spanking arms were? (Hmmm …
    Synchronized Spanking — now there’s an Olympic event I could get into….)


  2. dear pixie a very enjoyable video preview although there were less spankees it was great fun as usual a shame for you as you are the only girl with her panties down receiving spanks love from tim

  3. Another great preview! Panty Caper…hmmm…how about a future clip with a spanking over each pair of panties worn?

  4. DAG. That was just so evil on so many levels. 😉 And notice that your co-conspirators got to keep their pants ON for the conclusion? What trusting souls David and Paul are. 😉 Thanks for another great update, Pixie. Always a pleasure to see you in action.

  5. Great video clip Pixie!!
    I was wondering just how many panties you were able to put on and still walk. I counted ten was I right? I agree with Tim as in how smooth you sounded in the start of the clip too. Would you have been as smooth without all the layers? And I can’t help but to wonder why I never thought of that before recieving one of my spankings… Hmmm I think I will have to give that a try the next time I am in trouble with the hubby.

  6. cool preview pixie guess u never can or be able to out smart veronica lol or be able to get out of a spankings. next time instead of panties try putting on more then one pair of shorts lol see if that help uaviod a spankings

    one question i have why were the other 2 girls getting spanked/ spankings with you at end of clips i sort of thought it was funny all 3 girls get spanked at end

  7. A charming preview – thank you! Buit as to the layers of panties – apart from anything esle your bottom must have been well warmed even before any application of nhand or paddle. I do remembe from schooldays how some boys hwen expecting the cane would put on one extra layer hoping not to be found out – usually PT shorts or bathing costume – but on the whole they were discoveed and came back to say that they had been deprfived of all but one layer – and usually the thinnest. You must have looked quite a different Pixie with all those panties on! More mis-shaped as a Goblin than a pixie perhaps?

  8. Jeff – Yes, I noticed how everyone was in synch when the triple spanking took place. It was like march of the spankers …. left, right, left, right!!

    Dr. Ken – I’m glad I could get your day off to a good start. 🙂

    tim – Two spankees plus me is our norm and optimum number actually. We’ve been doing super packed shoots though lately due to our recent break from filming – there are so many girls we want to bring in both new and old favorites.

    Spanker – That would be a mighty long affair. But serves me right for wearing sooo many.

    Chloe – I hope Herb hasn’t read this then. You want to catch him off guard. 🙂

    007 – That’s a good question as to why my brat friends got to keep their panties on. Hmph. Do-over!!

    Alexandrea – Actually there were an even dozen, but the panty unvieling was edited down to feature “just” 10 as I guess it was too long otherwise. 12 is an awful lot. I don’t think I would have been as smooth with my delivery if I hadn’t had the extra padding. All those layers really help to insulate the buns from impact.

    mike – The other 2 girls were spanked because it was their idea. I rat them out quickly for it at the 43 second mark.

    Mark – Thank you! Why agonize over which pair of cute undies to wear when you can put them all on.

    Prefectdt – Not so much I’m afraid. But it was a brief intro and I had the power of pretty panties behind me. 🙂

    Winchester – I don’t know what I would have done if I’d been in trouble at a school like that. I’d agonize over whether or not to risk it.

    And yes, I was rather oddly shaped and waddled when I walked while wearing all those panties. Not a good look!

  9. Hey, Pixie~It looks like you got every day of the week lined-up there, including Sunday! lol!

    You’re a cutie..you really are.


  10. John, click on the link to Pixie’s Previews in this article or under “Finding Pixie”. Then you can look at all of the past previews by clicking on the Preview Archives link at the bottom of the page.

  11. Dear pixie, You have the most beautiful bottom out there followed very closely by Beverly Bacci. I have tried to join your site a number of times but it won’t let me. Is there a way I can join by mail? I sure hope so.

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