Pixie’s Preview Clip

I’m running around packing and getting ready for tomorrow’s Punished Brats shoot, but I just wanted to make a quick post to announce that the Pixie’s Preview video clip from our last shoot is now available.  Take a look and see our bloopers, behind the scenes antics, lots of spanking, and find out just how many pairs of panties I can fit beneath my pajamas and still manage to walk.

Yesterday’s PB Shoot

I just posted the Pixie’s Previews update.  No video just yet, but I did include a photo from each of the scenes we shot.  Really good stuff!! 

First of all, a new male spanker, Paul Wilson, joined the Punished Brats cast and is a very welcome addition.  We were really pleased and impressed with his skill, enthusiasm, and ability to get into the various roles we’d cast for him.  He said he was nervous, but you’d never know it. 

It was such a pleasure to work with Paul as well as hang out between scenes to chat.  Very much looking forward to having him back again soon.

Check out Pixie’s Previews to get a sneak peek at some pictures from yesterday’s scenes.  In addition to the usual hand spankings, we also shot scenes using the belt, bathbrush, wooden otk paddle, leather paddle, and the meter stick.  As planned and promised, there were three very sore red bottoms by the end of the day.  Veronica remarked and seemed almost a little disappointed that her hand got off lightly this time!

My boyfriend accompanied me to the shoot yesterday to provide behind the scenes assistance in setting up, moving furniture around, and running one of the cameras as needed.  And much to my dismay, he decided to take the opportunity to give me a few overdue swats with the meter stick that was promised to me over a week ago now for my disinterest in doing schoolwork on glorious spring days.  Hmph. 


I’m a bit short on time tonight so I will respond to the comments from my last post tomorrow.  It’s going on 11pm and I haven’t even started my homework from Friday yet.  Although my bottom should be safe from the meter stick for a while now since it “accidentally” got left behind on the set, that wicked stingy wooden otk paddle that Veronica used on Erica did manage to make it back home again.