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Yay!!  I’ve just posted the Pixie’s Previews video clip from our last shoot back on March 29th.  You’ve seen the preview pics, now enjoy the video clip featuring some of the fun we had on set that day. 

You’ll notice that missing from the usual clip is me looking nervously into the camera introducing the previews.  We really were just so busy with all of the scenes we had scheduled plus my computer crash drama that day that we opted to skip it this one time.  But like it or not, I’ll be back to do the wrap around for our next shoot which we are currently working on scheduling (double yay!).  Stay tuned for more details and in the meantime, enjoy the long awaited Pixie’s Previews Video Clip

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  1. Hi Pix… Lovely stuff, that previews clip. But WHY is David the only male spanker? I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a scene involving a female spanker… and here, you have FOUR of them!

    M/F is the classic configuration in this, our favorite pastime. But that scenario is being slowly, methodically pushed out of sight by this rush of new F/F scenes. Girls spanking girls. Yuck.

    I’ve never bought an F/F video, and don’t believe I ever will.


  2. Steve – Thanks!! 🙂

    Dan – Actually we have an ad up on our site for new male spankers as we are actively seeking suitable local male candidates to add to our cast. It is proving to be more difficult to find the right matches than anticipated, but we do have at least 2 that I’m hopeful about and eager to shoot with in the near future once we resume filming.

    But, with regard to the preference for M/F vs F/F, that I have found is very much up to the individual. As much as you groan with every F/F scene we show, others like Funbun, for whom girls spanking girls is exactly what he craves, are delighted. We do our best to offer variety in this area and hopefully, we will have some more M/F scenes to offer soon … providing that our male spankers do not cancel last minute as unfortunately has happened in the last two M/F shoots we scheduled!

  3. Hey sweetie–

    Weird how the human psyche works, isn’t it? You have no problem, and in point of fact really enjoy showing your (sweet, lovely) bare bottom to the world…but you get nervous having to talk about it afterward.

    You do a good job with it…your sense of humor comes through even with the nerves.

  4. “Girls spanking girls. Yuck.” ???????????????????

    The only thing better than seeing a beautiful girl being spanked is seeing a beatiful girl spanking her!!! Hooray for girls!!!

    Keep up the good work.

  5. I know you’ve posted in the past about being uncomfortable when talking straight to camera, but it certainly doesn’t show.
    For the record, I also prefer F/f scenes, but I don’t rule out watching M/f if it’s a good performance by top and bottom. Looking over the internet as a whole, I’d say that there’s plenty more M/f spanking videos around than anything else.

  6. Hi Pix….

    Thanks for correcting the typo in my message. That was a slip of the tongue, er, keyboard.

    Good thing these replies are moderated.


  7. JC – Yes, it is funny. I’m a lot better about talking to the camera than I was when I first started. I have a fun idea for an intro and hopefully we can shoot it the next time around!

    Anonymous – 🙂 I say hooray for both F/F and M/F. I like both! And we hope to serve up plenty of both styles – although we can’t keep everyone happy all of the time, we hope to keep most people happy most of the time.

    Steve (UK) – I’m not sure which there is more of throughout the industry as a whole. I actually thought the trend was leaning towards F/F for a while, but in looking at the recent posts of weekly roundup style blogs and sites, I see a good showing for both.

    Dan – No worries. I’m just like to err on the side of caution with personal info. I’m glad you weren’t upset that I modified your comment to reflect David’s stage name.

  8. Sweetie, they’re YOUR previews. OF COURSE we wanna see you doing the bookend segments that tie them all together. Looking forward to the next one with MUCH anticipation. (HUGS)

    So you ARE still seeking male spankers at PB? Hmm maybe I SHOULD send a headshot to David. 😉

    Thanks as always for a great preview. Your pirate garb spanking looks like another AVN winner.

  9. Dear Pixie,
    You know, if I wasn’t the wrong age, lived in the wrong state, and was about as photogenic as roadkill–I’d definitely try out for the male spanker’s job!

    Dr. Ken

  10. Pity about no preamble but still a very enjoyable preview.

    F/f, M/f, F/m (last one not your thing, I know) it’s all good to me.

    You put up an advert for male spankers and didn’t get trampled in the rush! Whats wrong with the guys on that side of the pond, if I lived there, I’d be applying even though I am not naturally a Top.


  11. Great preview as always, though I did miss your dialog.

    M/f or F/f, they’re both entertaining in their own special ways to me. But hey, to each their own, right?

  12. 007 – The pirate scene was a lot of fun. Veronica came out with some very funny improv lines and I nearly cracked her up a few times giving her my best pout which she refers to as my chimp lip. 🙂

    Dr. Ken – Awwww, Dr. Ken. Roadkill? Surely not. Though I think even flattened possums are kinda cute.

    Prefectdt – Well, while there are quite a few people that say they’d be more than happy to spank our girls, a major stumbling block appears to be the showing one’s face on camera. We are also being selective in looking for locals (so that they might be able to join us with ease on a regular basis) and seeking those within a certain age range but with ample experience and the right demeanor for our site.

    David – I don’t think Dan was saying there was anything at all wrong with you! He was just pointing out the fact that you were the only male spanker in this last shoot while we had 3 females spanking and also that we haven’t had any other males in past 4 shoots.

    Javi – You reallly did miss my dialogue? Well, no worries. I’ll be back rambling away next time. I promise.

  13. You’re right Pixie. I LOVE F/F spankings. Like to see a good M/F too though. However, often the males are not up to the same class of the girls which ruins a spanking scene for me.
    I like to see the males acting well, spanking well (not “hammering away”), being genuinly interested and fulfilling their roles. So far most males (not all) have failed to do so in my opinion at PB.
    David is OK to me as a spanker (so no worries David!), but I prefer to see Veronica, Susan, Chelsea, Beverly, Holly, Clare and their female collegues dishing out some good spanking. And they DO..! 🙂
    At the beginning we had Ian and John, but I’ve never seen them back. The looked presentable and genuine.

    I suggest PB NOT to compromise and ONLY select male spankers that can live up to their role, are good looking and know at least a little bit how to act. (They need to be able to perform as actors in a movie..! Not just spankers).

    I know it’s no easy task to find such fellows, but please don’t compromise. Easy for me to say as I am perfectly happy with the female performers, who all are doing a fine job..! 🙂

    Would love to see some “Fun-spanking” as well on PB. Fun spankings between two girls for example that lead to proper bare bottom spankings over the knees of their moms/aunties.

    And a suggestion for the future might be to change “decors” more often to avoid the scenes becoming a bit “stale”. (You know I have suggested this before Pixie). Moving from a living room, to a kitchen a bedroom, a hallway, etc, could easily be made part of the same movie clip, offering more opportunities for more different positions at the same time.
    (A few smacks over a skirt in the kitchen followed by a stiff warning. A short session bend over the armrest of a couch (over the panties)in the living plus an even more serious warning and finally a really hard spanking at the side of the bed / on a stool / straight backed chair in a bedroom as example.

    “Re-living” some fifties atmosphere, complete with the proper dresses, would make a nice change of decor as well. (Like the scenes with Samantha Grace and Veronica)

    I know that PB is highly successful and I would love to see it continuing to maintain the same success – or be even more successful – over the years to follow. And we all know that this needs an ongoing source of inspiration and creativity…

    I’m a member since the beginning and I’m still very happy with the content offered, but I have to admit to myself that sometimes a bit of a “Hey, I’ve seen this before..” feeling enters me.

    Im totally confident though, that the crew of PB is capable of keeping the site highly attractive.

    XXX, Funbun

  14. I’m going to chime in on one part of your comments, Funbun, only because I have been on set and seen what is involved.

    In regards to changing decor it isn’t anywhere as easy as you would suggest. Obviously the PB team has to shoot numerous scenes in one day and trust me, that day is a very LONG day.

    Setting up for one scene takes far longer than the scene does itself. The lighting has to be dismantled and moved, same for all the cameras. Heavy furniture is huddled into different areas out of the way, and all of this is done for an 8-10 minute clip.

    The same process then happens for the next clip, except now all the furniture has to be moved back and the furniture arranged for the next scene. If you could only witness how much work is involved to shoot a kitchen scene you would gasp, lol, and even then you generally find Eric Blair-Brown with one camera standing in a contorted position for 8 minutes straight just so that he can give the viewers the best possible video he can.

    Guess who is generally moving all of that furniture as well? Yep, it is the models themselves in between costume changes. You would be really amazed at how much work goes into just one scene alone, let alone trying to break that one scene down into 3 different locations. We won’t even go into the decor that is made during the weeks leading up to a shoot.

    If you were ever in a position to start your own video company then you would get to see just how much work goes in to one solitary scene.

    I won’t touch the actors part right now, though I do side with Dan in that my preference is M/F by a long way. The only thing I will say though, is that most people who appear in spanking films are spankos, not actors 🙂 I dare say that a lot of the actors, both the guys and the girls, appear on camera for the very first time when they shoot their first spanking scene 🙂

    Richard Windsor.

  15. A great preview – with what look to be some great spankings by great spankers! For the most part the F/f is my preference for this sort of spanking (M/f is ok in a school scenario – like GBS – but domestic F/f seems to be more realistic). But what matters most is that the spankings should be real, and I for one reckon that Veronica, Holly (and even Beverly left handed!) do a pretty good job. It seems that some who comment almost want to see the spankees really hurt! OK – any spanking well administered will hurt – that is what it is all about – but there comes the point when spankees need to be totally respected for what they do. I look forward to the full scenes in due course.

    I was grateful to Richard Windsor for his comment about the scene setting and shifting – I can only guess from am drams how exacting that can be: and one of the joys of PB is that the scenes do seem to be continuous. So congratulations to all concerned in the setting of scenes.

    If I may comment on your last blog entry, about OTK v standing: I suppose stganding would include Hands on knees, touching toes, hands against the wall or in high restraints etc. Some of these are exdceedingly difficult to sustain – and from schooldays I can remember how boys would say that a chair even was a great comfort when being caned – and my guess is that the OTK is by far the most satisfactory frm the spankees point of view.

  16. My preference, too, is for M/F, but I have no problem with F/F. My main focus usually is on who is getting spanked, and not who is doing the spanking, so as long as the spankee is a female, the spanker doesn’t really enter into the equation.
    The only I’ve noticed about myself is that when the scene is F/F–yes, I always wish I was the one doing the spanking, but I also find myself wishing I could spank the spanker, as well. I’m not sure why that is….

    Dr. Ken

  17. Great preview! The big evil wooden spoon doesn’t sound like other wooden implements at all. Its got a noise all it’s own. Since you’ve previously stated that you probably can’t get away with putting it into the wood chipper… we’ll have to come up with some other way of giving you a break from it. How about placing it into a glass case labeled, “Open Only In Case Of Emergency”. Retrieving it would make a huge mess so chances are the spoon would stay put for some time! Even with the spoon’s second scene and computer crash, there was an awful lot of giggling shown in the preview scenes. I know I for one love to see the silly side of the cast members too!

  18. Hi Richard,

    Yes I DO know what needs to be done to film a new scene. In my younger years I used to play as an amateur actor and cabaretier and therefore know about the time it takes to prepare the stage. You’re right there.
    However with techniques improving nowadays, you could do a whole series of ‘kitchen shoots’, followed by a series of ‘living room shoots, bedroom shoots,’ etc. The trick is in the montage.
    This way you don’t need to move equipment. You shoot what you need and in the montage you ‘glue’ the wanted components together.

    Don’t get me wrong I lOVE PB (and Pixie even more), so what I wrote were mere suggestions and not meant as criticism at all.

    About male actors (spankers). Pixie wrote that it is hard to find them. Some didn’t even show up. That sparked my reaction NOT to compromise. The females are doing fine at PB. And some males do so as well. But one should not allow “underperforming” spankers in, just to have a few more males. That’s what I’m trying to say.

    All in all PB has developed into one of the finest sites and I’m only trying to assist in keeping it at the highest possible level.

    Thanks for your reaction though. The more reaction the better, I believe, as that certainly will assist the PB crew to learn about their members thoughts and feelings.


  19. I understand your point, Funbun, but I also understand the sheer volume of requests that come through regarding people’s thoughts about how things should be done.

    I’m no different in fact, I also have strong feelings about what scenes I would like to see. During PB’s infancy they actually went with one of my ideas because it was also one of Pixie’s fantasies, and that would be the ‘Dorothy’ scene!! What we all have to remember though, is that this is the brainchild of Punished Brats, and even though they will always listen to what their customers want, at the end of the day they are putting on the best product that they feel reflects the direction that they wish to run their own site with.

    Like yourself, I have been a member since day 1, but I don’t think that PB should accept my requests as being any better than any of the other 100 requests that they get each week. The reason I mentioned making your own videos is because that is a route that I intend to go. Instead of having PB do things the way that I want, and let’s be honest here, they have been bloody successful doing things the way they set out to do, and continue to do so. So I will make a couple of my own videos to sell on clips4sale, but more importantly, they will be what I want to see in a scene, something that I don’t think I should impose on Punished Brats and their wonderful members and fans, such as yourself. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like my ideas regarding M/F scenes, though I dare say a 100 other members would 😉

    Richard Windsor.

  20. Funbun – Yes, we are careful in who we select to be spankers. Beyond looks and acting ability is the importance of finding spankers (male or female) that are safe, experienced, have the right attitude, “get” our site’s concept, and will be responsible and appropriate. I won’t get into all of the details regarding your suggestions as I know that we have discussed what is feasible and what isn’t in our previous correspondence. Some things we can, some things we can’t, and some things we just don’t wish to.

    Duncan – Much like a spanking then, wasn’t it? 🙂

    Richard – It is a very long day, isn’t it Pup? It really is amazing how much time and effort goes into making a clip or full length video not only at PB but at other companies as well. You gave wonderful insight on what it’s like to be behind the scenes. The spanking itself often takes the least time out of everything!

    Winchester – I’m looking forward to sharing the full scenes now that they are completely edited and available for selection. I’ve watched Bev’s, Holly’s, and Erica’s scenes (and peeked at my own) and I’m very pleased with what we shot last time around.

    Re: positions, yes touching toes or hands on knees is hard to maintain. I’d be likely to fall over after a hard smack!

    Dr. Ken – I am now running this little scenario through my mind where you enter the room, order Beverly, Holly, or (gasp!) Veronica to stop spanking and stand in the corner to await her own punishment as you spank the first naughty bottom. 🙂

    2Good – Yes, there’s almost always a lot of laughter on set. There were even more funny and wacky moments that I recall that I was sure were going to end up in the outtakes, but didn’t. Maybe they’ll be saved for a year end preview review?

  21. To: David007… I hope you weren’t just being facetious when you said, and I quote:

    “So you ARE still seeking male spankers at PB? Hmm maybe I SHOULD send a headshot to David.”

    If you’re in the right age group and fit all their other specs, maybe you should volunteer to be a male spanker. I’ve been a spanker in other videos, but that was 15 years ago, in another century, and now I’m too old.

    Were that not the case, I’d book a plane for Philadelphia RIGHT NOW.

    Apparently, Punished Brats really does need male spankers. So stop vacillating, and get with the program!


  22. Thanks, Richard, for that brief snapshot of the Herculean efforts that go into each of these “little shows.” I’m sure all the people at the other companies work very hard, too. So, more’s the pity when all their efforts sometimes result in really bad videos. Kudos to Pixie, David, Eric (who I’m sure we’re all very glad to see back), and the rest of the PB folks for the *great* work they keep turning out. I’m extremely happy to have found them.

    Dan N., I really enjoyed your work; the first half of Shadow Lane’s “Emma” is one of my favorites. I’m sorry to hear you’re now considered ‘too old’ to be in front of the cameras. However, have you considered passing on what you know? I’m just guessing here but, seems to me that good Tops are hard to come by and sometimes they might best be made. Perhaps there’s still work for your hands as a teacher/coach? (Butt Camp Instructor! 🙂 )

  23. Pixie wrote:”Dr. Ken – I am now running this little scenario through my mind where you enter the room, order Beverly, Holly, or (gasp!) Veronica to stop spanking and stand in the corner to await her own punishment as you spank the first naughty bottom.”

    And then, after Beverly, Holly, and especially Veronica finish laughing….. 🙂
    Seriously, that’s sort of the way the scenario goes in my head, too. I enter the room with a “what’s going on here?” attitude. After hearing the explanation, I take over and finish the spanking on the first naughty bottom (hmmm, who could we possibly get for that part?) And then I let the previous spanker know that I’m unhappy with the situation, action should have been taken long ago, and I hold her responsible–which means she gets exactly the same treatment as the first young lady!
    Yeah, that might work….:-)

    Dr. Ken

  24. Very nice! But then I like to watch Pixie kicking and squirming over someone’s knee as often as possible. It’s not that you’re naughty, dear girl, it’s just that you have such and adorable backside, and it reddens so nicely : )

  25. Dear Pixie,
    Add this scenario to the one running through your head:
    As (gasp!) Veronica goes over my knee for her spanking, you casually walk into the room carrying a certain wooden spoon….. 🙂

    Dr. Ken

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