Blogiversary Day!

It’s my blogiversary!! I’m sooo happy. Not only because it’s a special day but because this means that finally no more swat-worthy comments will be counted!

120 swats? Who would have thought! You must really want to see me get spanked … a lot.

Well, since a few of you mentioned that you’d like to see me get my swats in a PB video, I chatted with our director Eric and we decided to incorporate my blogiversary spanking into the Pixie’s Previews as the wrap around (intro / extro) so you can all see it. I told my boyfriend this and he said, “hey, what about me? I thought I was going to be making sure you got your spanking. And today is the actual anniversary date.”

I think you see where this conversation was going. And where I was going. Yep. Right over his knee.

That was one heck of a warm up on a chilly day!! Ouch!

Also as planned, I baked Funfetti cupcakes. I think the white funfetti frosting is prettier but it just wouldn’t be right to celebrate with vanilla frosting, now would it.

29 thoughts on “Blogiversary Day!

  1. Pixie,
    Happy Blogiversary!

    Great Pics! I will say I’d have to side with your boyfriend on this one. What about him? Shouldn’t he be entitled to give you a few more swats for his support?

    Hope your day is filled with happiness, love and joy.

    Looking forward to another great year!

    And, in the words of Homer Simpson, “Mmmm…funfetti cupcakes!”


  2. Now I want cupcakes! 🙂 Happy Blogiversary! I didn’t celebrate mine…so that’ll just give me an excuse later on right? 🙂

  3. Congratulations on a whole year of blogging.

    About the 120 swats (srikes his repentant pose, hands behind his back, staring hard at his toes) Sorry Miss wells! I will have to learn when to stop typing Miss Wells! Won’t happen again Miss Wells!

    Still looking on the bright side (he said trying to dig himself out of a hole) 120 comments on one post, that must be some kind of record for this blog, if not for spanking blogs as a whole. I’ve never seen a comment box so large before.


  4. Hi Pixie,
    After such a long spanking you probably could bake the cakes on your bum.. 🙂
    I would love to come over, eat my cake and have your bum too.. Over my knee for the next session… 🙂

    XXX, Funbun

  5. well pixie after the 120 spanks/ and spanking. you can alway go outside in privacy of back yard and sit in the snow to cool off ya well spanked bottom. that is if you have back yard or and snows lol

    also want say congrat and yes people do want see you spanked lol after all you do get spankings and enjoy getting spanked and people seeing you get spankings lol.

  6. Happy Blogiversary, Pixie-pie. And please note that I did NOT add a comment to the other thread! Hummppph! SOME of us still believe in spanking sister solidarity. 🙂 Have fun and eat an extra cupcake for me (don’t worry, you’ll burn it off). — Erica

  7. Pixie,
    As I’m responsible for 4.17% of your anniversary spanking, the least I can do is drop by to say
    Happy Blogiversary today!!

  8. Only 120 swats? I knew I should have left more comments… Well, at least it sounds like you are going to get it again in a shoot.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, it sounds like you are having a great blogiversary.


  9. 120 swats
    8 cup cakes
    2 lovely pink butt cheeks
    1 year of blogging
    Thousands of happy readers!

    Congratulations, Pixie. (Can’t wait to see the preview.)


  10. Oh my lord. Funfetti sounds AMAZING! Added to the list of things I want to try when I come stateside later in the year!

    I’m such a sugar junkie. :p


  11. Happy Anniversary sweetie. And yes, your friends/fans love to see you getting a good spanking. A lot 🙂 (HUGGGGS) It’s what we do. Here’s to a whole lot of fun updates in the coming year. And while we’re at it, Happy Valentines Day too 🙂

  12. I can finally stop looking at the comment count while peeking through fingers (my scary movie pose)and saying OMG!! Happy Blogiversary and many more!

  13. Happy Blogiversary Pixie!!! I guess spanking your bf as a Blogiversary gift didnt fly?? hehe!! Was a funny thought anywho..

    Big Hugs,


  14. Thought I’d hit enter before but just in case…. Happy Blogiversary Sweetie (HUGGGS) Yes your friends/fans DO want to see you get spanked. A lot. I’m sure most of us wish we could lend a hand. 😉 Thanks for sharing so much of yourself on here this past year. Looking forward to much more pics, threads, and fun in the months to come. 🙂

  15. Congratulations – and many happy returns. You Boyfriend certainly seems to have kept the anniversary in xcelent style – but of course you have only yourself to blame – had you not introduced him to the wonderful art (I remember your bliogs from last April) you could have carried your unblemished bottom to the next shoot and just had the 120 smacks we all look forward to witnessing onnthe next Pixie’s Previews! As it is, it will be a double dose of blogiversary spanks: but I am sure that deep down it will not only be your bottom that feels the glow – the warmth of the comments from all your friends and admirers should leave the whole of you glowing with warmth and a little pride!

  16. Happy Blogiversary, and welcome to the one year club! Let’s see now, Pixie. Valentines Day is coming up, then the Previews, then who knows. You should be quite well taken care of by then. Have fun, and keep up the good work!

  17. Congratulations and an “Atta Girl” for your accomplishment. But instead of swats I’d be more inclined to give you hugs…what do you think? Of course I might be in favor of a swat for each month you’ve been online 🙂
    Anyway, congrats, and well done!

  18. Pixie,

    Happy Blogiversary! With a 120 total, I think you are definitely excused from the hairbrush {grin}.

    Although some took it to extreme (cough, cough, er Chloe), it was kind of fun being able to be a participant in your spanking in some way. Know that you and your blogs are very much appreciated.


  19. Happy Blogiversary! Somehow two spankings doesn’t seem fair… but you already know that 98.7% of your readers believe it’s impossible for you to get an unfair spanking, no matter what!

    Lovely pictures,
    Todd & Suzy

  20. What delightful photos of your blogiversary bottom….as usual they made my day!!!!!!!Your reddened cheeks, framed between blue top and pink knickers, are a sight for sore eyes. Here’s to the next 12 months……….


  21. Javi – Absolutely! My bf is entitled to more than a few swats for all of the wondeful support and understanding he provides.

    Funfetti frosting is definitely Homer approved.

    Greg M -Thank you. 🙂

    Kate – If you missed celebrating yours, I think that means you have to double up the festivities later. Twice the cupcakes and twice the spanking. >:)

    Prefectdt – You are in such trouble, mister! I will be thinking of you when I’m getting my buns toasted tomorrow. Hmph. 😉

    Funbun – Yes, I probably could have baked the cupcakes on my bottom. Next batch due tomorrow!

    Mike – One of these days, I might just have to try that. I’ve often fantasized about using nice fresh snow to cool of my spanked bottom. The only problem with doing so in my backyard is that in the winter, the bare trees don’t provide much privacy from the neighbors.

    Erica – Thank you for both the blogiversary wishes and for NOT earning me another smack. Having made two dozen cupcakes, I will no doubt have more than one extra on your behalf. 🙂

    Dr. Ken – How sweet! Thanks!

    Steve (UK) – Thank you. I will keep in mind that you are 4.17% at fault for my sore bottom. 😉

    Thebes – No, no! I think 120 is quite good, but thank you all the same. Glad you enjoyed the pics.

    Valdor – I honestly don’t think I would have faithfully kept up with blogging if it weren’t for wonderful readers such as yourself.

    Amy – Funfetti is a wonderful creation. If you manage to find your way to my little Cow Town (crosses fingers), we shall have a Funfetti Fiesta.

    007 – Only in this community is it a compliment to have someone say they like to see you get spanked. 🙂

    2Good – Yup, it’s safe to look now. I really liked the suggestion you emailed me about posting that it’s time for everyone to play the quiet game. LOL!!

    emily – Yeah, no. That idea didn’t go over so well. 😉 Maybe next year???

    Winchester – That is really very touching. Thank you! And so very true. As much as I tease, I really do appreciate each and every comment whether it earns me a smack or not!

    Mitch – Oh yes. I think my bottom is going to remain Valentine’s Day red throughout the week.

    Serial Spanker – Swats and hugs make a very nice combo. 🙂

    BlueMark – Excused from the hairbrush? I think I need to print that one out. It is fun to be interactive in some small way and true to my word, you’ll get to see my blogiversary spanking in a week or two.

    Todd & Suzy – Perhaps two spankings is in a way unfair, but hopefully that will just mean double the luck for the coming year. 🙂

    Aristotle – Thank you. I hope that the next year of my blog will bring plenty to read and enjoy.

    Dave – Yep! Spanking party in Cow Town. BYOP (bring your own paddle).

    Karl – What a cute name, Kinkerbelle. I would say that we fairy folk must think alike, but credit on the spank per comment goes to Prefectdt (who I think I must owe a swat or so to myself now).

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